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Highlander: The Animated Series is an animated series that is based loosely on the movie of the same name. In this entertaining and adventurous cartoon version the immortals take an oath to protect and serve humanity after a nuclear war. Unfortunately one on their kind refuses to abide by the new rules and seeks only to dominate and destroy; however, a new breed of immortal is born and gets set to challenge the might of the villainous plot. The show puts viewers on edge with some clever takes on the mythology of the film and some interesting and engaging characters.

2 Seasons, 40 Episodes - Canceled
September 18, 1994
Animation & Cartoons, Action & Adventure
Highlander: The Animated Series
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Highlander: The Animated Series Full Episode Guide

  • Our heroes come across a village of wild grans. Gol must battle them and the Ice Spider to save Quentin, Clyde and Ramirez.

  • Ramirez and Quentin hide from Arak and the Hunters in an abandoned city.

  • Ramirez and Quentin are systematically knocking out Mogonda's spies as they seek to weaken Mogonda.

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