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One of the most unique and interesting science fiction-themed television programs that has aired in prime time is Land of the Giants. This American series was originally televised on the ABC TV network and is widely considered to be an influential science fiction show that maintains a timeless appeal.

Land of the Giants centers around a group of people and a dog named Chipper who were on board a commercial spaceship named the Spindrift that landed on a planet that is inhabited by human-like creatures who are more than ten times their own size. The show aired from 1968 through 1970 with more than 50 episodes produced.

The special effects on this science fiction series are incredible. On the planet where the spaceship lands the crew and passengers are tiny in size and the giants who live there are not fond of the little visitors. The smallest of objects are gargantuan in size to the crew and passengers of the Spindrift.

Led by the spaceship's captain and co-pilot the crew and passengers regularly find themselves in a host of treacherous situations and are in constant danger of being eliminated by the giants.

The cast of Land of the Giants includes Gary Conway as Captain Steve Burton, Deanna Lund as a wealthy heiress, Don Marshall as the ship's co-pilot and Heather Young as the ship's stewardess. Other cast members include Kurt Kasznar, Don Matheson and Stefan Arngrim. The creator and producer of the show was Irwin Allen who is renowned for the many notable television programs and movies that he created.

Known for its imaginative, well-written plots and attention to detail this ABC series also featured a great assortment of guest stars and regularly used compelling background music. Land of the Giants is still very popular with television fans of all ages around the world. There are fan clubs, discussion groups and conventions devoted to this classic science fiction series.

2 Seasons, 51 Episodes - Canceled
September 22, 1968
Science Fiction, Action & Adventure
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Land of the Giants Full Episode Guide

  • Twin brothers plot to take over the planet, and need the earthlings to recover an alien servo-actuator for them.

  • When human time travelers from the future arrive on the Land of the Giants for a research mission, Steve and Dan steal their time machine and try to return to the day of the Spindrift launch to prevent the fateful trip.

  • When the earthlings help a sympathetic Giant puppeteer as his new puppets, the circus owner becomes suspicious and plans to collect the reward for their capture.

  • A sadistic child discovers the earthlings and unleashes his mechanical toys against them.

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