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Married...with Children follows the life of Al Bundy, father of the Bundy family. Al is a shoe salesman who, like many Americans is not fond of his career. The Bundys are the stereotypical middle class family. His son, Bud is somewhat of an outcast with no real friends to speak of. His daughter, Kelly, is in many ways every father's nightmare. She is not very bright and makes very bad choices when it comes to men. His wife, Peg, spends most of her time talking down to Al and making him the brunt of her jokes. She also spends the majority of Al's money on the home shopping network. He generally dreads the idea of spending "family time" together with the rest of his household and enjoys spending his time alone on the couch watching TV or at the local strip club.

Al also has a pair of neighbors, the Darcies, who spend a lot of time at the Bundy household. Although, he cares very little for Marcy Darcie (the wife) and spends a lot of time making fun of her and referring to her as a chicken. Her husband, Jefferson, though is one of Al's few actual friends. Al and Jefferson tend to spend their time together focusing on the fact that their family lives are not perfect and their wives are not the most pleasant people in the world to be around.

Married...with Children sums up the stereotypical middle class life of hating your job, problems within the family and a general distaste for the majority of people he is surrounded by on a daily basis. Al just trudges through each day of his life with a very cynical outlook, sometimes looking back to his glory days of high school football and what he used to be. He uses humor about his misfortune to help him accept the fact that he is just another faceless American Suburbanite.

11 Seasons, 276 Episodes - Canceled
April 5, 1987
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  • Al and Griff want to get a massage chair, so they start bartering things to get it.

  • Kelly falls in love with the boyfriend of Bud's pen-pal, and decides to get married to him, but the boyfriend seems to like other women, which Al takes as an insult.

  • Bud has a pen pal in prison he writes to. The person is able to visit, but brings her tough boyfriend along too, meaning bad news for the Bundys.

  • Marcy's lesbian cousin visits, but she starts getting jealous of her.

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One Night Only, FOX Brings Back 'Married...With Children'

Through the years, FOX has gained a deserved reputation for sometimes backing the wrong pony. Though some execs should forever be haunted by some bad decisions, there's at least a sense of appreciation for the ones that worked out. That's why, with FOX now celebrating its 25th year on the air for better and for worse, the network is honoring its legacy with a one-night-only return of the Bundy family.

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