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Comedian Martin Lawrence stars as Martin Payne in this charmingly funny urban sitcom, set in Michigan during the mid to late 1990's. Martin Payne is a DJ with the top talk show in the Detroit area. His personality is larger than life and keeps you laughing at every turn. The group of characters in this show range from uppity to dumb as a rock; which balances this comedic group of players. Every week there is a different scenario of love, life and the pursuit of the American dream.

Pretentious sweet loving girlfriend turned wife Gina Water is played by Tisha Campbell who tries to smooth Martins rough edges; yet broaden his outlook on life with the finer things. This situation always adds for immediate laughs with Martin kicking and screaming to keep it real. Pamela James played by Tishina Arnold, works with Gina at the advertising agency and is her best friend; however she is Martin's biggest antagonist. Martin's two best friends since he was knee high to a grasshopper are Tommy Strong born Thomas Mikal Ford and Cole Brown portrayed by Carl Anthony Payne II. There is a long running Joke as to what Tommy's career was. The writers make it a known fact that Cole has the smarts of a rock, cleans airplanes and lives with his mother.

There are a host of characters with reoccurring roles played by Martin such as his neighbor Shaneneh Jenkins. Shaneneh is an around the way girl with her own beauty shop and loves to throw mean words at Gina and especially Pam. Edna Payne Martin's mother who can't stand that yellow heifer Gina, Jerome an old played out pimp with rotten teeth, Roscoe a runny nose delinquent street wise 10 year old little boy and Dragonfly Jones a poorly skilled martial arts instructor that always gets beat up to name a few. The Martin show is a hilarious TV program that is timeless and suitable for the whole family.

5 Seasons, 132 Episodes - Canceled
August 27, 1992
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  • Martin and Gina must say good-bye to Detroit and all their friends including Tommy, Pam and Cole. New job offers in Los Angeles for both Martin and Gina, prompt them to move. As they prepare, they gather the gang and recall past good times.

  • Martin's talk show is picked up by the network, and is slated to air to a nation-wide audience. The only problem is that if Martin wants the show, he must move to L.A. where the show will be taped. Gina, who also has news of a new job offer prepares to break the news to Martin and the gang.

  • Pam's twin cousin Tammy escapes from a mental ward and comes to stay at Pam's house, but everyone mistakes her for Pam.

  • Pam becomes upset over the fact that she has been recently fired from her former job. Tommy, Cole and Martin stop by Pam's apartment along with their high school buddy Trey Foster who happens to work at a record company called Keep It Real Records as an successful A&R. Trey tells Pam of a job opening for an A&R position. Pam, who has a passion for music, decides to visit Keep It Real Records. While there, she meets Donna, the sassy receptionist, Clyde, the messenger, and Tony the creative director who tries to flirt with Pam. Trey shows up late for work and receives a message from Donna that their boss, CEO Sterling Sweets, wants to see him as soon as possible. Sweets urges Trey to locate new talent or Trey will have to search for new employment. Pam tells Trey that she may be able to help him if he can get her the A&R position. He agrees. Dante, Pam's typist/assistant from work, brings her the rest of her belongings from her old office. Dante begins to play the piano and sings. Pam be

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