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My First Sale is a television series that airs weekly on HGTV. On this show, people will not be buying their first house. The roles will be reversed, and instead the homeowners will be selling their homes. This time, the story will be told from the seller's point of view. This show gives its viewers an inside look at what all entails the selling of ones first house. The viewers will be there when the homeowners experience the tears, the frustration, the happiness and the joy, that comes with finalizing ones first sale. In these episodes one will see diverse dilemmas that need to be taken care of before the property is sold.

Homeowners will also encounter problems with selling their homes. The problems that will arise on this show include situations such as, a homeowner who wants to sell her house, but encounters problems when she finds out that her neighbor is also selling their house for $30,000 cheaper than her asking price. Another problem that will be visited, is about a couple who is stuck with two mortgage payments because their first house did not sell. Viewers will see homeowners who make renovations to their home, but then was later viewed as being fruitless. And, a homeowner's nightmare will come to life when they receive an offer for their home, but the deal falls through. These are just a few of the topics that will be aired publicly. When one sells their first place this means that the stakes are even higher than when one purchased the home. Each side will try and get the most out of the deal. The sellers want to double the profit and the buyers want to close on a bargain. The pressure will mount for the homeowners as deadlines arrive, decisive decisions must be made, and thousands of dollars are at steak. The critics and the fans alike rave about this new up and coming show.

Thursdays at 08:30 pm on HGTV
6 Seasons, 91 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
March 18, 2010
My First Sale
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  • Teri and Matt are sick of their enormous yard and want to downsize to something that doesn't have them working all weekend. They sink nearly $9,000 into upgrades, which draws in potential buyers but no offers.

  • Thaisa and Jerrold want a bigger house for raising their 3 preschool sons. This Charlotte couple resist lowering their price to be competitive with comps, but they learn that the sellers don't dictate the price, the market does.

  • Jenna and Steve love their vintage bungalow home in Florida and especially like the beautiful tropical landscaping in the backyard. But with two little girls and active Labrador Retrievers, the home is quickly becoming too small.

  • A Florida couple gets a last minute wakeup call while trying to sell.

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