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There were over one hundred and twenty four animated Pink Panther cartoons that were made between December 18, 1964 to December 31, 1978. Each new episode were made by DePatie-Freleng Enterprises (DFE Films). Of the 142 new cartoons, 92 of the episodes were made for theatrical release. The last theatrical release was produced in 1980, and they were put in the theaters first. The Pink Panther Show will repeat all the episodes on their shows.

The new episodes started in 1964, and there were two new episodes in 1964. The first addition called, "The Pink Phink" came out on December 18, 1964. In the show, Friz Freleng plays Pink Panther, and it starts off with him disagreeing with The Little Man over the color that a house be painted. Should it be pink or blue? It ended up winning the Academy Award for Short Subjects in Cartoons. The other episode that came out the same month is "Pink Pajamas" as it was released on December 24, 1964. In this episode, Friz sneaks into a home that is occupied by the drunk homeowner. After these two episodes, there was a long and famous history of Pink Panther cartoons.

There were nine cartoons that involved Pink Panther in 1979, and the last cartoon came out in 1980. The titles of the nine are: Pink Breakfast, Pink Quackers, Toro Pink, String Along in Pink, Pink in the Woods, Pink Pull, Spark Plug Pink, Doctor Pink, and Pink Suds. The last cartoon to be held that involved the Pink Partner is Supermarket Pink. These are just some of the options when you want to watch the pink cat in the cartoon form as there are many options. When you watch the series, you will see how television color changed over the year for the better. Once you start watching the series, you will not want to stop watching the series.

2 Seasons, 159 Episodes - Canceled
March 4, 2004
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  • Pink is attacked by a dog flea.

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