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Robotech is an amalgam of three related Japanese animated series about mecha, or giant robots. The series was handled by Harmony Gold USA, with permission by the illustrious Tatsunoko Productions, the company behind the three series for which Robotech is derived from. The amalgamation of the three series extended to rearranging the animation content as well as revising dialogue between characters. The decision to remake the three series into one single series was so that Harmony Gold USA could bring the show into syndication, requiring a minimum of sixty-five episodes. With sixty-five episodes, a channel could air one episode each weekday for thirteen consecutive weeks. As none of the shows could be broadcast this way by itself, they were made into the amalgam that is called Robotech. The Robotech series spans three generations, with each generation partaking in a Robotech War against a different malevolent force of beings each time.

The First Robotech War revolves around humans as they discover a gigantic alien space ship which had crashed on earth. After alerting the aliens, known as the Zentraedi, to their presence, the humans find themselves in a space war against the towering Zentraedi and their fleet. By the end of the first series, the humans defeat the Zentraedi and gain understanding of the energy source known as protoculture as well as awareness of the Robotech Masters who used the Zentraedi as a police force and scouting race. The Second Robotech War involves these very Masters arriving on Earth to discover how things have fared, with the war leaving the Masters defeated and the planet awash in spores that are revealed to be the origin of protoculture energy, known as the Spores of Life. These Spores of Life act as a beacon to the Invid, the foreign aggressors in the Third Robotech War. With many of the first generation's heroes having left Earth to find more Masters, the Third War storyline focuses on one resistance group's efforts to defeat the Invid.

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  • The final chapter in the third Robotech war has Scott defending Corg with the aid of Marlene.

  • The war with the Invid comes to a head when Rick Hunter's returning expeditionary force presses the attack...

  • The stage is set for a battle between Admiral Rick Hunter's returning Robotech Expeditionary Force and the...

  • A search for Protoculture energy cells takes the freedom fighters on a dangerous journey into a large urban...

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