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Series Length:4 Seasons, 60 Episodes
Network: A&E

Reality television showcases many different types of occupation and the benefits and stressors of these jobs. Working these jobs a person can make a lot of money but they can also lose money. Shipping Wars is a reality show that follows people who operate their own independent shipping company. They are able to make a lot of money transporting items. The shippers can also decide not to haul and items if they feel it is too big or they will lose money on the deal. This series also follows the company uShip which handles items that need to be shipped from the world's largest auction house on the internet. This is where the shippers bid on most of their work.

The shippers place their bids with Uship about how much it will cost the company to have their items transported. Prices will vary based on if the items has to be hauled and how far it is going. Sometimes the deal will go to the lowest bidder or may go to a bidder that the client prefers based on previous experiences. If there is a tie in price the contract goes to the shipper with the high feedback rating.

Once a shipper gets the contract they are followed as they load the item and deliver it. There is a deadline in the amount of time the shippers have to have the item to the client. Things do not always go well on the road. Items can get damaged or there are delays in the drive. Once the item is delivered the shipper will get feedback and a rating. This is based on if the deadline was met as well as the condition of the item upon delivery. The profit or loss of the shipper is shown at the end of each episode. Expenses are dedicated such as fuel and labor costs and a total of how much each shipper made or lost is given.

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Status: Currently Airing
Genre: Reality
Rating: 7/10
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  • Marc is caught off-guard while transporting a playhouse.

  • Roy transports the world's largest drum set; Chris and Roy make a bet.

  • Jarrett has a close call during the transport of a helicopter.

  • Roy clashes with an oil baron. Meanwhile Jarrett is confused when his run-in with a safe and its owner ends up out of this world.

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