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Series Length:5 Seasons, 61 Episodes
Schedule: Wednesday 9:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Channel

Sons of guns is a weekly reality show in which a custom gunsmithing shop in detailed in each episode a specific project is viewed typically a high performance, highly customized firearms modification or one-of-a-kind hands-on or rifle is built for the discerning customer or the military to show takes the viewer through the design and conception process for a firearm through the build and construction process. All the way to the final product and which find the product is demonstrated by presenting the weapon to the client and allowing him or her to test fire the weapon in a unique setting, such as obstacle course or interactive targets scenarios often times It targets the client is presented with are rigged with explosives making for an exciting finale to each episode.

For the most part, the reality portion of this show is not unique to most of the other reality shows available on television in details. The working relationships and personal lines of the employees of a small company and the issues that they deal with as part of their daily existence and all the drama that coincides with being a member of humanity what is unique to this television show however, is the advanced weaponry as well as the refurbishments of historic weapons that are conducted on a weekly basis. One episode may be demonstrating how to refurbish a BAR from World War II (Browning automatic rifle) or watching the employees of the company build a machine gun that is designed to be mounted to a vehicle and fired via remote control. The intriguing part of the show is getting an inside look into the mind of a mechanical engineer, and seeing the step-by-step process of how the mind works, from conception to reality and all the things that need to be considered when constructing a completely customized piece of weaponry.

Everything from weight to trigger pull to recoil as well as seeing how all the complex pieces of machinery that go into making a high-performance rifle or pistol, and how all the pieces interact with one another and become one cohesive piece of machinery that can be manipulated (most often) by one man. The viewer does not have to be a gun enthusiast to appreciate all the aspects of mechanical engineering that are shown in this particular television show they only need to have an interest in mechanical devices.

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Status: Currently Airing
Genre: Reality
Rating: 8.5/10
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  • Will works on a tank from World War 2.

  • A snowmobile is decked out with machine guns; Charlie works on a rare Japanese rifle.

  • In the fifth season premiere, Joe puts a flying drone to the test. Later, Will receives devastating news.

  • An an exciting preview of season 5 and shocking revelations of what happened after the cameras stopped rolling last season.

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