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St. Elsewhere is an ensemble set in a fictional hospital in the south end of Boston. The actual name of the hospital in the show is Saint Eligius. The name St. Elsewhere is a derogatory term used by outsiders and staff describe the somewhat less than stellar nature of the facility. The nickname is used to indicate the that the media in the city have come to think of the hospital as a dumping ground for the patients who cannot afford to go to a more prestigious facility. Most people consider this a hospital of last resort for those with no other choice.

The hospital is so poorly thought of that neither patients nor staff feel badly about defaming the hospitals namesake of St. Eligius and making derogatory comments about him. Even the people of the community that surrounds the hospital are at best indifferent to it.

The ensemble cast is diverse in nature. The characters include interns and residents just beginning their medical careers and older somewhat jaded doctors who sometimes feel trapped by their surroundings. The medical stories are serious and hard hitting. Much of the humor in the series is very dark and often revolves around the interaction of the hospital staff.

No character is safe from the barbs and dark humor that pervades this hospital. Life, death and everything in between is on display at St. Elsewhere. You see the good, bad and indifferent attitudes of the human race on display.

The personal trials and tribulations of the characters who populate the hospital are often more important to episodes than the medical problems portrayed. The list of actors who got their early start on this series is a whose who of episodic television.

The visual style borders on a documentary form that will be easily recognized by fans of reality type programs. The visual style of this series has influenced other television done by the same producers and others.

6 Seasons, 137 Episodes - Canceled
October 26, 1982
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  • Lives and careers are in the balance as Auschlander labours mightily to keep St Eligius from closing and promises a major announcement. The Craigs' reconciliations is jeopardised when…

  • The annual awards dinner for Doctor of the Year has the medicos sorting out their towering dreams and infernal failures when a fire breaks out and strands them forty two stories high.

  • A renewed Craig, returning to work with a vengeance, defies Gideon and arranges multi-organ transplants from a single donor, which endangers the lives of the three recipients.

  • A suspended Craig isn't around to help Axelrod whose life is threatened by a severe heart attack. Ellen breaks off her romance with Gideon.

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