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Series Length:4 Seasons, 98 Episodes
Network: UPN

Star Trek Enterprise rolled a step back into the 22nd century for this series. New Earth showed its initial venturing into the new era of Star Trek Enterprise, and spiraled into the future with a new crew and a host of new actors. The ship evolved from a line of gallant star searchers, acquired a new Captain and a new mission. Serving the galaxy this Enterprise explores all the strange new planets of the solar system, carrying a limited amount of crew members led by Captain Jonathan Archer, portrayed in the series by Scott Bakula. This ship took a spin back in time while the predecessors carried a crew that was equal to a small community.

The ship that carries this crew is a prototype with beginning warp speed and no shields. The crew of this Star Ship is diversified with a range of crewmembers. Progressively the second in command is a woman, a highly intelligent Vulcan by the name of T' Pol played by Jolene Blalock.

Star Trek Enterprise swept up the distinction of giving audiences high definition presentations. The 22nd generation idea was set in the futuristic era of New Earth. Other stars of this series were, Anthony Montgomery in the role of Travis Mayweather, John Billingsley staring as Dr. Phlox, Dominic Keating as Malcom Reed and Connor Trinneer as Trip. Fans enjoyed the adventures of this crew with the zest of searching their Futuristic World.

The ship zooms across the galaxy visiting planets, some with a resemblance to Earth, others uniquely different. The Captain keeps a down to earth attitude but stays firm. The show has earthlike cities mixed with the structures of other worlds. Diversified groups of leaders work hard to cooperate in governing the Universe. This show with its talk of Cleon's, plasma coils and Romulans is filled with curiosities. The ships internal design is comparable to an enlarged submarine, with the outer core look of the original Star Ships. The storyline relates strange worlds close to human nature, showing the idea of different languages and a dream of better technology.

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Status: Ended
Rating: 8.2/10
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  • About 200 years in the future, Commander William Riker of the starship Enterprise NCC-1701-D looks back at a historical event in the holodeck, hoping it will help him make an important decision...It's been ten years since the Enterprise NX-01 was launched on it's maiden voyage and the crew now head back to Earth for the decommission of the ship and Captain Archer is about to deliver his speech in the historic signing of the Federation charter. But all good things doesn't come to an end until the crew embark on a final and dangerous mission to save Shran's daughter and one of their own will make a daunting sacrifice.

  • As Paxton continues to deliver his xenophobic address, Enterprise's crew and the delegates assembled at Starfleet Command watch the broadcast in horror. Paxton shows an image of a half-Vulcan, half-human child ' Trip and T'Pol's baby ' as an example of how humanity's genetic pool will be diluted if alien-human relations continue. He notes that for the next 24 hours, he will guarantee safe passage for all aliens leaving the system. If any non-humans remain in the system after the deadline, Paxton will not hesitate to use the verteron array, and he will starts by blowing up Starfleet Command. As the Enterprise crew works furiously to block Paxton's transmission, they suddenly find their ship being targeted by the array. They manage to bid a hasty escape just as Enterprise is about to be destroyed.

  • The Enterprise crew is back on Earth for an historic conference ' humans, Vulcans, Andorians, Tellarites and other species have gathered together to form a coalition of planets. The conference is interrupted, however, when a disheveled woman bursts in and collapses to the ground. Before she dies, she presses a vial containing human hair into T'Pol's hand. Upon analysing the hair, Phlox comes to a puzzling conclusion: it appears to belong to the offspring of Trip and T'Pol. T'Pol has never been pregnant, but she senses that what Phlox says is true: she and Trip have a daughter out there.

  • January 18, 2155: With the Enterprise destroyed, Archer and his crew decide to steal the Defiant and get out of the Tholian space station. The Tholian tries to trap them, but was no match for the advance technology of the Defiant. When Archer and his crew save an imperial ship of the Empire commanded by Admiral Black, Black wants Archer to surrender his ship to the Empire, but will give him another starship as soon as possible. But Archer doesn't want another ship, he wants the Defiant and will do anything that is neccessary to keep control of the ship and gain power in the Empire.

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