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Super Why! is an educational children's program that teaches children about the alphabet, the sounds the letters make, and the sounds the letters make together. The main character in the show is Wyatt. In regular life Wyatt is a normal boy that lives with his parents, older brother and younger sister. But when either he or one of his friends have a problem they turn into super heroes in order to solve the really big problem.

As super heroes (AKA Super Readers), they go on an adventure to solve their really big problem. So the Super Readers set out on an adventure to find clues to help solve the problem. Along their adventures they are always on the lookout for super letters. These super letters are then used to complete a fill in the blank style puzzle that solves their really big problem. The show engages the children viewing the show to sing the alphabet along with them, keep a lookout for super letters and also to answer other questions along the way.

Typically the super letters build a word that shows children good character or other good morals. Such as in one episode, Wyatt's friend pig and his brother are having trouble fixing something and are not making any progress because they keep arguing. So the Super Readers go on an adventure, follow the clues to find all the super letters and in the end after filling in all the blanks of the Super Story Answer is to WORK TOGETHER. So once Pig and his brother find the answer to their really big problem then they realize that all they need to do is stop bickering and arguing with each other and work together in order to fix the item.

Super Why! is a fun show with catchy songs to teach children about the alphabet, letter sounds, letter recognition and helps show children good character.

Weekdays 9:00 AM et/pt on PBS
7 Seasons, 80 Episodes - Currently Airing
Animation & Cartoons, Children, Learning & Education
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  • When Pig can't decide what to paint in art class, the Super Readers venture into a magical museum with a young artist who's looking for ideas.

  • Red can't settle on which musical instrument she wants to play, so the Super Readers jump into a story about a lovable monster with the same problem.

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