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Hanna-Barbera's animated sitcom The Jetsons is something that viewers young and old can appreciate. Although originally airing over fifty years ago, The Jetsons is still frequently shown in reruns and is considered one of the most popular cartoon series ever made.

The Jetsons are a fictional space age family living in the year 2062. The family consists of the father, George Jetson, his wife Jane along with their two children Judy and Elroy. They even have a talking dog named Astro and a robot housekeeper named Rosie. The characters live in a place called the Skypad Apartments which are located on adjustable pillars above the ground.

The show depicts a fascinating view of what many people think life would be like in a hundred years. Nothing seems impossible or too out of touch with reality due to the fact that it could happen sometime in the not so distant future. For example, the family vehicle is a flying car that ironically looks like a flying saucer. Judy has a digital diary which will record whatever she tells it without having to write anything down.

George has a good heart and often tries to do what is best for his family. Unfortunately, his good intentions have a tendency to blow up in his face. Sometimes literally. Jane is depicted as a dutiful wife and loves to try out new gadgets that come out. George works for a company called Spacely's Sprockets for just a couple hours a week. His job often leads him to just as many adventures as his family life does, including being shrunk down to just six inches tall and having to find his own way to get himself back to normal size.

Part of the charm of this show is the fact that it gives the viewer a chance to dream about what life will be like in the future; whether it is ten or a hundred years from now. Some of the gadgets featured on the original cartoon even have similar counterparts today.

3 Seasons, 75 Episodes - Canceled
September 23, 1962
Animation & Cartoons, Comedy
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  • Spacely is forced to go on vacation and must find a substitute to run his company while he's away. He sabotages George's efforts while he's being tested, but Elroy is able to hack into the company computer as he, Judy, and even Astro raise his score. As a result, George is selected and becomes the boss. But being the boss goes to his head and affects his family as well as his decision making at the company. When Cogswell learns Spacely's away, he takes advangtage of the situation hoping Jetson will ruin his rival's company for him.

  • Jane enters a garden contest against Mrs. Spacely. But when Astro ruins her original plant, George gets a replacement known as a Martian Creeper with a mind of its own and goes out of control. It can only be soothed by George's singing as he's part of a barbershop quartet. However, Mr. Spacely wants him to get rid of the plant so his wife will win. But that's easier said than done.

  • An old Bebop law is reinstated which puts Spacely's robots offline as they are now banned from operating, jeopardizing his changes of producing his one billionth sprocket before Cogswell is able to produce his billionth cog. Meanwhile, Henry Orbit's robot Mac is also affected by the Bebop law and will be put out of commission unless he marries a protected robot, particularly Rosey. Will she go through with the wedding to make Mac a legal robot?

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