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Millionaire Matchmaker follows Patti Stranger, a matchmaker, as she runs a successful matchmaking business in Southern California. Stranger started her business with the goal of setting up wealthy clients with attractive dates who are screened to fit the millionaire's requirements.

Patti also has two office assistants who work for her but sometimes they cause trouble in the office by disagreeing with each other and her. The office assistants are tasked with finding potential dates for Patti's clients and they don't always reach their quota.

Patti is famous for her blunt nature. Many times in the show she rejects potential dates for being too overweight or not attractive enough. Of course, sometimes the dates are upset and yell back at Patti and that's when a lot of the drama comes in.

Sometimes it is her millionaire clients that Patti argues with. Some of them do not want to listen to Patti's advice and they think their money and job success should be enough to get them the man or woman of their dreams. Patti puts a lot of pressure on her clients to show their money and flaunt their wealth. She makes sure they dress in designer labels and drive expensive automobiles.

Patti's specialty is throwing mixers for her clients in which they can mingle with potential matches that Patti has already approved. At the end of the cocktail hour, Patti's clients chose the match that they felt most compatible with. They then go on one on one dates and report back to Patti how they felt. Sometimes the pairings work well, other times things go hilariously wrong. Patti makes all the women that join her club as potential dates follow a strict set of rules. Some of the rules include limiting yourself to two drinks on a date and no physical contact. Of course, not everybody listens to these rules and often times rebellion has its consequences. Patti offends many people with her attitudes towards relationships and dynamics between men and women.

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  • Romeo Miller is given a shot at love.

  • In the 100th episode of the series, Patti plays matchmaker for Adam O'Rourke and Julissa Bermudez.

  • Patti plays matchmaker for TV personality Jesse Kovacs and celebrity hairstylist AJ Johnnson.

  • Patti tunes up speedskater Allison Baver's relationship with her boyfriend and plays matchmaker for celebrity chef and bestselling cookbook author Devin Alexander.

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