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Tree Fu Tom is a kids' show where a young boy named Tom can magically transform into a tiny superhero and travel to a world called Treetopolis. This enchanting world actually exists in his back yard on a tree limb. His friends include Twigs, an acorn sprite, Twigs, a green tree frog, and Ariela, the butterfly ranch hand. Tom uses the power of movement magic called Tree Fu to solve problems and saves his friends.

Targeted to preschoolers, this show covers moral and social topics appropriate to the age. Tom or his friends often find themselves in trouble and have to solve problems to save themselves. Tom uses his magical powers of Tree Fu and calls upon the viewers to get up and help him by moving. Calling upon the viewers to use their movement magic, Tom encourages preschoolers to get out of their seats.

2 Seasons, 51 Episodes
March 5, 2012
Animation & Cartoons, Children
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Tree Fu Tom Full Episode Guide

  • Zigzoo borrows things from his friends without asking to create an invention to collect special Dragon Berries that are now at perfect ripeness. This leaves Ariela without her Crop Chopper, unable to clear her field to plant a new crop of Thunder popcorn. Squirmtum is left stranded on the roof of Ariela's Barn after Zigzoo takes his Hover Platform and Rickety is left without his web washing-line and almost all of his socks! Tom and Twigs turn detective to find out who has taken all of the missing things and at the end of their trail find the culprit, Zigzoo with loads of fresh Dragon Berries. Unknown to anyone, the berries belong to a giant Boing Beetle which bounces into Treetopolis to get them back. Zigzoo is mortified and heads off to return the taken things and apologise to his friends. Tom and Twigs deliver berries to the Tower for Treetog but have to shelter from the giant bouncing Boing Beetle! Scaring it off with Big World Magic, Tom realises that the beetle is after the berries and an epic chase ensues. The chase eventually leads to the Boing Beetle's home (where Zigzoo took the berries from) and here they discover Boing Beetle babies; the berries are their food! Everything falls into place and Zigzoo apologises; he'll never take things without asking again.

  • The Tree Fu Rangers are on Ariela's Ranch today, trying to win their 'Green Fingers' Badge. Much to the apprehension of his friends, Tom plants some carrot seeds he's brought from the big world and they grow huge! Try as they might, they can't pull them up. Unknown to his friends, Zigzoo rushes off to create an invention to help and starts pulling the carrots down from underground with his new Harvesting Hands invention (a wearable frame with two Helping Hands controlled by joysticks). This sparks fear in the Treelings who thinks the carrots are alive and out to get them. Their fear is fuelled as Zigzoo causes a cave in which creates a sinkhole above that Ariela falls into. Though Tom saves her with Big World Magic, Zigzoo then decides to blast the carrots upwards instead and this only adds to Tom's problems as he tries to reassure his panicked friends that there must be a rational explanation. As the giant carrots rain down, the Treelings fear drives them into a dangerous part of the caverns where they encounter Zigzoo in his wearable invention covered in debris and broken carrot from the cave-in. In their panic to escape this 'carrot monster' they unleash a torrent of sap from a blocked cave and only Tom's Big World Magic can save them. As the flood subsides the Treelings see that the carrot monster is actually Zigzoo and understand what has happened; the carrots are just harmless vegetables after all and actually tasty too. Tom wins his Green Fingers Badge and heads home.

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