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Series Length:1 Season, 26 Episodes
Network: BBC

Tree Fu Tom is a kids' show where a young boy named Tom can magically transform into a tiny superhero and travel to a world called Treetopolis. This enchanting world actually exists in his back yard on a tree limb. His friends include Twigs, an acorn sprite, Twigs, a green tree frog, and Ariela, the butterfly ranch hand. Tom uses the power of movement magic called Tree Fu to solve problems and saves his friends.

Targeted to preschoolers, this show covers moral and social topics appropriate to the age. Tom or his friends often find themselves in trouble and have to solve problems to save themselves. Tom uses his magical powers of Tree Fu and calls upon the viewers to get up and help him by moving. Calling upon the viewers to use their movement magic, Tom encourages preschoolers to get out of their seats.

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Rating: 9/10
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  • Tom creates catastrophe when he loses the magic sapstone from his belt. A calm, quiet pond creature becomes a titanic cause of trouble for Tom and friends when it accidentally absorbs Tom's sapstone. How will Tom cope without his magic powers? He'll still need lots of Big World Magic help but can he find a way to save the day and undo his unfortunate accident?

  • Zigzoo invents a weather machine to create perfect conditions for each of his friends and catastrophe ensues when he tries to keep everyone happy. Whether it's hot, cold, icy or back to normal, Zigzoo can't seem to please anyone for long. Big World Magic help from the audience will be key if Tom is to overcome the weather condition chaos caused by his ever more insistent friends. To top it all he has to take care of the precious classroom plant that he's been entrusted with by Treetog too!

  • Tom and Twigs get a crash course in being Ranchers as they have to lead an epic baby beetle drive on their own. With only their wits and a whistle to help them, Tom and Twigs must guide the unruly young beetles through the myriad challenges of the open branch road to reach the high pasture and the beetles' parents. It will only be possible if they learn fast and if the audience helps Tom to create Big World Magic when they need it the most!

  • Preparations for Sap Day in Treetopolis are thrown into turmoil as the mushas decide to change the celebration to 'Stink Day' instead with stinky fungi that send the smeller to sleep. As his friends fall asleep one by one it's up to Tom to solve the mystery of the magical sleep, put a stop to the mushas mischief and -with Big World Magic help from the audience - to save Sap Day!

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