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Singer Trisha Yearwood is adding a bit of spice to the Food Network. The country darling, who’s wowed millions of fans across the world with her music, is now host of her own cooking show called Trisha's Southern Kitchen. Although she’s known more for her music, Trisha’s real love is cooking. Growing up in Georgia she got a taste of Southern cuisine by helping her family prepare meals. However, her career as a cook would be put on hold as she became a big, country music star.

Trisha has been in the music business since 1991 and has recorded many hits songs, won awards, and embarked on many tours. However, in 2008 Trisha’s focus shifted from music to cooking. Her love of food led her to write two cookbooks Georgia Cooking in an Oklahoma Kitchen and Home Cooking with Trisha Yearwood, in which she shares her family’s Southern recipes. The books became bestsellers and landed Trisha a show on the Food Network.

In the spring of 2012, Trisha’s Southern Kitchen debuted on Food Network. Trisha’s southern hospitality captured the audience’s heart as she shared childhood stories and introduced her friends and family, including her husband Garth Brooks.

Among the recipes featured on Trisha’s Southern Kitchen are: fried chicken, deviled eggs, barbeque, mashed potatoes, and macaroni and cheese. Although most of the recipes center on Southern staples, Trisha does offer up other unique dishes such as chicken tortilla soup, black bean lasagna, watermelon salsa, and Thai salad. For dessert lovers, Trisha has a wide range of sweets, everything from key lime cake to strawberry cupcakes to pecan pie to peach cobbler.

The show became a hit with viewers and is now entering its third season. In 2013, Trisha’s Southern Kitchen received a Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Culinary Program. Between Trisha’s humble demeanor and delicious recipes, Trisha’s Southern Kitchen keeps audiences entertained and tuning in for more.

Saturdays 11:00 AM/ET on Food Network
8 Seasons, 67 Episodes
December 31, 1969
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Trisha's Southern Kitchen Full Episode Guide

  • Five young musicians from the Music City Youth Orchestra are lucky to spend their time with Trisha Yearwood. Featuring: They perform the musical number "XXX's and OOO's." Also: They enjoy chicken enchiladas; nacho salads in a jar; and cinnamon cookies.

  • Trisha connects with her followers on social media while fixing brunch. Recipes featured are cinnamon-orange rolls; a Bloody Mary; cheesy spicy bacon straws; and hummingbird pancakes.

  • A java-inspired meal features coffee-coffee cake; coffee-rubbed fish tacos; and tiramisu affogato.

  • In the Season 8 opening, Trisha Yearwood invites the boys over for pizza and a movie. On the spread: malted milk fudge; an Italian seven-layer dip; basil-pesto pizza.

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