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White Collar is the latest hit drama from USA Network, which focuses on the daily operations of the "White Collar Crime" division of the FBI. In it's third season, the show focuses on the exploits of con man Neal Caffrey and FBI agent Peter Burke. The basic premise behind the show focuses on the history between Neal and Peter.

Originally, Peter was the only person to ever apprehend the infamous Neal Caffrey. Neal spent some time in prison before Peter requested that he serve out the remainder of his sentence in the custody of the FBI. Since Neal happens to be an expert in forgeries and many other white collar matters, he could work as a consultant for the Bureau. Neal operates with a GPS anklet so that Peter can keep up with his whereabouts at all times.

Although it originally began as a strictly business relationship, Peter and Neal eventually grow to become friends. With this friendship comes several trials and hardships. Putting a con man and a government agent together in a partnership is sure to lead to some questionable situations.

Over the course of the first three seasons, the show has provided a long-term story that shows how Neal evolves from a con man to a fully functioning member of society and back again. Each week, Neal and Peter also have a new FBI case to work on. Neal and Peter have a fantastic track record working together on cases and the Bureau starts to take notice. Eventually, some other forces within the department want to take Neal as their own personal "consultant." This leads to a great deal of tension between the departments within the FBI, and eventually causes problems for Neal himself.

One of the best things about the show is the character development and the way that they interact with one another. Besides Neal and Peter, they have a great ensemble of characters to enjoy. Neal's best friend Mozzie is a genius in his own right and provides some comic relief. Peter's wife Elizabeth and agents Diana and Jones also bring something to the table. Sara Ellis is an insurance adjuster who eventually becomes a love interest for Neal. She plays a recurring role on the show in every season.

With season four set to unfold soon, White Collar is just hitting its stride. Anyone who enjoys the other hit shows on USA should definitely consider checking out White Collar.

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Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on USA
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White Collar Full Episode Guide

  • In an effort to assist Neal in his risky heist, Peter joins a dangerous con against the Pink Panthers; Neal concocts a new plan that will benefit himself as well as the Pink Panthers.

  • The Pink Panthers call on Neal unexpectedly, while Peter's family life takes a hit after a colleague is murdered.

  • Peter and Neal take on a case involving someone from Mozzie's past.

  • Running a con for the Pink Panthers, Neal feels torn for scamming an innocent mark. Meanwhile, Peter finds himself working with a reckless Interpol agent who could threaten their entire operation.

White Collar News

USA Network Summer 2012 Premiere Lineup

For USA Network, there never really is an off-season. While summer is often rerun season on many major networks, USA has that rare model where there's always something a full, fresh lineup. Sure, it's a wrap on the latest season of "Psych" and the final round nears for "In Plain Sight", and it feels like just yesterday that the third season of "White Collar" finished up. But while Shawn and Gus catch their breath and Mary Shannon calls it a day as of May 4, would you believe there's more "White Collar" coming in mere short months? Before Neal Caffrey and Peter Burke get back to business, USA's summer starts June 6 when "Royal Pains" begins its forth seasons of concierge medicine in the Hamptons with Dr.

White Collar Winter Season Previews; Plus Where is Elizabeth?

Missing your weekly dose of Matt Bomer's baby blues? Well you don't have long to wait until season 3 of "White Collar" returns to USA on January 17th. If you still can't wait though, USA has released some new video previews that give some hints about where the show is going headed into the end of it's third season. In case you forgot, "White Collar"'s summer finale left viewers with quite a cliffhanger. Former con man Neal Caffrey returned to his criminal ways with pal Mozzie (Willie Garson) when they stole some Nazi artifacts.

Midseason TV Preview: USA Premiere Schedule and Trailers

The procedural, whether legal or medical, is USA's bread and butter. But the network always seems to have a special spin on the genre: whether it's the covert mysteries of "Burn Notice" or the quirky frauds of "Psych," it's never just a straight-up whodunit on USA (unless, of course, you're watching some of their syndicated reruns of "NCIS"). The network's midseason schedule features two returning favorites and one new show, and even though their motto is "We Know Drama," there's a lot of dramedy going on here.

'True Blood' Stud Joe Manganiello Joins Cast Of 'White Collar'

"White Collar" fans, if you want "Blood" -- you've got it. The set pictures below from JustJared confirm that "True Blood" star Joe Manganiello is coming to the USA original cops-and-heisters-helping-the-cops dramedy just a little later this season. Reports suggest that the 34-year-old Manganiello will play an ex-con who stirs up trouble with FBI agent Peter Burke and wife Elizabeth (Tim DeKay and Tiffani Thiessen) when he moves in across the street, while apparently also sharing a few moments with art thief-turned-FBI-consultant Neal Caffery (Matthew Bomer).

Episode 'White Collar' Season 3, Episode 4 - 'Veiled Threat' Recap

Just where would Peter Burke (Tim DeKay) be without Neal Caffrey (Matthew Bomer)? Surprisingly, the suit does OK on his own. “Pick a deed, any deed,” Neal says, assuring Peter that the solution to their ongoing mortgage-fraud investigation amounts to little more than luck of the draw – and elementary deduction. The white-collar hall-of-famer explains gently to his straight-laced FBI cohort that he needn’t even guess what card Peter drew. There’s no guessing involved; he’ll just count the other 51 cards and know.

Episode 'White Collar' Season 3, Episode 4: 'Dentist of Detroit' Recap

Mozzie (Willie Garson) and Neal (Tim DeKay) have remained free men – well, semi-free – largely because they’re always a step ahead of whoever would try to change that. This week, someone got a drop on them. As Mozzie is selling off a his collection of sketchy surveillance equipment and other “sleight of hand-me-downs” to benefit the Detroit orphanage where he was raised by a kind man named Mr. Jefferies (Ernie Hudson!), his little fire sale is visited gangster Tommy DeLuca, Jr.

Episode 'White Collar' Season 3, Episode 3 - 'Deadline' Recap

Damn the rules, “White Collar”! Must the art thief with the cat-that-cooked-then-served-you-the-priceless-rare-canary grin have all the fun? Must the by-the-book-so-close-you-can-read-the-page-numbers-on-his-fingers partner get all the glory? Quite frankly, this week answered “no” and “no.” In fact, it’s Agent Diana Barrigan (Marsha Thomason) that is thrown into the fire under the guise of a hard-nosed, harder-assed journalist’s assistant.

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