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The World's Wildest Police Videos is a reality television program that features some of the most dangerous law-enforcement encounters from around the world. It is hosted by John Bunnell, a former sheriff from Oregon. The show is fast paced and allows the audience to see human society at its low points. Even though these situations do not define daily law enforcement duties, it gives a sense of the danger associated with the job and how desperate the human element can become.

Audiences can expect to be treated to a healthy dose of high-speed pursuits that lead down one-way streets and wrong sides of freeways and often end in violent crashes. Ironically, many of the deviants walk away from these crashes with minor injury. Also featured are routine traffic stops that lead to bizarre encounters with drunk or desperate motorists who offer a variety of compromises to have their indiscretions overlooked. Robberies captured on surveillance cameras are covered, as brazen thieves enter establishments and wreak havoc on terrified customers and merchants. Fights and riots from around the world are also captured and show the danger of civil unrest and the foolishness triggered by an overindulgence in alcohol.

The host systematically critiques each video and gives the audience the history behind each story. Each video is covered with light, sarcastic humor and shows the foolishness of the criminal element. The host occasionally enhances the humorous aspects of crime videos with personal commentary that speaks on behalf of the befuddled criminal.

Most of the stories covered by the program feature situations located within the United States. However, the show has received video documentation from a few locations around the world. Despite the danger of these situations, many of the criminal encounters do not end in death for officers or criminals. Regardless of the shame, consistent ratings prove there is entertainment value for many who tune in on a weekly basis for unbelievable encounters that leave viewers speechless.

Monday 11:00 PM et/pt on Spike TV
3 Seasons, 25 Episodes - Canceled
April 2, 1998
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  • Get a glimpse of what police officers go through in the line of duty.

  • Get a glimpse of what police officers go through in the line of duty.

  • Get a glimpse of what police officers go through in the line of duty.

  • Get a glimpse of what police officers go through in the line of duty.

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