1000 Kisses

1000 Kisses is a Korean Drama show based in the daily life events of a family and their hard times due to life choices. It is a show about life and love. The cast includes, Woo Joo Young who plays Seo Young Hee, her sister is played by actress Woo Joo Mi who plays the youngest sister Kim So Eun. Actor Jang Woo Bin plays Ji Hyn Woo the love interest of Woo Joo Young she she meets at a soccer game that she takes her son to. Ji Hyn Woo's cousin Jang Woo Jin is played by actor Ryu Jin.

Woo Joo Young is a bright and caring young woman who goes through some hard times after her husband has an affair that leads to their divorce. When she meets Ji Hyn Woo the age difference between them presents some problems in their relationship. Jang Byung dou played by actor Lee Soo Jae is the chaebol head of a resort, who falls in love and marries his caregiver Yoo Ji Sun who is played by actress Cha Hwa Yeon. The chaebols son Jang Woo Jin is the planning manager of the father Jang Byung Dos's resort he fosters some resentment towards his father for what he feels was a lack of caring for his mother who passed away after a long illness.

Woo Joo Mi the sister of Woo Joo Young is a freelance writer for a magazine, she was raised by her sister Joo Young and grandmother and does not even remember he mother at all. Woo Joo Mi develops a crush on Woo Jin and goes after him with all she has, and wins him over with her affections. She loves him dispite the nine year age difference between them.

This show is a drama, romance that will keep you wanting more.

MBC America
1 Season, 50 Episodes
December 6, 2011
Korean Drama
1000 Kisses

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