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  • TV-14
  • 1987
  • 5 Seasons
  • 7.2  (13,709)

21 Jump Street is a popular American television drama series that was broadcasted on the FOX network from 1987 to 1991. The series follows a group of young cops who are assigned to work undercover as high school students to infiltrate criminal activities involving teenagers. The show starred Johnny Depp, Dustin Nguyen, Holly Robinson Peete, Steven Williams, Peter DeLuise, Sal Jenco, Richard Grieco, Frederic Forrest, Michael DeLuise, Michael C. Bendetti, and Tony Dakota.

The show's main character is Officer Tom Hanson, played by Johnny Depp. Tom was a handsome and charismatic young officer who was assigned to the Jump Street program to work undercover as a high school student. Along with his partner, Officer Doug Penhall, played by Peter DeLuise, Tom infiltrates various criminal organizations around schools in the city.

The other main characters in the series are Officer Harry Truman Ioki, played by Dustin Nguyen, Officer Judy Hoffs, played by Holly Robinson Peete, and Captain Adam Fuller, played by Steven Williams. Harry is a Vietnamese-American officer who poses as a student to investigate illegal gambling and drug activity, while Judy is assigned to investigate student rights violations and works as a counselor at schools.

The show tackled a wide range of issues that affected teenagers during the 80s and 90s, including drug abuse, gang violence, underage drinking, and sex education. The series was known for its realistic portrayal of the youth culture of the time.

The show's mission to educate teenagers about the consequences of their actions while entertaining viewers at the same time made it a massive hit during its run. The series had a unique mix of intense drama and humor that appealed to a wide range of viewers. The show was an instant hit, and its popularity continued to increase over the years.

The cast of 21 Jump Street was exceptional, with each actor doing an excellent job in their respective roles. Johnny Depp was particularly impressive as Tom Hanson, and his performance helped establish him as a Hollywood star. The show also marked the breakout performance of Richard Grieco, who played Officer Dennis Booker, and went on to have a successful career in Hollywood.

The show was not without its controversies, however. Critics of the show claimed that it focused too much on sensationalizing teenage issues and that it portrayed young people in a negative light. Despite these criticisms, the series remained popular and continued to be well-received by both viewers and critics.

One of the show's features that made it stand out at the time was the use of modern music. The series' producers wanted to showcase the youth culture of the time, and they accomplished this by using popular songs in the show. The use of music in the show helped to create a realistic and authentic environment for the audience.

In conclusion, 21 Jump Street was an exceptional television drama series that tackled a wide range of issues that affected teenagers during the 80s and 90s. The show's talented cast, unique storylines, and use of modern music made it a hit with viewers, and it remains a classic to this day.

21 Jump Street is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (105 episodes). The series first aired on April 12, 1987.

21 Jump Street
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Second Chance
23. Second Chance
May 13, 1991
McCann goes undercover to investigate an auto theft ring, and upsets Hoffs after he is assigned to investigate Nick Capelli, a teenaged ex-con she helps in a rehabilitation program. After Nick is befriended by McCann, Hoffs gets Nick a job at a hot dog stand. However, he is also approached by Mark Phillips, a student in the car theft ring, with an offer to work for Floyd Henderson, a body shop owner who strips stolen cars for a living.
Second Chances
22. Second Chances
April 27, 1991
Hoffs and Mac investigate a car theft ring with the prime suspect being one of Hoffs students.
21. Homegirls
April 20, 1991
Hoffs infiltrates a girl gang to find who is responsible for a murder of a teen she witnessed.
Bad Day at Blackburn
20. Bad Day at Blackburn
April 13, 1991
A group of high school extortionists has Hoffs, Mac and Fuller going in undercover to investigate.
19. Wasted
April 6, 1991
Mac goes undercover as a football player after a schools star dies from a heart attack.
18. Crossfire
March 30, 1991
Hoffs is brought to court after being charged with a civil suit for arresting a man for solicitation.
Under the Influence
17. Under the Influence
March 23, 1991
Mac enters a devil worship cult who's leader can lure boys to join them with her beauty.
Copping Out
16. Copping Out
February 23, 1991
Mac and Joey try to find who is responsible for robberies at an old age home with one suspect being the son of Fullers girlfriend.
In the Name of Love
15. In the Name of Love
February 16, 1991
Mac goes undercover for the FBI by dating the daughter of a notorious drug dealer while trying to rekindle a romance with an old flame.
Film at Eleven
14. Film at Eleven
February 9, 1991
Mac tries to solve the mystery of why a famous reporters daughter had been missing.
Baby Blues
13. Baby Blues
January 21, 1991
Joey takes responsibility for a baby girl while trying to find her drug addicted mother.
The Education of Terry Carver
12. The Education of Terry Carver
January 14, 1991
Hoffs, Joey and Mac try to find evidence that a girl was attacted and raped.
Equal Protection
11. Equal Protection
January 5, 1991
Hoffs and Fuller investigate white police officers who are believed to be beating black teens.
Number One with A Bullet
10. Number One with A Bullet
December 15, 1990
Doug's life enters limbo while doctors struggle to save him after being shot and makes life-altering career choices after talking with those he meets there.
Diplomas for Sale
9. Diplomas for Sale
December 8, 1990
Doug and Joey enroll in a college where good students are becoming criminals.
The Girl Next Door
8. The Girl Next Door
December 1, 1990
McCann investigates a murder of a high school football star and dates a cheerleader who has AIDS.
This Ain't No Summer Camp
7. This Ain't No Summer Camp
November 24, 1990
Doug and Joey join a wilderness camp for troubled teens to investigate a possible murder, but are constantly harassed by the leader, an ex-Marine.
6. Brothers
November 17, 1990
Doug's younger brother Joey joins Jump Street. After being rejected by Doug he volunteers to go undercover in a cult and soon becomes brainwashed by their leader and a pretty girl who shows him love.
Just Say No! High
5. Just Say No! High
November 10, 1990
While working undercover in a high school, Hoffs is suspended by Jump Street after failing a drug test. While Penhall investigates a drug ring at a high school, he becomes suspicious why a star basketball player refuses to take part in the schools anti-drug program.
4. Poison
November 3, 1990
Penhall falls for his narcotics partner who seems to have a drug problem of her own.
Buddy System
3. Buddy System
October 27, 1990
McCann joins Jump Street and is partnered with a mentally-handicapped teen in a school buddy system to investigate the death of his former partner.
Back to School
2. Back to School
October 20, 1990
Garrett starts dating the sister of a suspected high school drug ring leader.
Tunnel of Love
1. Tunnel of Love
October 13, 1990
Hoffs and Garrett go undercover in a massage parlor believed to be the front for a drug ring, meanwhile they deal with a DEA officer.
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  • Premiere Date
    April 12, 1987
  • IMDB Rating
    7.2  (13,709)