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21 Jump Street is a television show that aired on FOX from 1987 to 1991. While a popular show at the time, it is best known for being the vehicle that launched Johnny Depp's career. In it, Depp plays one of several young police officers -- Tom Hanson -- who work primarily on crimes involving teen hangouts and educational institutions. The name of the show derives from the address of the headquarters of this youthful bunch of police officers. They are located in an old church on Jump Street.

The premise of the show is that these officers must look young so they can go undercover to investigate crimes involving teens. The cases they investigate are rife with drama. They touch on topics like rape, abuse, racism, homophobia and HIV, which was a common theme on television when the show was aired. Each episode was an hour long, allowing for some depth into each story. Because of the content of the show and because public service announcements were popular at the time, cast members would often read a public service announcement on these topics after the show.

21 Jump Street centers on Depp's character, who got into a bit of trouble as a police officer because he looked so young. This led to him being placed at 21 Jump Street with other officers who had similar problems. The first few episodes deal with relatively tame topics, but the show gradually finds its feet and quickly moves on to more sensitive subjects. Even the officers become victims of a bit of drama in their lives ranging from theft to drunk driving. In some cases, they are the perpetrators. The series ended without a finale, though spin-offs and a new movie have carried the plot further and explained some of the show's loose ends.

21 Jump Street is a Drama series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (105 episodes). The series first aired on April 12, 1987. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.2.

21 Jump Street is available for streaming on the FOX website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch 21 Jump Street on demand at Crackle, Tubi TV, IMDb TV, Peacock Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, The Roku Channel Free, Sling, iTunes, Crackle, Tubi TV, IMDb TV, Peacock online.

5 Seasons, 105 Episodes
April 12, 1987
Cast: Johnny Depp, Dustin Nguyen, Holly Robinson Peete, Steven Williams, Peter DeLuise
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21 Jump Street Full Episode Guide

  • McCann goes undercover to investigate an auto theft ring, and upsets Hoffs after he is assigned to investigate Nick Capelli, a teenaged ex-con she helps in a rehabilitation program. After Nick is befriended by McCann, Hoffs gets Nick a job at a hot dog stand. However, he is also approached by Mark Phillips, a student in the car theft ring, with an offer to work for Floyd Henderson, a body shop owner who strips stolen cars for a living.

  • Hoffs and Mac investigate a car theft ring with the prime suspect being one of Hoffs students.

  • Hoffs infiltrates a girl gang to find who is responsible for a murder of a teen she witnessed.

  • A group of high school extortionists has Hoffs, Mac and Fuller going in undercover to investigate.

  • Mac goes undercover as a football player after a schools star dies from a heart attack.

  • Hoffs is brought to court after being charged with a civil suit for arresting a man for solicitation.

  • Mac enters a devil worship cult who's leader can lure boys to join them with her beauty.

  • Mac and Joey try to find who is responsible for robberies at an old age home with one suspect being the son of Fullers girlfriend.

  • Mac tries to solve the mystery of why a famous reporters daughter had been missing.

  • Joey takes responsibility for a baby girl while trying to find her drug addicted mother.

  • Hoffs, Joey and Mac try to find evidence that a girl was attacted and raped.

  • Hoffs and Fuller investigate white police officers who are believed to be beating black teens.

  • Doug's life enters limbo while doctors struggle to save him after being shot and makes life-altering career choices after talking with those he meets there.

  • Doug and Joey enroll in a college where good students are becoming criminals.

  • McCann investigates a murder of a high school football star and dates a cheerleader who has AIDS.

  • Doug and Joey join a wilderness camp for troubled teens to investigate a possible murder, but are constantly harassed by the leader, an ex-Marine.

  • Doug's younger brother Joey joins Jump Street. After being rejected by Doug he volunteers to go undercover in a cult and soon becomes brainwashed by their leader and a pretty girl who shows him love.

  • While working undercover in a high school, Hoffs is suspended by Jump Street after failing a drug test. While Penhall investigates a drug ring at a high school, he becomes suspicious why a star basketball player refuses to take part in the schools anti-drug program.

  • Penhall falls for his narcotics partner who seems to have a drug problem of her own.

  • McCann joins Jump Street and is partnered with a mentally-handicapped teen in a school buddy system to investigate the death of his former partner.

  • Garrett starts dating the sister of a suspected high school drug ring leader.

  • Hoffs and Garrett go undercover in a massage parlor believed to be the front for a drug ring, meanwhile they deal with a DEA officer.

  • After the power goes out during a storm, Penhall, Hanson and Hoffs find themselves at the mercy of a violent gang in school.

  • A blown assignment lands Penhall in a different precinct where he uncovers policemen taking bribes and finds he is under investigation by Jump Street.

  • Little League coach Penhall learns that one of the players was kidnapped by his father, away from his mother and step-father.

  • The officer's tell their version of the story of how they saved a Senator from an assassin, each story with them as the hero.

  • Hoffs & Ioki go undercover in a liberal group suspected of the killing the leader of a neo-Nazi group. While Penhall joins the Nazis to learn if they plan a violent uprising.

  • A handicapped policewoman is sent in undercover to investigate a series of attacks on handicapped women and Hoffs is sent in by Fuller undercover, in a wheelchair.

  • A teenage kidnapped her baby sister to get her away from their abusive parents; meanwhile Penhall adjusts to becoming a father to Clavo.

  • Hanson and Penhall go to El Salvador to look for Doug's missing wife and find themselves in the middle of political turmoil. They return home with Marta's nephew to be raised by Penhall.

  • The investigation of a bomber leads Hanson and Penhall to Florida during the madness of spring break.

  • Hanson and Penhall investigate the drug related death of a basketball star and stumble into a point shaving scheme.

  • Hanson tries convincing a death row inmate to make a film to scare off children from becoming criminals.

  • A futuristic episode in which the now aged officers are interviewed about the old days when Jump street originated.

  • The death of a lesbian teacher finds Hoffs and Fuller going under cover at a University.

  • The officers are sent to investigate a chemistry lab at a college where it is suspected that new designer drugs are being manufactured.

  • A teen seeks revenge on Ioki after he convinced him to turn his family in for using drugs 3 years earlier.

  • Hoffs begins to suspect that a boy is being abused by his father while observing a family suspected of operating a burglary ring,

  • A tip from Booker has the Jump Street officers joining Raymond Crane's motorcycle group in order to bring him to justice.

  • A teacher's wife is shot down and the investigation leads to a the husband paying a student to kill her.

  • An investigation into designer drugs leads the officers to a prestigious medical school. Meanwhile Hoffs is raped while on a date with one of the suspects who later claims it was she who seduced him.

  • A group of thrill seeking teens has Penhall and Ioki working as rent it cops.

  • A psychic teen says she can predict when an arsonist will next strike during a Halloween dance.

  • A new principal goes too far in trying to clean up his high school from crime.

  • Penhall falls for an illegal immigrant from El Salvador when he is sent in to investigate a priest suspected of selling babies.

  • The owner of a 80's nightclub suspected of providing LSD to high school students is the husband of an old flame of Hanson.

  • Penhall works as a bouncer in a sportsbar while Hanson goes undercover to bust up a college gambling operation.

  • Booker solves the case that gets Hanson out of prison, then resigns from the police force .

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