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Access Hollywood will help a person stay up to date on all the celebrity sightings and happenings. This show is similar to a news show only instead of giving information about foreign policies and political information is given about the rich and famous. Access Hollywood will keep a fan up to date with the life of their favorite star. The show reports information on who is making up, how is breaking up, and details of their lives. They also tell the viewers when the birthdays of their favorite people are. Access Hollywood strives to be the first to report the births, deaths, and run ins with the law from movie and music stars. They also hold exclusive interviews on the red carpet for both movie premiers and major award shows such as the Oscars.

Fans of Access Hollywood have seen many interviews with celebrities over the years, When a scandal hits they are not afraid to ask the tough questions and get the answers they are looking for. They also go behind the scenes are the making of different movies to get real information from the cast and stars.

This show also has entertainment value to it in addition to celebrity news. They have top names in the fashion industry on often to discuss the wardrobe of those are major movie opening and shows. The experts will go over good fashion choices and also the celebrities who should get a new fashion designer on their staff. They will also have a pole with the viewer on how the best dress was and who wore the dress the best. The fashion experts will also give advice on how the viewers can get the looks of their favorite stars are a price that the average person can afford. For the most up to date news on everything involving the beautiful, rich , and famous Access Hollywood will have the story.

13 Seasons, 383 Episodes
January 18, 2003
Cast: Steven Cojocaru, Tim Vincent, Larry Mendte, Jeff Probst, Pat O'Brien
Access Hollywood

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Billy Bush Confirms Trump Tape Is Real

The former Access Hollywood supporter was hurt more by the infamous tape than Trump was.

'Access Hollywood' Insists Trump Tape Is Real

No matter what the president says, it really happened, says the show's host.

Former New Yorker Editor Compares Harvey Weinstein to Donald Trump

Tina Brown thinks Weinstein's blustery demeanor, paranoia and abusive behavior toward women looks very familiar.

Billy Bush Wishes He'd Stood Up to Trump

Going along with the future president destroyed the talk show host's career.

Why did Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Keep Their Second Child a Secret?

Everyone was surprised when Nicole Kidman and her husband Australian country singer Keith Urban announced on January 17th that they had welcomed their second baby girl Faith Margaret, who was born through a surrogate mother on December 28, 2010. Kidman had shown nary a sign of a baby bump, and the couple had made no mention of the pregnancy publicaly.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban explained that the main reason why they kept the news about the conception of Faith Margaret (through a surrogate mom) from the media was to protect her.

Shania Twain Gets Married on New Year's Day

Five-time Grammy award winner Shania Twain tied the knot with Swiss Nestle executive Frederic Thiebaud on New Year’s day in Puerto Rico.

ShaniaTwain’s  rep revealed the news about the wedding to People magazine. According to the singer’s rep,"They were married at sunset in Rincon, Puerto Rico, in front of 40 of their closest family and friends."

The country super star announced her engagement with Thiebaud last month in her website.