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1 Season, 9 Episodes
October 16, 2019
Cast: Billy Carson, Jake Matton
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  • A long-lost cache of Civil War gold may have been found, new evidence could point to the location of the stolen millions from the Plymouth Mail robbery and treasure hunters search for the legendary Lost Dutchman Mine.

  • Experts investigate disturbing phenomena at Skinwalker Ranch, top-secret experiments may have been conducted at a former Air Force base in Long Island, New York, and new theories could explain why Mount Shasta is a magnet for paranormal activity.

  • Intriguing new theories about Jimmy Hoffa's disappearance are revealed, a stunning film clip may reveal what really happened to Michael Rockefeller and experts investigate JFK's missing brain.

  • Newly declassified documents could link the Roswell crash to Nazi science, fresh evidence may reveal what's really hidden inside Area 51 and experts investigate the dark secrets of the Dugway Proving Ground.

  • Shocking new theories may shed light on the fate of Amelia Earhart, D.B. Cooper and three prisoners who made a daring escape from Alcatraz.

  • Experts investigate the abduction of Betty and Barney Hill, recent new evidence could explain where Travis Walton was for five days and there may be an earthly explanation for the Mothman.

  • A shocking, new theory could explain what really happened to Charles Lindbergh's son, experts may have finally solved one of Hollywood's biggest murder mysteries and a small Ohio town seeks answers to thousands of threatening letters.

  • Experts investigate the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, researchers seek answers about strange sightings in Massachusetts and a crazed murderer may be responsible for a string of unexplained disappearances in Bennington, Vermont.

  • Experts may have finally identified the strange creatures that besieged a Kentucky farmhouse, new evidence could explain the largest mass UFO sighting in US history and investigators seek answers in Chicago's O'Hare International Airport sighting.

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