Asobi ni Ikuyo: Bombshells from the Sky

Asobi ni Ikuyo: Bombshells from the Sky is an Japanese anime series adapted from a series of Japanese light novels. This fun and exciting show blends adventure, science fiction and teen life, making it a wild and enjoyable ride. The show follows the main character, Kio, a teenage boy who is living a normal teenage life. One day Kio encounters a strange yet lovely girl named Eris. Eris has cat ears growing out of her head. To make things even crazier, she claims that she is actually an alien.

Kio is a very sweet and trusting boy. He immediately decides to believe Eris's story. However, as soon as word gets out that an alien has come to Earth, more problems arise. Kio learns that some of his friends are actually secret agents and that they plan to capture Eris. Kio realizes that he now needs to defend Eris in order to keep her safe.

As the story continues to progress, Kio and Eris must learn to carefully guard themselves from those people who know what Eris is. However, Eris still has time to make plenty of friends and learn more about the ways of Earth. Kio also continues to discover new and sometimes shocking secrets about the people around him. He also gets to know more about Eris, and the two begin to become closer.

As Eris grows closer to Kio, she realizes that he is a truly gentle person who cares for her. She then decides that she wants him for her mate. This whole idea shocks Kio. Now he must not only fight to protect Eris, but must also figure out his feelings for her. Several of Kio's childhood friends also begin to look at him in a different light. As the characters mature throughout the series, inner emotions are expressed and many adventures are had as the final secrets about the characters are revealed.

TV Tokyo
1 Season, 12 Episodes
July 14, 2010
Cast: Terri Doty, Jamie Marchi
Asobi ni Ikuyo: Bombshells from the Sky

Asobi ni Ikuyo: Bombshells from the Sky Full Episode Guide

  • The time has finally come for the fight that will determine the fate of Catia and Earth. The girls find themselves coming face-to-face with each other and with what they want deep down inside their hearts, even though they share the same strong desire to protect what's right. As the fighting gets fiercer, emotions race and wounds from the past openagain, and events take a turn that no one could expect. With the beautiful Earth to their backs, what will happen to the young men and women that scream of love? Where does Earth's fate lie?!

  • The Catians are in trouble. Kio and the gang are trying to prevent disaster by doing whatever they can, but they keep getting cut off at every turn due to the strategies of Dogisia. Their emotions race, brought about by the spur of the moment situation they now find themselves in, and how they feel for each other starts to causeconflict. Amongst the chaos, it is Kio, who stands at the center of all of this, that will have to use his courage and decision making skills to make it through.

  • The girls are getting ready for Christmas. Manami and Aoi, fearful of Elis and Kio getting any closer, prepare a plan to once and for all make Aoi part of Kio's life. Meanwhile, on the Catia front, they prepare to give a special present on Christmas, but in the shadows sits Dogsia, with a smile on their face, ever bigger than usual.

  • Below the full, starry sky, each of them listened to the same songfrom all over. A very gentle song, with a hint of loneliness. Even ifeveryone has different feelings for each other, in that moment, theyall shared the same emotions. A tale which connects the past to thefuture is told with the enchanting song. Everything started with thefirst Catian Assistaroid, Rauri, coming to Earth.

  • The sharp sounds of gunshots echo through the beautiful, untouched Yanbaru mountains, located in Northern Okinawa. The two beauties start a fierce battle with their pride and dignity on the line. They each see each other as best friends, and sometimes as rivals. They don't want to lose what's important to them, and they fail to realize the feelings of sorrow that the other feels. What is it that made them fight in the first place and what will become of this battle? In a fight that literally strips them of everything they have, a battle begins to see which women will stand on top.

  • Elis is having more frequent episodes_4-18 of her mating season. Eventually, she drags Kio's movie club into the mix and starts to turn their completely normal film into a very "adult" love romance. Meanwhile, Aoi and Manami visit the Virtual Room on Catiaship. The twoof them are capable of virtually creating any situation there, but will they be able to resist their overflowing desires?

  • Continuing from last episode, Kio finally finds himself in bed with Elis, now completely within her mating season. Able maids take care of their every desire, and a girl in a sexy micro bikini storms the ship, fueling chaos everywhere. Just what will happen to Kio and Eris?Meanwhile, Aoi and Manami, in their bathing suits showing off as muchskin as possible, attempt to save the two, but a mysterious freak witha hidden camera watches them from the shadows.

  • Elis' mating season is upon her, something which befall those who have evolved from cats. Elis goes after Kio, but Aoi and Manami try to desperately stop her, only to falter in the face of their own desires.The four of them continue their steamy exchange, and eventually find themselves in Nakano Broadway. Meanwhile, the cat-ear, cat-tail worshiping organization, the Cat-Ear Corps: Underside of Kitten Paw, begin their operation, "Unyaakun." Unyaa!

  • The Catians come to the table to negotiate opening diplomaticrelations with Japan. Using their cute, glamorous, and sexy bodies asweapons, they come armed with an invincible fleet of school swimsuits,taking in the staffers at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with theircharm. Meanwhile, Minami and Aoi start living with Kio and Elis in theKakazu residence in order to hide themselves from the organizationsthey were once with. It seems as if a rocky road awaits them as acomplex web of feelings develop between the four, and feelings oftemptation run throughout the household as the three beauties, plusAssistaroids, settle down together. What will happen? No... What willyou do about this, Kio?!

  • One day, a young Okinawan boy, Kio, encounters a voluptuous, beautiful girl named Elis. She's an unusual looking girl, with cat ears and a tail. Apparently, she's an alien. Kio gets into quite the predicament before his homeroom teacher, Maki, and his childhood friend, Manami, due to Elis's sexy behavior stemming from her lack of knowledge of Earthly customs. Just what is her reason for coming to Earth? In addition to this, a mysterious organization lurks behind the scenes.

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