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TV Western fans loved the weekly showing of the fictional story of the real life Western folk hero, Bat Masterson; a very popular story depicting the adventurous life of William BarClay Masterson. The television role was played by Gene Barry who moved on to many more successful roles. The show was seen for an entertaining half hour once a week from 1958-1961. The story had a very catchy theme song written by the talented David Rose and Sang by the great voice of Mike Stewart.

Showed on NBC and later picked up by others the series was produced by the talented Producers Frank Pittman, along with Frederick Ziv and Andy White. The television Masterson was always immaculately dressed and was never without his trusty cane. The television character Bat Masterson was a legend brought to life. Masterson was a Scout, Marshall and amazingly skilful gambler just as the real life character was. The TV character had quite a way with the ladies which softened the character persona a bit.

The TV character portrayed Bat Masterson as a man interested in fair play. He found himself in many scrapes but wheeled his way out with his quick mind and his trusty cane; occasionally he used the gun; only if there was no other alternative. The TV character offers a striking posture to the real life Masterson in looks. The show played for 107 episodes and is in syndication; still watched by millions.

Bat Masterson was a star filled cast. Many people working on the show went on to other notable roles and the stars that filtered through the show as guest stars make a Who's Who list. James Garner and Diane Brewster acted in the series as guest and many others. Bat Masterson was a family show set in prime time and watched weekly by millions of people.

Bat Masterson is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (108 episodes). The series first aired on October 8, 1958.

Where do I stream Bat Masterson online? Bat Masterson is available for streaming on NBC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Bat Masterson on demand at Sling online.

3 Seasons, 108 Episodes
October 8, 1958
Cast: Gene Barry
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Bat Masterson Full Episode Guide

  • Bat tracks the outlaws who murdered a pal to the Jackson Hole in Wyoming.

  • On his way to Tombstone, Bat gets ambushed by outlaws and left to die.

  • Bat joins the Pinkerton detective agency in order to find evidence that will put a crime kingpin behind bars.

  • Bat travels to Monument City, a once deserted mining town, when he hears that silver has been found again in the area. He wants to protect an old claim but finds out that interlopers have other ideas.

  • Bat travels to Lordsburg, NM when he learns that his friend got shot in a poker game.

  • Working as a civilian scout for the Army, Bat gets involved in an affair involving crooked Colorado politics.

  • Bat steps in when two horse thieves try to start a conflict between two Native American tribes.

  • Three men arrive in the town of Meeker, CO intent on killing a woman who resides there.

  • Bat wonders what's going on when he finds the son of a marshal hiding in the graveyard of a town that's about to hang three men.

  • There's no ugly in this episode that involves Bat ransoming a Medal of Honor.

  • Bat tries to establish some semblance of justice in a New Mexico desert town.

  • Bat gets involved in an adventure that includes a Chinese damsel, a lottery, and a mining claim.

  • Bat takes over as manager of a bank in Denver and is soon faced with a run on his institution when a saloon keeper casts doubt upon its solvency.

  • Bat encounters a shotgun toting female when he arrives at a farm in Texas in response to an urgent telegram.

  • Wagonmaster Bat is forced by necessity to hire a crew of unsavory characters to transport a convoy of explosives.

  • Bat steps in when a marshal is accused of illegal activities.

  • Bat gets put in charge of a crew building a railroad and is plagued by numerous misfortunes.

  • Bat gets thrown out of a saloon when he tries to collect a debt from its owner.

  • At an isolated stagecoach way station, an Army major is the victim of a bizarre court martial. It's up to Bat to put an end to things.

  • Bat comes to the aid of a crew building a road from Nevada into California.

  • A gambler breaks the bank at Bat's gambling joint with the aid of a female blackjack dealer.

  • A dying friend will Bat a gambling casino which is about to go under financially.

  • Bat must testify at the trial of a man charged with murdering a friend of his during a poker game.

  • Bat has to stand up to three gun toting brothers who just gunned down the only lawman in their town.

  • Bat steps in and escorts three mail order brides to the metropolis of Noble Creek.

  • After buying into a gambling parlor, Bat discovers that his partner has sticky fingers.

  • The manager of an unsafe mine begins forcing his employees to work in it.

  • Bat gets hired to judge a turkey shoot and make sure that the town bully doesn't interfere with the proceedings.

  • Bat gets involved in a struggle between cattlemen and the railroad.

  • When Bat gets repaid by a miner who struck gold it's revealed that the gold is part of a missing shipment.

  • Bat gets involved with a Scotsman who's trying to smuggle an entire Scottish castle, piece by piece, into San Francisco.

  • Bat is searching for a young man to whom he is carrying a bequest but receives misleading information from a cattle baron.

  • Bat stakes an expedition to the Lost Dutchman Mine. Then the prospector he staked disappears.

  • Bat is hired as a bodyguard to a San Francisco hottie and her prized diamond but becomes the prime suspect when the gem disappears.

  • Bat tries to stop the smuggling of diseased cattle into the United States from Mexico.

  • Bat baits a trap for cattle thieves with the sum of $15,000.

  • In the town of Paradise, CO, Bat receives a heavy fine for carrying a firearm in the town limits.

  • An outlaw takes control of a Kansas town using Bat's identity.

  • Bat goes into the horse trading business and makes a deal to sell mounts to the cavalry--only to have a thief make off with his stock.

  • Bat comes up with an ingenious plan to thwart stagecoach robbers after the silver bullion being transported in the coaches.

  • Bat enlists the aid of old pal Wyatt Earp to defend a woman in a murder case.

  • Crooks trick Bat into going to Mexico in order to prevent him from testifying at a trial.

  • Bandits use a slight of hand trick to disarm Bat during a robbery.

  • Bat is forced to choose sides when he steps into the middle of a range war.

  • Bat decides to turn a piece of wasteland into a graveyard but finds himself accused of being a swindler.

  • On a seemingly routine journey, Bat finds a dead man, encounters a larcenous dog, and nearly assumes room temperature himself.

  • Bat buys a silver mine of questionable value because he suspects that a hoax is being perpetrated on the citizens of Leadville, CO.

  • Prospecting for gold, Bat becomes involved in a timber war.

  • A stockbroker asks Bat to keep his competitors from cornering the local market.

  • Bat asserts that a racehorse's four feet can be off the ground at the same time and sets out to prove his theory.

  • Bat steps in when a feud breaks out between rival saloon owners in Dodge City.

  • Bat stands up for women's suffrage when he opposes an outfit called the Inner Circle who are determined to keep members of the fairer sex from voting.

  • Bat's friend bets his railroad that his prized racehorse can defeat the mount of a rival.

  • Bat turns lawyer to fight a tyrannical town boss.

  • Bat helps a sheriff collect taxes and discovers some evaders who are shipping their assets out of the county.

  • Bat steps in to halt a gun shooting feud between two families because members of one of them owe him money.

  • Bat takes a stand for fair trade when he takes on a trader who has a monopoly on riverboat cargo.

  • At a Sacramento casino, Bat comes to the aid of two hot chicks and their father who are being blackmailed.

  • Arriving at the St. Joseph opera house to see his old galpal, Bat discovers that the place is being shaken down for protection by a Fank Nittiesque character.

  • Bat gets caught up in a battle between two towns vying to be the seat of a county.

  • Bat steps between a trigger happy sheriff and a reformed gunman.

  • Bat challenges a blackmailer who's posing as a war hero to a duel in order to expose his cowardice.