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  • TV-14
  • 1958
  • 3 Seasons
  • 7.3  (1,156)

Bat Masterson was an American Western television series that was aired on NBC from 1958 to 1961. Starring Gene Barry, the show was based on the life of real-life adventurer and lawman of the same name, who lived in the late 19th century American frontier. The series followed the adventures of Bat Masterson, a former lawman and gunfighter, who had turned to writing for a newspaper. He used his experience as a lawman to write his columns and report on criminal activities in the old West. However, he often found himself drawn back into his old way of life, as he encountered criminals who needed to be brought to justice.

The show was set in various locations, including Dodge City, Kansas, and Frontier Town. It followed Bat Masterson as he dealt with outlaws, gunfighters, and other criminals. The show also featured his relationships with women, including his love interest, Daphne Dutton, played by Allison Hayes. The two had a playful dynamic that added a bit of humor to the show.

Bat Masterson was known for his dapper dress sense, which included wearing a derby hat and carrying a stylish cane. He was a skilled gunman, but he also had a reputation for being a peaceful negotiator and mediator. He often found ways to solve problems without violence, but he never hesitated to defend himself or others if necessary. His intelligence and wit were his biggest weapons, and he used them to outsmart his opponents.

The show was well-received by audiences and critics, due in part to Barry's likeable portrayal of the character. Bat Masterson was one of the first TV shows to feature a protagonist with a sense of humor and a non-violent approach to problem-solving. The show has been credited with inspiring other Western TV shows that followed, such as Have Gun – Will Travel and Maverick.

The series was shot in black and white, which added to its gritty, Western feel. The show also featured a memorable theme song, which was composed by prolific music composer David Buttolph. The song, which was titled "Bat Masterson," became a hit, and was covered by various artists, including Frank Sinatra.

Despite being a popular show, Bat Masterson was not immune to controversy. The show's portrayal of Native Americans was criticized for being stereotypical and offensive. The show also received criticism for its depiction of violence, which was seen as excessive. However, the show's overall portrayal of Bat Masterson as a smart and resourceful lawman who used his wits instead of his gun to solve problems was well-received.

In conclusion, Bat Masterson was a popular Western TV show that aired on NBC from 1958 to 1961. Starring Gene Barry as the titular character, the show followed the adventures of the former lawman and gunfighter turned newspaperman as he dealt with outlaws and criminals in the old West. The show was well-received by audiences and critics and has been credited with inspiring other Western TV shows that followed. Despite its controversial aspects, the show's portrayal of Bat Masterson as a smart and witty lawman who used his intelligence instead of violence to solve problems was widely admired.

Bat Masterson is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (108 episodes). The series first aired on October 8, 1958.

Bat Masterson
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Jeopardy at Jackson Hole
34. Jeopardy at Jackson Hole
June 1, 1961
Bat tracks the outlaws who murdered a pal to the Jackson Hole in Wyoming.
The Fatal Garment
33. The Fatal Garment
May 25, 1961
A plush El Paso saloon hires Bat as its guard and bouncer. As is the norm, it's not long until trouble arrives.
Farmer with a Badge
32. Farmer with a Badge
May 18, 1961
On his way to Tombstone, Bat gets ambushed by outlaws and left to die.
The Marble Slab
31. The Marble Slab
May 11, 1961
Bat joins the Pinkerton detective agency in order to find evidence that will put a crime kingpin behind bars.
Dead Man's Claim
30. Dead Man's Claim
May 4, 1961
Bat travels to Monument City, a once deserted mining town, when he hears that silver has been found again in the area. He wants to protect an old claim but finds out that interlopers have other ideas.
The Fourth Man
29. The Fourth Man
April 27, 1961
Bat travels to Lordsburg, NM when he learns that his friend got shot in a poker game.
Valley of Death
28. Valley of Death
April 20, 1961
Working as a civilian scout for the Army, Bat gets involved in an affair involving crooked Colorado politics.
Meeting at Mimbres
27. Meeting at Mimbres
April 13, 1961
Bat steps in when two horse thieves try to start a conflict between two Native American tribes.
Ledger of Guilt
26. Ledger of Guilt
April 6, 1961
Three men arrive in the town of Meeker, CO intent on killing a woman who resides there.
No Amnesty for Death
25. No Amnesty for Death
March 30, 1961
Bat wonders what's going on when he finds the son of a marshal hiding in the graveyard of a town that's about to hang three men.
The Good and the Bad
24. The Good and the Bad
March 23, 1961
There's no ugly in this episode that involves Bat ransoming a Medal of Honor.
Episode in Eden
23. Episode in Eden
March 16, 1961
Bat tries to establish some semblance of justice in a New Mexico desert town.
Terror on the Trinity
22. Terror on the Trinity
March 9, 1961
Bat gets involved in an adventure that includes a Chinese damsel, a lottery, and a mining claim.
Run for Your Money
21. Run for Your Money
March 2, 1961
Bat takes over as manager of a bank in Denver and is soon faced with a run on his institution when a saloon keeper casts doubt upon its solvency.
A Lesson in Violence
20. A Lesson in Violence
February 23, 1961
Bat encounters a shotgun toting female when he arrives at a farm in Texas in response to an urgent telegram.
Bullwhacker's Bounty
19. Bullwhacker's Bounty
February 16, 1961
Wagonmaster Bat is forced by necessity to hire a crew of unsavory characters to transport a convoy of explosives.
The Prescott Campaign
18. The Prescott Campaign
February 2, 1961
Bat steps in when a marshal is accused of illegal activities.
End of the Line
17. End of the Line
January 26, 1961
Bat gets put in charge of a crew building a railroad and is plagued by numerous misfortunes.
The Price of Paradise
16. The Price of Paradise
January 19, 1961
Bat gets thrown out of a saloon when he tries to collect a debt from its owner.
The Court Martial of Major Mars
15. The Court Martial of Major Mars
January 12, 1961
At an isolated stagecoach way station, an Army major is the victim of a bizarre court martial. It's up to Bat to put an end to things.
Tempest at Tioga Pass
14. Tempest at Tioga Pass
January 5, 1961
Bat comes to the aid of a crew building a road from Nevada into California.
The Lady Plays Her Hand
13. The Lady Plays Her Hand
December 29, 1960
A gambler breaks the bank at Bat's gambling joint with the aid of a female blackjack dealer.
Death by Decree
12. Death by Decree
December 22, 1960
A dying friend will Bat a gambling casino which is about to go under financially.
A Time to Die
11. A Time to Die
December 15, 1960
Bat must testify at the trial of a man charged with murdering a friend of his during a poker game.
Last Stop to Austin
10. Last Stop to Austin
December 1, 1960
Bat tries to discover whether or not a young gunslinger is the orphaned son of an old pal who died in a battle with Native Americans.
Last of the Night Raiders
9. Last of the Night Raiders
November 24, 1960
A woman and her son seek Bat's help when they get terrorized by the notorious Doolin gang.
Dakota Showdown
8. Dakota Showdown
November 17, 1960
Bat has to stand up to three gun toting brothers who just gunned down the only lawman in their town.
High Card Loses
7. High Card Loses
November 10, 1960
Bat steps in and escorts three mail order brides to the metropolis of Noble Creek.
Murder Can be Dangerous
6. Murder Can be Dangerous
November 3, 1960
After buying into a gambling parlor, Bat discovers that his partner has sticky fingers.
The Hunter
5. The Hunter
October 27, 1960
A British gentleman acquires unwanted notoriety when he downs a noted fast gun.
The Rage of Princess Anne
4. The Rage of Princess Anne
October 20, 1960
The manager of an unsafe mine begins forcing his employees to work in it.
Bat Trap
3. Bat Trap
October 13, 1960
Bat gets hired to judge a turkey shoot and make sure that the town bully doesn't interfere with the proceedings.
Law of the Land
2. Law of the Land
October 6, 1960
Bat gets involved in a struggle between cattlemen and the railroad.
Debt of Honor
1. Debt of Honor
September 29, 1960
When Bat gets repaid by a miner who struck gold it's revealed that the gold is part of a missing shipment.
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  • Premiere Date
    October 8, 1958
  • IMDB Rating
    7.3  (1,156)