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  • 1979
  • 3 Seasons
  • 6.4  (1,910)

B.J. and the Bear was a classic American television show that aired on NBC from 1978 to 1981. The series followed the adventures of B.J. McKay, a truck driver, played by Greg Evigan, and his pet chimpanzee, Bear. The show is set in the 1970s and follows B.J. as he travels around the country in his red and white Kenworth truck with his faithful sidekick, Bear. B.J. is an independent trucker who travels from state to state, hauling cargo and encountering all sorts of adventures along the way. He is a friendly and likable guy who always tries to do the right thing.

B.J. is often pulled into tricky situations that require him to use his wits and resourcefulness to get out of trouble. He has a kind heart and will stop at nothing to help someone in need, even if it means risking his own life. His motto is "never leave a friend in the lurch."

One of B.J.'s main adversaries on the show is Sheriff Lobo, played by Claude Akins. Lobo is the corrupt sheriff of Orly County, and he is always trying to catch B.J. for some perceived wrongdoing. B.J. and Lobo have a love-hate relationship, and their interactions are always entertaining to watch.

B.J. also has a love interest on the show, a beautiful veterinarian named Dr. Jennifer Barnes, played by Linda McCullough. Jennifer is B.J.'s on-again, off-again girlfriend, and she often gets caught up in the drama that surrounds B.J.'s adventures.

Another important character on the show is B.J.'s friend and mechanic, Tommy, played by Eric Server. Tommy is always ready to help B.J. with his truck, and he often accompanies B.J. on his adventures.

The theme song for B.J. and the Bear is an unforgettable disco-infused classic with catchy lyrics that are sure to get stuck in your head. The show was a hit with audiences at the time, and it remains a beloved cult classic to this day.

Overall, B.J. and the Bear is a fun and entertaining show that will appeal to fans of classic American television. It has a likable cast of characters, exciting adventures, and plenty of laughs along the way. If you're looking for a lighthearted and enjoyable show to watch, B.J. and the Bear is definitely worth checking out.

B.J. and the Bear
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The Two Million Dollar Hustle
15. The Two Million Dollar Hustle
May 9, 1981
Grant throws a beach party to embroil B.J.'s friends in a bank robbery where he intends to take the money and leave the country.
Detective Finger, I Presume?
14. Detective Finger, I Presume?
May 2, 1981
The club that B.J.'s trucking company owns is robbed and the thieves make away with jewels and a very valuable painting
Who is B.J.?
13. Who is B.J.?
April 25, 1981
B.J. crash his truck and git's amnesia, he becomes easy prey for a corrupt lawman
12. Stunt
March 31, 1981
B.J. is hired to deliver stunt equipment to a movie set. but realize something is going on behind the camera.
Seven Lady Captives
11. Seven Lady Captives
March 24, 1981
BJ's seven lady friend's who are truckers are kidnapped and flown down the Mexico to harvest drugs
A Bear in the Hand
10. A Bear in the Hand
March 17, 1981
In order to force B.J. to rob from his own strongbox compromising ledgers, Captain Rutherford Grant orders his henchman to ""apenap""Bear.
For Adults Only
9. For Adults Only
March 10, 1981
B.J. is taken hostage by an elderly couple facing eviction from there home. When it's found out the Captain Grant is running an adult film studio at their retirement village.
Blonde in a Gilded Cage
8. Blonde in a Gilded Cage
March 3, 1981
Stacks is abducted by a demented rock musician named Dante and it's up to B.J. to find her before it's to late.
Beauties and the Beasts
7. Beauties and the Beasts
February 17, 1981
Captain Grant is coercing independent truckers to pay for a so-called protection. B.J. steps in and the sly cop sends B.J. and his girlfriends to jail.B.J. proposes a football game to regain his and the girls freedom
Down and Dirty
6. Down and Dirty
February 10, 1981
The killer truckers setup another trap for B.J. and his girlfriend. This time the setup is an auction. And B.J. help's a friend git there truck back by scheming Captian Grant into playing a poker game
Intercepted Pass
5. Intercepted Pass
February 3, 1981
When one of B.J.'s girlfriends begins to gamble with his money,the trucker sets out to investigate and uncover's a blackmail scheme related to some pictures.
The Fast and the Furious part 2
4. The Fast and the Furious part 2
January 27, 1981
B.J. and Cooley race their trucks from Oakland to L.A., with the prize being a lucrative shipping contract. With so much depending on a McKay victory, will B.J. and the seven lady truckers find the time to right a wrong along the way?
The Fast and the Furious part 1
3. The Fast and the Furious part 1
January 20, 1981
B.J. faces a bunch of bickering competitors bent on preventing the success of his new trucking company. Watch he won a contract for when he won a race back to Pacific Distributors
B.J. and the Seven Lady Truckers part 2
2. B.J. and the Seven Lady Truckers part 2
January 13, 1981
B.J. and his convoy of lady truckers trek to San Francisco. Captain Grant declares war on B.J. and Bear Enterprises, establishing the conflict that will span this third and final season.
B.J. and the Seven Lady Truckers part 1
1. B.J. and the Seven Lady Truckers part 1
January 13, 1981
B.J. helps a friend get a contract for his business and finds out there is some competition
  • Premiere Date
    February 10, 1979
  • IMDB Rating
    6.4  (1,910)