B.J. and the Bear

A handsome, young trucker and his chimpanzee companion found trouble adventure on the road in this classic TV series. B.J. (the trucker) and the Bear (the chimp), had ongoing conflicts with several crooked lawmen and a business rival. In "A Coffin with a View" B.J. and the Bear transported two Transylvanian coffins. On the road, they may have met Count Dracula.

Late in the series, B.J. ran a trucking firm. His new nemesis was Rutherford T. Grant, a politician and part owner of a rival trucking company. In the two-part episode "B.J. and the Seven Lady Truckers" other drivers were afraid to work with B.J., so he hired a team of female truckers, including Grant

1 Season, 47 Episodes
February 10, 1979
Action & Adventure, Comedy, Drama
Cast: Greg Evigan
B.J. and the Bear

B.J. and the Bear Full Episode Guide

  • Grant throws a beach party to embroil B.J.'s friends in a bank robbery where he intends to take the money and leave the country.

  • The club that B.J.'s trucking company owns is robbed and the thieves make away with jewels and a very valuable painting

  • B.J. crash his truck and git's amnesia, he becomes easy prey for a corrupt lawman

  • B.J. is hired to deliver stunt equipment to a movie set. but realize something is going on behind the camera.

  • BJ's seven lady friend's who are truckers are kidnapped and flown down the Mexico to harvest drugs

  • In order to force B.J. to rob from his own strongbox compromising ledgers, Captain Rutherford Grant orders his henchman to ""apenap""Bear.

  • B.J. is taken hostage by an elderly couple facing eviction from there home. When it's found out the Captain Grant is running an adult film studio at their retirement village.

  • Stacks is abducted by a demented rock musician named Dante and it's up to B.J. to find her before it's to late.

  • Captain Grant is coercing independent truckers to pay for a so-called protection. B.J. steps in and the sly cop sends B.J. and his girlfriends to jail.B.J. proposes a football game to regain his and the girls freedom

  • When one of B.J.'s girlfriends begins to gamble with his money,the trucker sets out to investigate and uncover's a blackmail scheme related to some pictures.

  • B.J. and Cooley race their trucks from Oakland to L.A., with the prize being a lucrative shipping contract. With so much depending on a McKay victory, will B.J. and the seven lady truckers find the time to right a wrong along the way?

  • B.J. faces a bunch of bickering competitors bent on preventing the success of his new trucking company. Watch he won a contract for when he won a race back to Pacific Distributors

  • B.J. and his convoy of lady truckers trek to San Francisco. Captain Grant declares war on B.J. and Bear Enterprises, establishing the conflict that will span this third and final season.

  • B.J. helps a friend get a contract for his business and finds out there is some competition

  • B.J. arrives in Florida and reunites with an old pal, a renown smuggler. Due to strange circumstances, B.J. ends up embroiled in the guy's shady deals.

  • B.J. is arrested by a lady cop, while the sheriff and his deputies devote to themselves to ransack the truck.

  • BJ's sister is kidnapped by the rebel truckers

  • A biker looking to get back his impounded bike and an old girlfriend brings his gang to Bishop County.

  • B.J. falls for a lady suspect of practicing witchcraft in a superstitious town. Where the townspeople have a plan to git rid of her.

  • B.J.'s pet chimp, the Bear gets sick, so he takes him to a vet, to his amazement,B.J. is told a few days later that the chimp is dead. but later finds that the Chimp is alive and the vet is selling animals to a lab

  • A mental patient escapes from an institution and beseeches help from B.J.to clear her name in a murder rap investigation. She stands accused of killing her husband

  • Machine-gun-wielding mercenaries storm the Country Comfort truck stop and hold its occupants hostage, including the Panhandle Pussycats, cheerleaders for a popular football team. Will B.J. come through in time?

  • B.J. brokers a reconciliation between Lil and her estranged father while also assisting Lil in fending off a crooked mining executive and his goons who are determined to lay claim to her gold mine.

  • On christmas,Judge Spencer is in an accident, B.J. saves him and takes him to his house, but this good action will embroil him in a mess.

  • B.J. goes from riding a rig to riding horseback when he helps a young Indian brave protect the region's wild horses from a corrupt rancher.

  • B.J. is rescued by a lovely women in a raging storm,but her jealous husband missinterprets the good deed.

  • After sabotage cuts off his fuel supply, B.J. converts his rig to run on moonshine.

  • B.J.comes to the assistance of a young women and her grandpa who need to transport an elephant

  • B.J. helps two detectives stop a criminal preying on wealthy widows in New Orleans.

  • When B.J. rescues a young lady from an assailant it hits Captain Cain where he lives.

  • A female trucker in debt to a loan shark pledges him winnings from a truck race she now must win.

  • A team has made a super computer police car that can tell everything wrong with vehicles, generating huge $$ for police dept's, FBI, etc. They target and harass BJ McKay and others to put them out of business. BJ and his friends decide to fight back against this car that seems to know their every step.

  • The Hi-Ballers under new leader Riker are relentless in their pursuit of B.J. and the Piston Packin' Mamas, especially after word gets out that B.J., Snow White, and the lady truckers are hauling truckloads of money for the Treasury Dept.

  • The boss of a trucking syndicate pursues B.J. to get rid of his competition. B.J.looks for assistance of some lady truckers.

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