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Based in the distant future, Bodacious Space Pirates is a Japanese anime that follows a young high school girl named Marika Kato. She is just a typical teenager on the planet, Uminoakeboshi. She splits her time between school, the space-yacht club, and her part-time job at the retro cafe. That is until her estranged father, Gonzaemon, passes away, Markia finds out that he was a Captain of a space pirate ship. As it turns out, only a direct descendent of Gozemon can take over his ship, Bentenmaru. So Marika Kato begins her journey as a bodacious space pirate while still trying to maintain her life as a typical high school student.

Mikako Komatsu voiced the main character, Marika Kato. The cast also includes Kana Hanazawa as Chiaki Kurihara and Ai Kayano as Ai Hoshimiya. The series was directed by Tatsuo Sato.

This anime is based off of a Japanese light novel series known as Miniskirt Space Pirates. Yuichi Sasamoto began writing the series in 2008. It was published by Asashi Shimbun Shuppan. In 2012 Stagelight decided to turn the series into a television show. Bodacious Space Pirates was on air in Japan on Tokyo MX, MBS, and TVK from January through June of 2012. There are twenty-six episodes in total. Each one is a half hour long. On June 2, 2012 a web manga adaptation of the show was released. Plans are currently in the works to release a film adaption of the series. It is expected to be released in the winter of 2014.

Bodacious Space Pirates is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (29 episodes). The series first aired on January 7, 2012.

Where do I stream Bodacious Space Pirates online? Bodacious Space Pirates is available for streaming on Anime Network, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Bodacious Space Pirates on demand at Amazon, iTunes online.

Anime Network
2 Seasons, 29 Episodes
January 7, 2012
Action & Adventure, Animation & Cartoon, Science Fiction
Cast: Mikako Komatsu, Shizuka Itô, Masaya Matsukaze, Kris Carr
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Bodacious Space Pirates Full Episode Guide

  • The Final showdown is here: Marika vs. Quartz in an all out grudge match to claim ALL the booty. An unexpected third challenger appears, adding fuel to the fire.

  • With the battle against the Grand Cross warship and Marika's secret plans for the pirate council, it's as exciting as it is dangerous to be a pirate!

  • The real Bentenmaru crew will be tasting fresh air soon with their impending release. Marika has taken it upon herself to tidy up the ship before then, but the job proves to be more than she can handle.

  • Its Marika versus Quartz, Marika has rallied all the pirates to confront Quartz in a winner take all battle. But no one expect for three Grand Cross battleships to appear.

  • Mysterious continue to unfold during the pirate council; where is the real Luca, what is Kayne's secret, and is Ironbeard a friend or foe?

  • A fight against the warship Grand Cross, a traitor within the ranks of the Bentenmaru, and Marika's secret plans for the pirate council; It has never been a more exciting time to be a pirate, or more dangerous.

  • Grand Cross, the pirate hunting ship that's been causing havoc and the Parabellum, a ship registered to the Galactic Empire. What is the connection between these two ships and can anyone stop them?

  • Pirate crews and ships are being destroyed by an unknown assailant. The Bentenmaru has 20 days until their pirate license expires making this a dangerous time to be pirate. But Captain Marika has a plan up her sleeve.

  • As the girls register for the Nebula Cup, the other contestants and officials seem on edge. What happened five years ago and who is that person hunting for Marika?

  • The yacht club plans to enter the 19th Nebula Club, a competition the school was ban from for 5 years. Kayne, now the P.E. teacher, sets up a race to determine which girl is qualified to race one of the dinghies.

  • The real crew of the Bentenamru is going to be released soon. Marika has taken it upon herself to clean the ship, a job bigger than she expected. When the crew attempts to get access to the bridge, they find the master lock on and Marika has lost the key!

  • The yacht club members are settling into their roles aboard the pirate ship. But once Marika announces It's time for some piracy! the girls are placed upon a new stage with surprising results.

  • Marika has found her crew, but training them to work the Bentenmaru might prove impossible. Hidden cameras allow Marika�'s quarantine crew watch the events unfold. Can they help this rookie crew before they damage the Bentenmaru?

  • The crew of the Bentenmaru is under quarantine after transferring infected cat-monkeys. It's only for 2 weeks, but after treatment and follow up, it could be over a month. Marika will lose her license if she doesn't do piracy for a month. Where is she going to find a crew in time.

  • Marika thought her time with the royalty of Serenity was over, until Gurier and her sister showed up at Hakuoh Girls Academy. It's back to grind of balancing her life as a Pirate, Student, Daughter, and now mentor to the Serenity Sisters.

  • The crew of the Bentenmaru and the soldiers of the Serenity Fleet are racing toward the treasure on the ghost ship. But the closer they get to their goal; it becomes obvious the treasure is bigger than imagined.

  • As Chiaki fills in for Marika, the crew of the Bentenmaru is continuing their search for Golden Ghost Ship in a dangerous area. But in the rough weather, they meet Serenity warships; will the Princess be able to prevent a battle?

  • The Bentenmaru watches as the ship carrying the information they need is attacked by its own fleet. The princess makes the Fleet stand down, and they get the information they need. The "Golden Ghost Ship" they seek is plotting a dangerous course through nebulas and black holes, and they've got no choice but to go straight after it.

  • A Stowaway has been discovered aboard the Bentenmaru, and is in search of Kato to for a favor. As simple as a small favor sounds, Marika and her crew are stumped. This favor can't be solved with piracy.

  • With new roles, come new responsibilities. Marika is finding it hard to juggle pirating and schoolwork, and her grades begin to suffer. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and a rush job is just what they need to solve their cash flow problems.

  • After much deliberation, Marika has finally decided to take up the mantle of Pirate Captain. Little does she know that being a pirate involves pirating, and she has 50 days to engage and plunder, or she's out!

  • The E-Battle has begun! The Odette II and Mystery Ship #1 throw down, but Marika has a plan to give her side the winning edge. but will her gambit work, or will the Mystery Ship prove to be more than they can handle?

  • The voyage through the Tau Ceti system proves more difficult than the crew expected when their communications are suddenly jammed by an unknown source. As the ship nears the sun, they discover the source: A derelict ghost ship that sunk 120 years ago.

  • After a few mishaps, the Odette-II is primed and ready for space travel around the solar system. Whoever tried to sabotage the journey is still out there, however, and the ancient ship still has some bugs to work out...

  • Marika becomes worried about her decision to take the helm of Benten Maru as Captain. As she wonders whether the pirate life is what she wants, her mother takes her on a trip to help her decide her future.

  • Marika Katou is a normal highschool girl, living somewhere in space. At school, she enjoys being in the yacht club, and after school she works as a waitress at the Cafe "Lamp". One day, she is suddenly asked to become captain of the space pirate ship Bentenmaru.

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