Breaking the Magician's Code: Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed

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This season, the magician's sacred code of silence will be broken forever in all-new hour-long episodes. Nowhere else has a magician dared to expose the secrets behind the world's most mystifying illusions. The Masked Magician returns to television to defy his fellow conjurers and disclose the tricks that have captivated audiences for centuries. Over 120 of magic

1 Season, 13 Episodes
November 24, 1997
Cast: Mitch Pileggi, Mark Thompson, Sybil Azur, Michelle Berube-Schneider
Breaking the Magician's Code: Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed

Breaking the Magician's Code: Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed Full Episode Guide

  • 1. Making A Girl Vanish In A Giant Game Of Three Card Monte2. Creating A Woman From A Cloud Of Smoke3. Hand Being Cut Off In Guillotine4. Dividing A Woman In Three And Head Over Heels5. Walking On Water (Surrounded By Spectators)

  • 1. Producing Girls From Within 3 Sided Screen2. Making Live Birds Appear And Vanish From Boxes3. Crushing A Woman And Putting Tube Through Her Body4. 16 Ton Trolley Car Levitates And Disappears

  • includes 1. Woman Vanishes From Steel Plate In Mid Air 2. Crushing A Woman With A Steel Plunger 3. Transformation Of Skeleton To Dummy To Woman 4. Floating Through A Solid Steel Frame (No Wires) 5. Penetrating A Plate Glass Window

  • includes 1. Making a 1200cc Motorbike Disappear in Mid Air 2. Spinning a Girl Upside Down 3. Spirit Room with Disappearing Medium 4. Levitating a Foot off the Floor 5. Lighting a Bulb Without Power 6. Making a 5 Ton Military Vehicle Appear From Nowhere (In an Empty Parking Lot)

  • 1. Magic Barrel (Through the Eye of a Needle) 2. Houdini's Fish Bowl 3. Playing Card Through Street Window 4. Asrah levitation 5. Making Girls Appear In Mid Air 6. Holding Breath Under Water For 18 Minutes

  • 1. Houdini's Magic Trunk2. Making a Girl's Middle Disappear3. Evil Spirit Pyramid - Conjuring Spirits4. Catching a Selected Card in the Air with a Sword5. Escaping the Blades of Death

  • 1. Levitating a Girl on a Table2. Making Girls Appear in a Crystal Cylinder3. "Twilight Zone" Door4. Disembodied Princess (Removing the Magician's Torso)5. Impaling a Girl on a Spike

  • 1. Making a Woman Disappear From a Cabinet and Reappear Somewhere Else2. Passing Through a Steel Plate3. The Twister4. Impaling a Woman With a Sword5. Surviving Being Cut Up in a Wood Chipper

  • 1. Making a Bomb Squad Car Disappear2. Assistant's Revenge3. Sawing a Girl in Half in a Torture Device4. Sticking a Rose Through a Girl5. Passing Through a Turbofan

  • 1. Head Being Cut off by a Guillotine2. Making a Girl Disappear from a Cabinet3. Houdini Milk Can Escape4. Making Dancers Disappear from a Stage5. Chain Through Neck6. Levitating from Building to Building

  • 1. Making a Girl Vanish from a Table2. Levitating a Girl on a Floating Table3. Dismemberment4. Making a Girl Appear from a Set of Clothing5. Making an Elephant Appear in an Empty Parking Lot

  • The exposure of David Copperfield's "Walking Through The Great Wall." Includes: 1. Death Saw 2. De Kolta Chair 3. Turning a Bentley into a Lamborghini 4. Making a String Quartet Disappear 5. Passing Through a Steel Wall