Candy Queen

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Candy Queen is a reality television series. It is a series about a real life candy business. This show follows Jackie Sorkin. She is a mother who runs a business in Los Angeles. Her business deals in candy and events. The camera zooms in on her daily life as she tries to balance home life with work responsibilities.

Working mothers are common in today's economy. This reality show focuses on one mother who owns her own business in the city of Los Angeles. It focuses on real life events where she must strike a balance between her family and her professional life.

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on TLC
1 Season, 6 Episodes
December 5, 2011
Reality, Kids & Family, Food, How To
Cast: Jackie Sorkin As Herself
Candy Queen

Candy Queen Full Episode Guide

  • Jackie fields requests for a zombie head for clients who love Halloween and a football-theme baby shower.

  • Two cakes, a fireman-theme groom's cake and a Hawaiian surfer's wave for a Bar Mitzvah, bring there own set of challenges.

  • A Mother Goose-theme party for two toddlers and a sweet-16 birthday bash keeps Jackie's crew more than busy.

  • The team builds a replica of a 1964 Cadillac for newlyweds, and plans a family's celebration.

  • Two candy sculptures booked on the same day test Jackie's nerves and stamina.

  • Candy Queen Jackie Sorkin and her beautiful candy crew in Hollywood, CA create larger than life edible candy creations. It's a big week for Jackie as she aims to create a giant candy country fair for celebrity Hank Azaria and his children's charity.