Cooking Master Boy

Cooking Master Boy is an anime, or Japanese animation, series that was based off of a popular manga, or Japanese comic, called Chuka Ichiban. The show takes place in China during the Qing Dynasty. It follows the story of the main character, a thirteen year old boy named Mao. Mao's mother is a respected chef who owns a restaurant. Mao has grown up in the kitchen of his mother's restaurant and, even though he does not often cook, he has also become an excellent chef.

When Mao's mother dies, Mao decides that he wants to take over as chef of her restaurant. However, in this time, cooking is considered to be a revered art, and only master chefs are allowed to prepare food. Mao realizes that he must learn even more about cooking before he takes over his mother's place. He quickly decides that he wants to become the number one chef in all of China. In order to accomplish this, Mao begins to travel in order to learn more about food and how to prepare it.

Being a chef is a competitive art in Qing Dynasty-era China. As Mao travels, he learns many new skills and makes new friends. However, he is also constantly challenged by rival chefs. These rivals include the dangerous and secretive Underground Cooking Society. This group aims to control China through the art of cooking.

Mao must learn as much as he can and defeat his rivals if he wants to earn the title of top chef. In each episode, Mao faces his challenges. As the series progresses, viewers also learn more about Mao and his past. The stories of Mao's new friends are also slowly unraveled and revealed. Mao also learns more about the legendary cooking utensils, which are utensils made from a meteorite. These utensils are thought to have magical properties and can aid a chef in unbelievable ways. As he journeys, Mao and his friends attempt to stop the misuse of these utensils and end evil plots.

Fuji TV
2 Seasons, 53 Episodes
April 27, 1997
Cast: Mayumi Tanaka
Cooking Master Boy

Cooking Master Boy Full Episode Guide

  • While Fei and his team are working away cooking, Mao is still thinking of what to cook, with his friends anxiously waiting. Finally, after observing the king for a little, he comes up with a 'theme' and they start cooking. After a lot of rushing and hurrying, they finally finish their 100 dishes just in time. Fei presents his neo Man Han Banquet, and the king takes one spoon out of each of the 100 dishes and says that he's full (implying that Mao's dishes are rejected). However, after some begging from Mao, the king decides that he will try one dish. After that, he became crazy, and started eating more and more until he finished all 100 dishes! So he askes Mao the secret behind his dishes, and Mao said that he had observed that the king had small wrists and oily skin and the theme of his food was to be healthy and fresh. Then the king declares that Mao has won, and Mao says that he doesn't want to take the job, instead travel to find the remaining cooking utensils. He then askes Fei to come along, and Fei tells them why he joined the UCS. So they set off to look for the remaining 5 cooking utensils.

  • Now they have gotten the Coiled Dragon Pot, Mao used the pot to cooked Pai's famous Kikka sauce using the recipe in the package given to him by Shou An in his dying moments (which was actually the second portion of Pai's cookbook). Normally, the sauce takes months to mature but the powers of the Coiled Dragon Pot shorted the process to seconds.Bidding their farewell to Sanche, they leave Shanghai to continue their journey. They stumbled upon a group of traveling acrobats. After a night of good food and wine, they fell asleep. When they awoke, the acrobats were gone and they found themselves cornered by the local minister's men. Shell was arrested for robbery and sentenced to death on the same evening.When Leon went to look for the real culprits, Mao devised a cunning plan to delay the execution. As the minister was going the execution, Mao cooked noodles and fanned the aroma to attract the minister (Mao found out earlier from the kitchen that the minister loved noodles). Using 100 different spices to concoct flavoured noodles and soup and using them in different combinations and small portions, it made sure that the kept the minister's appetite in high gear. Mao calls the dish: The Chamelen Bowl Tower.When the minister finally realized something wrong, he arrests Mao. As he was executing Shell, he was interrupted. It was Shell! The person who was about to be executed was the real culprit (mistaken for Shell as he disquised himself during the robbery to frame shell). Leon had succeeded in capturing the culprits after all. It turns out that the minister was in the mastermind and executed innocent people to cover his tracks. The minister was arrested and Shell was freed.

  • Now that the judges have savoured every bit of Mao's tofu, Shou An's dish is Three Harmony Tofu. Secret Ingredients: Tofu, meat-flavoured tofu strips and tofu noodles cooked together with a special sauce. The judges also finished every bit of Shou An's dish. It appears that it is now tilting to Shou An's advantage. As the judges emerged from a closed session, they announced the winner: Mao.What tilted the judges toward Mao's Magic Panda Tofu was universality and originality. While the judges were split over the taste and the cooking techniques of both dishes, one of them recalls eating Shou An's dish at Kikkaro, Pai's restaurant some years back. Hence, Shou An stumbled upon Pai's secret dish without realizing it! No marks for originality there!Convinced now that he has truly lost, Shou An resorts to blowing up the ship, with everyone on it!!

  • Sabotaged by the Underworld, Mao had to wait for the tofu to harden. Shou An was cooking away as Mao sits besides his box, much to the disappointment of his friends. As Shou An presents his dish for the judges, Mao finally moves but takes the whole box with him, without cooking the tofu.When he emptied the contents on the table, it was layered tofu (black and white layers). Everyone was thinking how Mao could expect to win with uncooked tofu when the magic began. The tofu crumbles into small cubes that floated in the air, before settling down in a delicious sauce, just like magic. It is actually Mabo tofu. After enjoying the spectacle, the judges tasted it. The judges loved it! Secret ingredients: Black tofu (sweetened due to fermentation). The black tofu enhanced the hot taste of the sauce (even when the sauce was never heated up) and went well with the white tofu. But will it be enough to beat Shou An?

  • Mao's group has arrived at the Lou Lin Vessel, a large cooking arena inside a huge boat. The underworld announces that the competition will be a Banquet Cooking Battle with four categories. The team that won in most rounds will win. The price will be the map that shows the location of the legendary cooking tools.The first category is soup. It is Sanche's turn and he is going to compete with Rouko - the underworld cook with a mechanical hand. Before the competition was started, Sanche was surprised when he finds out that the judges are the leaders of the different guilds in Shanghai. Rouko uses a whole chicken for his soup. He has a minor advantage because the broth that he will use was prepared even before Mao's team arrived. When the judges tasted his soup they were very delighted and said that the soup is delicious. It is Sanche's turn to present his soup. Everyone was surprised to see that Sanche is holding a glowing melon bowl.

  • The Yosan Shuka group composed of Mao, Leon, Shell, Shilou, and Mei Li are off to their first destination in search of the legendary cooking tools - Shanghai. There they are reunited with Sanche, an old friend who is now the head of their family restaurant. However, the happiness ends soon when the team finds out that the Underworld has already reached Shanghai. They declare war on Mao and his team-mates and takes Sanche's father and the other elders of the Shanghai Cooking Union as hostages. The Underworld asked for four chefs who will compete with them. The price for the challenge is the map indicating the location of the legendary cooking tools.The team then agreed to compete. They were blindfolded as they were transported to the "Lou Lin Vessel" - a large cooking arena built by the underworld.

  • The gong sounded and both chefs are finished. The chiefs of Guangzhou cooking are the judges of the match. Leon starts the tasting with his dishes: 1st dish, sashimi. 2nd dish, stewed fish head with vegetables. 3rd dish, thin slices of fish porgy that is dipped inside boiling porgy soup stock. 4th dish, special fish head dish. The judges are all very happy with Leon's cooking and Mao is amazed.It's Mao's turn. The ladies bring out a big dish and when they opened it, it's the porgy. They asked if this is the first dish, but Mao answered that this is all his dishes. Mao then asked Shilou's help and Mei Li pushed him, Mao asked Shilou to cut the string that holds the porgy at the same time. After the string was cut, the porgy moved and the flesh is spreading out like a fan, and when the food settled, the porgy is shaped like China! Mao's dish is the Porgy Continental Seal.The judges started tasting the dish, each one tasting different sides of the porgy (north, south, east, west) and it contains the four tastes of the four major regions of china: Beijing, Szechuan, Shanghai and Guangdong.The elders finally announced that they came to a decision. It's a tie!But just as the elders are about to finish the battle, Leon challenged Mao into an extension round and Mao accepted the challenge! Chouyu commented that Mao is at an disadvantage. Chouyu mentions that Leon hasn't used any underground tricks left, and he still has a trump card.Leon finally revealed his trump card. The North Star Heavenly North BladeThere is only one porgy left, and Leon asked Mao to choose the parts. Mao insisted that they have equal parts. Mao cut the porgy in half, with incredible skill. Mao claimed that he did this because he has respect for a great chef, which is Leon. Leon mentioned that he hadn't hoped of using the secret knife. Leon crushed the end to the floor and pulled out a shining knife. Leon said that the winner will be the one who gives the greater taste, and he will be the one. Mao thinks otherwise.

  • Mao doesnt believe that Shell has chosen the same ingredients as him and stolen his idea! Mao sits on the floor, cursing himself and thinking about something else. There is less than one hour for the battle to last.Shel however thinks that Mao has given up and he is the winner. Siro, being clumsy and concerned about Mao's situation, knocks over a basket of eggs. Meirii scolds Siro for being careless and Mao suddenly has an idea. He kneads the dough like he did earlier on (see The Challenger! Mao was chosen to Fight!). He goes outside and uses centriferal force to spin the dough and calls Meirii and Siro to bring him the biggest steamer in the restaurant. Then, Siro orders everyone to go in while he, Meirii and Mao stay outside to complete the siu mai.Then, Choyu checks his hand watch and sees that time is up. He calls Mao out to present his siu mai. Mao then calls Meirii and Siro to bring the steamer in. Ruoh muses at seeing Mao taking the huge steamer ut of storage. Mao gives the O.K signal to Siro and Meirii and they lift up the cover. When the steam is cleared, they see a huge siu mai in it.Shel however knows that big siu mai wouldnt be cooked properly in the insides. Mao invites Ruoh to taste his siu mai. Ruoh takes out some siu mai shaped like a small siu mai and eats it. A wave of cooking taste engulfs him as he eats it. He goes to the other parts of the siu mai ad tastes them. A burst of universe engulfs him, making him think like a whole of something is in there. Therefore, Mao announces that his siu mai is Big Bang Siu Mai!Shel is bewildred to see such amazing act and sputters that how all of the meat is cooked through. Ruoh calls for his cattle bane sword and someone gets it for him. Ruoh then jumps and cuts the siu mai into quarters. Shel is shocked to see the insides all marblelized. Mao explains the process of cooking and everyone oohed and aahed at the method. Shel admits defeat after Choyu announces that Mao has won hands down. Choyu looks at the Big Bang Siu Mai and Shel's 50 orders of siu mai and orders Meirii to open the door to let everyone in to eat. Choyu however tells Siro that as punishment for cooking as an errand boy, Siro has to massage Ruoh's back. Shel leaves the restaurant, predicting that they would meet again soon.

  • Mao was chosen to hold the restaurant key. Then, when he had to leave the restaurant for some pick-me-ups, he left the restaurant to Meirii and Siro's care. Now, when Meirii was about to close the restaurant, Shel (even though his name isnt mentioned yet), demanded to be let in and ordered for some stir-fry veggies. Siro, thinking that he would be some help, decided to fry the stir-fry instead. Shel was outraged to taste such a disgusting dish and demanded for the cook. Mao immediately took responsibility and thus, Shel saw the cloth wrapped over Mao's 'Super' badge. Shel then showed Mao the stars he earned when defeating other good chefs and Mao is surprised (naturally).Shel challenges Mao for a siu mai battle but Mao refuses as he has to take care of Yosen Shuuka. Shel, outraged, uses his stick to destroy the place. Ruoh and Choyu came back when Mao finally accepted the challenge and Meirii is doubtful about this. By that time, Shel had discovered that Mao is a 'Tokyu Jiushin' or Super chef.

  • Mao's party stay at 'Chicken Town' a village in south west china. This village is the largest provider of chickens in China. After Mao spends all their money on cooking books, the owner of the Black Wing restraunt, Tia, gives them food and shelter. In return and after hearing Tia's tragic story of how her brother's breeding of black chickens led to his death, Mao competes in the annual chicken cooking contest held in Chicken Town, using black chickens.

  • Mao, Meili and Shilou are eating in a restaurant, but when they were about to pay, they found out that Shilou lost all their money. They were thrown out by the head chef, Harry and his thugs, but a certain Igle, a third-grade chef stopped them. A fight ensued and it was stopped because the owner of the restaurant arrived with his daughter, Laia. Mao then asked the owner to let them work the debt off by working for the restaurant. It was also found out that Laia is engaged to Harry, and they were to be married the next day. Igle meanwhile carves a phoenix out of ice as a gift to Laia, then left the restaurant. While walking he found Harry (with two girls at his side!) planning to make the restaurant into a bar after he's married to Laia. Igle was mad but Harry's friends outnumbered him.Mao found Igle lying on the dirt, and decided to help him and thwart Harry. During the wedding, Mao used subtlety by making a galaxy soup, a completely black soup that kinda sparkles, (like the stars in the black sky) and tells everybody of Harry's plans. Mao then showed Laia the pearl bangle that Igle promised her. Then they showed the ice carving Igle made. Laia ran off to find Igle on the bridge where they professed their love.

  • Mao is split up from Meirii and Siro in a forest at night. When they regroup they find a large house where they are served a very nice meal by the chef there. The sickly owners however only want to have red congee. Mao and gang try to find the secrets of this addictive congee and find it is made from a poisonous red mushroom. Also they find out the chef wanted to use this addictive red congee to force the owner's to sign a contract to give all their money and their daughter to him. And so Mao creates a herbal 'five colour' congee which he gives to the owners. This cures their addictiveness for red congee and the chef is forced to leave.

  • Mao and his friends go to Wu Nam province to seek new Chinese cuisines. They enter a village where they are welcomed by a beautiful female chef, Ang. Ang finds out Mao is a special grade cook and seduces him to work out how to use a large ball and chain cooking instrument Ang's father had left to her. Mao almost instantly goes to work (to the jealousy of Meirii) at it with Siro. When they finally work out its uses, they tell Ang and she locks them up in a room. Ang then uses the ball and chain to create a dish* for the Official who has come.*The dish Ang makes is one of Wu Nam's specialties. It is called a 'bird's nest' and is made by frying taro powder in a shape of a bird's nest. Inside the nest is usually some stir fry vegetables and meat. The one Ang attempts to make is a sphere rather than a hemisphere like normal bird's nest.

  • The Guangzhou Dumpling Festival has arrived! The winner is the team who has the most eaten plates of dumplings. An old man wants to try the wonderful Dumpling Brother's dumpling but is told to go away becasue he looked like a beggar. Mao gives the old man dumplings and finds out the man used to be the Emperor's master chef. After this news, everyone flocks to Mao's store to eat his dumplings.When time was up, the plates were counted! Mao and the Dumpling Brothers were equal first with 1242 plates. The judge, under the old man's advice, announces a rechallenge the next day - But different dumplings must be made!

  • The annual Guangzhou dumpling festival is nearing, and this year Yang's Spring Restraunt is hoping to win again. However a new challenger has arrived - the Chinese Dumpling Brothers! Choyu breaks his arm after one of the Dumpling Brothers knocks into him and it is up to Mao to win in the festival!

  • Sanche, also a young chef in Yang's Spring Restraunt, becomes jealous of Mao's talent and tries to spoil Mao's cooking. However when Sanche is asked by Choyu to chop some vegetables, he is unable to chop them finely (due to a tragic childhood where he was taught to cook by his strict father) and so all the customers become unhappy about the restraunt's cooking. Choyu kicks Sanche out of the restraunt for his poor cooking ability. Sanche runs away and tries to get on a boat to return to Shanghai. Mao stops him and offers to help him in showing his skills to Choyu so he can be cook for the restraunt.

  • Mao arrives at Guangzhou and goes to the Yang Spring Restraunt. At first he is ignored by the master chef of the restraunt, Choyu. Mao shows him the letter of recommendation from General Lee to which Choyu becomes a bit suprised but just chucks the letter away and tells Mao to cook bakchoy (white chinese cabbage) for the chefs to eat for lunch.Mao cooks the bakchoy but the dish is turned down by all the other chefs. Later Choyu tells him that Guangzhou's water contains a lot of dirt so when Mao cooked the bakchoy all the dirt flavour went into it. Mao, being the talented cook he is immediately goes to work finding a way to get rid of the dirt taste.After just one day, Mao works out how to get rid of the dirt taste and begs Choyu to allow him to prove his skills. Mao cooks the bakchoy again, this time using an oil which prevents the cabbage from absorbing the dirt taste. Mao is congratualted by all the chefs for his smart thinking and is accepted Choyu promotes him to'fourth grade chef' for his achievement. Of course, this makes the other resident cooking master boy, Sanche, a little jealous.

  • In the on-on-one cooking match Mao easily defeats Shouan. Shouan, shamed that he was beaten by a little boy, runs away from the restraunt. General Lee congratualtes Mao on his smart thinking in his cooking of 'Ma Por' tofu. Instead of using beef, Mao substituted it with beans. This gave the lovely taste General Lee remembered when he was just a soldier at war and there was no beef becasue all the cows had died.General Lee, seeing Mao's talent orders him to go to Guangzhou and build up his skills so he could enter the Special Grade Cooking test.

  • Qing Dynasty, Imperial China, a small restraunt in Szechuan Province is messed up by a first grade cook, Shouan.To defend his deceased mother's restraunt, Liu Mao Tsing ('Mao') has a cooking match with Shouan, the judge being General Lee. The dish: fried rice.Shouan cooks a seafood fried rice using the most yummy seafood while Mao cooks 'golden friend rice' which is basically fried rice and egg yolk to make the rice a gold colour. Lee finds Mao's dish far superior to that of Shouan's. Shouan, upset he had lost to a kid declares a rematch. Lee agrees but only on the basis that if he loses, he'll lose his first grade level and never be allowed to cook again. Similarly if Mao loses he will lose the restraunt to Shouan. The two agree and Lee declares the dish to cook be 'Five Flavour Ma Por' tofu with an extra flavour they must decide to put in.

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