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A British television series, Criminal Justice is about a young man who faces trials and problems after waking up one morning to a dead girl that he had spent the night with. The first series of this television show follows Ben Coulter who spends a night with a strange girl he just met. After drugs and partying, they end up at her house where the night takes a turn.

Ben wakes in the morning finding the girl stabbed to death. Traumatized by this discovery and having no memory of having killed her, he leaves the girl's house where he ends up in a car accident. Ben has to somehow has prove he's innocent while also dealing with court room politics and prison antics.

Season two of Criminal Justice follows Juliet Miller. Mother of Ella and wife to accomplished barrister Joe Miller. Juliet stabs Joe after returning home from work one day. Their daughter finds her father and alerts the authorities. This becomes a traumatic experience in Ella's life. Throughout the season, it appears that Juliet is unstable and may have traits of a psychopath. However, Juliet has secrets to reveal about her marriage while Ella tries to repair her life.

Criminal Justice is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (10 episodes). The series first aired on June 30, 2008.

Where do I stream Criminal Justice online? Criminal Justice is available for streaming on BBC One, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Criminal Justice on demand at Hulu, The Roku Channel Free online.

2 Seasons, 10 Episodes
June 30, 2008
Cast: Ben Whishaw, David Westhead, Juliet Aubrey, Pete Postlethwaite, Ruth Negga
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Criminal Justice Full Episode Guide

  • The courts decide the future of Juliet and her children.

  • With the trial a week away Alice tells Jack the defence case is weak. After a visit from Ella to see the new baby, Juliet finally admits to Jack about her husband's control and abuse and says she...

  • Juliet has a baby girl. Jack and colleague Alice tell her the outcome of the trial will determine whether she can keep her. Flo questions Ella with her Inspector husband Chris, whom Flo accuses of...

  • During Ben's first days in jail, he unwittingly makes a deadly enemy. Meanwhile, his legal team has struck a deal with the prosecution.

  • Juliet Miller lives an outwardly comfortable life with her barrister husband Joe and thirteen-year-old daughter Ella.

  • Ben's day of reckoning arrives, and while Stone endeavors to find ways of getting his client released, Frances goes searching for the truth.

  • As the prosecutor shreds Ben's character, Stone and Frances must find some evidence to show that their client couldn't have committed the murder.

  • Ben's new barrister hits on a defense that, if it works, will set Ben free. Slaughter enlists Stone to dig up evidence to support their argument.

  • Remanded in prison Juliet tells Jack that she was on anti-depressants but stopped them unbeknown to her controlling husband. She is pregnant.

  • At the end of an uncharacteristic drug- and drink-fueled night out, 21-year-old Ben finds himself charged with murder.