Deals on the Bus

Deals on the Bus is mixing things up for home buyers as real estate agents are loading them onto buses to check out houses. They travel to different cities touring homes and the tension can get high as buyers come to realize they are not the only ones prepared to make an offer on a certain property. As the tour comes to an end, the buyers may have found the home of their dreams and the deal of a lifetime.

1 Season, 15 Episodes
January 31, 2009
Cast: Ali Sajady
Deals on the Bus

Deals on the Bus Full Episode Guide

  • A single woman who recently moved back to Dallas with her mother needs more space for her and her two large dogs. Plus, a commute for one home buyer is too far and needs a place closer to work.

  • The home buyers will be in competition of offers as they hop aboard the bus for a tour of Stockton, CA. A pair of men share the same taste in the homes while one woman just wants a house she can grow old in.

  • This tour finds a father who is searching for a home that meets with his expanding family, while a Navy Officer is looking for a home for his wife before her is shipped off overseas. The deals found are so great that it has drawn in buyers who want an investment.

  • The bus tours San Diego, CA where a single father is looking to buy his daughter the house she has always wanted. Also, a single woman searches for a condo, and the parents of a career driven daughter search properties for her.

  • The bus heads to San Diego where a world-class organist climbs aboard in search for a home for herself and her husband. Also, a mom and daughter are looking for a place with more space and a nice view.

  • A young couple would like to find a home for an expanding family, while a single mom wants to move away from apartment living for a home of her own. And a first time buyer is looking for the perfect starter house.

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