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Spectacular experiments to sharpen your sense of science! Making natural phenomena visible to reveal the rules governning them. Today you'll witness a grand experiement and discover science! Discover Science is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (22 episodes). The series first aired on July 4, 1905.

Where do I stream Discover Science online? Discover Science is available for streaming on Total Content Digital, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Discover Science on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon online.

Total Content Digital
1 Season, 22 Episodes
July 4, 1905
Kids & Family
Cast: Michael Rhys, Guy Perryman
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Discover Science Full Episode Guide

  • An elephant is weighed using a floating boat. Learn about BUOYANCY, MEASUREMENT.

  • Chase after the shadow of a huge tower. Learn about DIURNAL MOTION.

  • Can a home-made water cutter cut an apple? Learn about WATER PRESSURE.

  • Make a fire with a lens made of ice. Learn about ICE ON FIRE

  • Try to make powerful electro magnetic shoes to climb up an iron wall. Learn about ELECTRO MAGNETS.

  • Draw a picture with static electricity. Charging the paper with a static electricity gun and electrical flow charged toner. Learn about STATIC ELECTRICITY.

  • Move a car using hand-made lemon batteries. Learn about GENERATING ELECTRICITY.

  • Generating electricity by pedaling a bicycle can move a merry go-round. Learn about GENERATING ELECTRICITY.

  • Try to cook french cuisine only with light reflection using 500 pieces of mirrors. Learn about LIGHT REFLECTION.

  • Throw 100 balls onto a 2m parabola dish to see if they can meet at only one focal point. Learn about REFLECTION, PARABOLA.

  • Loud sounds run from the end of a 1.7km line of people. Each person will raise the flag when they hear the sound, and confirm speed of sound. Learn about SOUND SPEED.

  • Break a glass with sympathetic vibration between voice and the glass. Learn about THE NATURE OF THE SOUND.

  • Make a 50m-pendulum to see whether the weight can swing by 100kg/m at maximum. Learn about PENDULUMS.

  • Lift up a truck using only a specially made 20m-length lever. Learn about the THE LEVER.

  • Depositing each page of two books accrues huge frictional force which will hang up a 130kg sumo wrestler. Learn about the FRICTIONAL FORCE.

  • Throw a ball upwards from a car driving at 40km/h. The ball should be back on a car due to the law of speed and motion. Learn about the MOTION AND SPEED.

  • A group of aerial ballerinas perform to check the differences of rotating speed by climbing a rope to change the rotating speed with a special made hoop. Learn about the MOTION OF ROTATION.

  • Make a wedding dress with salt crystallization. Learn about CRYSTALLIZATION

  • Warm up a hand-made 50m vinyl balloon, using only sunlight. A man will sit in front of the balloon, connected to it, and will fly up... Learn about THERMAL EXPANSION OF THE AIR.

  • We hang a 130kg sumo wrestler from a big glass filled with water, showing that a glass upside down with water can resist using air pressure. Learn about AIR PRESSURE.