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Doug is a cartoon that aired on Nickelodeon network from 1991-1994. The cartoon follows Doug Funnie's life. He moves from Bloatsburg to a town called Bluffington, where he attends the 6th grade, defeating many of the average pre-teen obstacles. Doug tries to fit in but keeps having to deal with adolescent situations like crushes, bullies, embarrassing moments, rumors and much more. Everything he experiences is jotted down in his journal, which is used as narration for the show using his voice. He also goes on many different imaginary voyages.

The setting of the show has a futuristic feel, with the cars and buildings animated into the show. The show's creator Jim Jinkins chose to create the city Bluffington because it was based on his hometown of Richmond, VA. Doug's new circle of friends included with Mosquito Valentine (also known as Skeeter), and his crush Patricia (Patti) Mayonnaise. They became the people who were involved in most of his pre-teen life lessons. The school bully Roger Klotz makes it more difficult for Doug to fit in and impress his crush Patti.

Doug is a series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (117 episodes). The series first aired on February 28, 1991.

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7 Seasons, 117 Episodes
February 28, 1991
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Billy West, Constance Shulman, Fred Newman, Doug Preis
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Doug Full Episode Guide

  • It's the end of the school year. Everyone is graduating from the seventh grade, Judy has gotten a used car and is off to college, and Patti's dad is getting married to Ms. Kristal. Doug is supposed to be the ring bearer, but he loses the ring, and retraces his steps, but still can't find it!

  • It's time for the Spring Fling-A-Ding at Beebe Bluff Middle School, and the school needs a band to play. Guy Graham suggests a local popular band that he personally knows. Patti is really impressed, making Doug jealous. Doug, filled with jealousy, he blurts out that he can get The Beets. At first, Doug is worried that he'll have to confess he can't, but he remembers that Judy dated Flounder, and that he'll probably be happy to perform. When Doug goes to ask them, they accept, but get into an argument about fruit, and break up again! Doug is now in need of a band.

  • Rubbersuit turns little kids into his Rubber Army that will help him in his evil plots. He knows that Quailman won't fight little kids, so Quailman is powerless to stop him!

  • There is a big love triangle at Beebe Bluff Middle School. Doug Plays Cupid for Roger, by helping him become more sofisticated so Beebe will go with him to the Hoe Down, but Beebe wants to go with Skeeter. Skeeter, on the other hand, doesn't want to go with Beebe, but Skeeter doesn't want to go with her. Doug, on the other hand, wants to go with Patti, but she's out sick, and he fears that when she gets better, she'll ask someone else before he knows that she's feeling better.

  • The Golden Salmon, Klotzenstein, and Robobone are convinced that they can defeat Quailman if they join forces.

  • Patti says that she likes 'bad boys' so Doug decides to cut school with Skeeter during an assembly to impress her, but ends up having some close escapes.

  • Quailman is finally recognized by Guy Graham, who tells Doug to do a strip of him for the school newspaper. Doug is so excited, but he has 'artist's block', preventing him from thinking of any ideas. Finally, it's the day that the strip is due, and Doug doesn't have any ideas!

  • When Patti learns that her dad is dating Ms. Kristal, she begins to miss her mom even more.

  • Judy forces Doug and his friends to do a play based on Shakespeare, rather than do one that they'd enjoy doing themselves. Doug imagines how Quailman would handle a similar situation in which Doug's friends are superheroes, fighting the evil Judydra.

  • At every school picture, Doug has bad hair, so he spends his entire allowance on hair gel, sleeps sitting up, and everything. But the next day, he still has bad hair! Doug is nervous about going to school, and imagines how Quailman would handle a bad hair day.

  • Mr. Dink is so preoccupied with his inventions, that he can't devote enough time to his responsibillities to the Bluffscouts. Doug imagines how Quailman would handle a person who loves the number five, and after failing at science, uses his non-organic extra three arms to become a criminal.

  • Bluffington is having a show where you perform a song, and its broadcasted live on the radio. Doug and Skeeter can't come up with a song, but Patti has a perfect one! Problem is, she can't sing at all! Doug doesn't want to hurt her feelings, so he lies and tells her she's great. But he also doesn't want her to be humiliated on live radio, so what can he do?

  • Everyone at school is going mad when they learn about the new tests that Mr. Bone is giving, but he won't give them a subject, so everyone has to study everything! Doug imagines how Quailman would handle a similar situation against the Quizzler.

  • Judy applies for Vole University, wanting to get into the drama department. But she's given only three seconds to do her audition, unbeknowest to her. When turning in her application, she accidentally hands in one of Doug's doodles. Judy believes that she's been rejected, but when she's accepted only because of Doug's doodle, who he believes to be her's, she's just happy to get in. But the dean wants her to draw a picture for the class!

  • Doug volunteers to help out at a retirement home, and makes a bad impression on Mrs. Wackhammer, who is really mean and grouchy. Doug imagines how Quailman would handle a similar situation where he must battle a giant monster that is turning everyone in Megalopolis mean and grouchy.

  • S.T.U.A.R.T., the Society To Undermind And Ruthlessly Torment, have been making ordinary objects very annoying, such as car alarms that don't shut off. Quailman decides to try and stop them.

  • Judy begins dating Flounder, who is searching for his own sound since The Beets have broken up, and he believes that Judy's is great. Doug becomes popular at school when word gets out, and gets gifts from everyone, who assume Doug will get them front row tickets to Flounder's concert. When Doug goes to Flounder, asking how many tickets he can get, Flounder tells him three, including himself. Doug doesn't want to let down the people who have given him stuff, but he also doesn't want to let down Skeeter and Patti.

  • Every sport Doug plays against Patti, he loses! Doug finally practices for weeks playing ping pong, thinking that he'll finally beat her, but she still 'creams' him! Furious, Doug imagines how Quailman would handle this, if a new superhero came to town, named Supersport, beating Quailman to every crime and stopping them first, then getting all of the fame.

  • Mr. White is having school uniforms ordered, and everyone hates the idea, saying the take away individuality. Doug has mixed feelings about the whole thing, but Skeeter doesn't mind uniforms. The students decide to protest the school, having hunger strikes, rallies, the whole bit. Patti, being the spokesperson, let's the attention go to her head, and everyone quits the rally, and starts their own.

  • Doug has been getting detention because of Roger, who breaks school rules, then blames them on Doug. Finally, Doug tries to stop Roger from trying to blame Doug for his actions, and Roger ends up with a sprained ankle. Since Doug wished that Roger would get what he deserved, Doug feels responsible, even though he knows he shouldn't. Doug ends up being Roger's servant, and is mistreated. Doug imagines how Quailman would handle a similar situation where Quailman uses his 'Stupi-fying ray' on Klotzenstein, causing him to become hospitalized. Quailman, like Doug, feels responsible.

  • Patti's dad is out of town, and Patti has to stay at Doug's house. Doug is excited, but when she sleeps in Judy's room, Doug is nervous that she may reveal his love for her. So he sneaks into the air vent, and spies on Patti and Judy, but it breaks, and he falls into the room! If that didn't leave a bad enough impression, when Patti goes to take a shower, Doug is nervous that she may see his embarassing products (zit cream, etc...), so he gets them out, then jumps in the shower, so she sees him in there! Doug then tries to make up for it with a sushi dinner, prepared by him, but the calamari (squid) escapes, and crawls on Patti's head! Now, she's decided to leave. Meanwhile, Skeeter attempts to catch the monster of Lucky Duck Lake using the Sleech's technology.

  • Doug is invited to a halloween party, in which a contest for the best costume will be held, and Doug has made the perfect one. He leaves Porkchop to guard it from Dirtbike when he goes downstairs, but when he comes upstairs, its ruined! He tries to borrow one from Judy, but she refuses. So he asks her if she'll give him a ride to the costume store, and she won't. He then tries to ride his bike there, but he has a flat. Doug tries to go to Mr. Dink to get a pump, but Mr. Dink keeps showing him his new gadget. Doug finally decides to run there, but when he gets there, its closed, and the clerk won't let him buy a costume! Angered, that everyone couldn't be more helpful, just like him, Doug has a dream where everyone becomes him!

  • Doug decides to throw a party, but Doug and Patti accidentally get locked in a closet, they each tell each other a secret. When their secrets are leaked, everyone begins accusing everyone!

  • Doug, while riding carelessly on his bike, crashes into a tree. Within a week or so, Doug is fine again, and thinks that he'll be able to ride in the big bicycle race, until he tries to ride his bike, and realizes that...he's terrified to ride it! What will he do'

  • Doug draws a hilarious cartoon for the newspaper, and really impresses Patti, but when an eighth grade girl comes to him, and says that she wants him to go to a beach party with her, he accepts.

  • It's New Year's Eve, and Doug wants a kiss from Patti when the clock strikes twelve, but Guy Graham has the same idea in mind.

  • Doug worries that he's just average, so he becomes a collector of valuble items, and when Roger mistakingly gives Doug a tub stopper worth a ton of money, Doug feels great, but then guilty since Roger didn't know of its worth.

  • The Funnie's Thanksgiving is ruined when the Bluffs "volunteer" to join them for dinner, and remodel their house to make it look better on TV. Bill Bluff thinks that his popularity will increase if he spends Thanksgiving with a normal, average family.

  • Connie becomes obsessed with winning a radio-contest in which the winner becomes a rock star. Soon, she becomes so obsessed that she even drops out of school, just as Flounder, of The Beets, did. But once she meets Flounder, and he can't even spell his own name, she has regrets.

  • Judy wants to get a college recomendation, so she becomes the actor, Gwen Gauntlet's assistant. Soon, she becomes mistreated by Gwen and has to stand up for herself.

  • Guy and Patti go on a date, and Doug becomes jealous, so he daydreams about Quailman battling the Golden Salmon, whom seems to be a hero, but isn't.

  • Patti goes on a crash diet after she thinks she's become fat when watching a commercial selling a diet kit. Meanwhile, Doug and Skeeter try to make a female monster to lure the real monster of Lucky Duck Lake.

  • Skeeter and Bebe become a couple, and while Doug pretends that it doesn't bother him, then disgusts him, he feels lonely and jealous inside.

  • Mr. Bone returns from Bluffington Elementary to Beebe Bluff Middle School to be a hall monitor!