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Hitomi Kanzaki feels she has no place in the world. Then one day she happens upon a fight between two armored machines and is transported from Earth to a planet called Gaea. Once there, she is caught up in a battle between Van, who pilots a suit of armor called Escaflowne, and his brother Folken. Hitomi learns she must play a critical role in the conflict. She will need all her strength and courage to succeed, for if she doesn't, an entire world will fall to evil.

2 Seasons, 27 Episodes
October 3, 2000
Cast: Maaya Sakamoto, Tomokazu Seki, Shin'ichirĂ´ Miki, Ikue Ohtani
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Escaflowne Full Episode Guide

  • Vaan and Hitomi are separated and Hitomi is saved by a blonde knight named Alan who looks a lot like Amano, the boy she had a crush on. Meanwhile the enemy has burned Fanelia to the ground looking for Escaflowne, the one thing emperor Dornkirk needs above anything else.Meanwhile Vaan and Hitomi find themselves in the neighboring kingdom of Astoria and Hitomi has several more visions of destruction.

  • Hitomi and the strange boy, who introduces himself as Vann, are transported to Gaia, a strange world where you can see the Earth and the Moon in the sky above. Vann turns out to be the prince of Fanelia who is returning to his country after fulfilling his sacred quest. A quest that will make him king.

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