Food Network Chef Bobby Flay

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Food Network Chef Bobby Flay is a celebrity chef who has his own show, and also appears on a number of other cooking programs. The program follows Bobby Flay as he cooks some of the best food around. The dishes prepared by Bobby Flay are varied with him preparing everything from American iconic dishes to international foods. The program shows how to select food, how to prepare them before cooking, and how to eventually bring the foods to the table. The series then shows how Bobby Flay runs his various restaurants, and how other persons can prepare foods of the same quality.

Food Network
4 Seasons, 2 Episodes
June 7, 2009
Food Network Chef Bobby Flay

Food Network Chef Bobby Flay Full Episode Guide

  • Here's a one-minute recipe from Bobby Flay for crunchy avocado salad.

  • Bobby's salmon with red wine barbecue sauce is topped with hazelnut butter.