Girlish Number

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The series follows Chitose Karasuma, a university student who aims to become a voice actress (seiyuu). The stage event listing further indicates that it focuses on the profession of idol seiyuu.

Thursday 2:28 AM et/pt on TBS
1 Season, 12 Episodes
October 6, 2016
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Sayaka Senbongi
Girlish Number

Girlish Number Full Episode Guide

  • Chitose's lateness to her show's last recording session becomes an unexpected source of inspiration. Later, the girls prepare to hit the stage again.

  • The dubbing sessions for the second cour of the anime Chitose and the others star in has started. It didn't really do well in sales, but somehow the project is continuing. Considering everything that went wrong, rather than being down in the dumps, the staff and cast seemed mysteriously hopeful... except for Chitose. Chitose had come to believe she had made it as a popular voice actress and she feels untouchable. To make matters worse, a newbie at her agency, Sakuragaoka Nanami, tells her how much she idolizes her, inflating her head even more.

  • In order to apologize to Kazuha's father for Kuzu's rudeness, Kazuha and some of the staff head to her hometown to apologize in person. For some reason, Momoka also decided to tag along. Once the get to Kazuha's family home, which is a traditional inn, they all meet with Kazuha's father. All seems to be going well until Kazuha and her father clash over something trivial, as Kazuha's mother tries to deal with them both. Momoka starts to feel something as she observes their family...

  • Momoka and Chitose send a drunk Kazuha back to her house, but there they meet Kazuha's mother, who had come from Yamagata. Apparently she was rather worried, after seeing the swimsuit footage. The next day at a radio program with all the girls, Kazuha's mother shows up once again. Despite the awkward atmosphere, they start recording. Kazuha has some surprising words to a listener's request, which Kazuha's mother had some opinions about...

  • In order to record some bonus footage for the physical release of Kusure, Chitose and the others arrive in Okinawa. The staff that came along are acting like this is some kind of vacation, and Chitose can't help but feel carefree as well. Meanwhile, Yae is rather nervous about her first swimsuit shoot, Koto can't hide her concerns about how badly the series is selling, Momoka is handling everything calmly as usual, and Kazuha was infuriated by the shoot. Later that night, the five gather in the banquet room and start to drink, and...

  • Chitose is extremely satisfied with how the CD for the opening song they recorded as a group is doing. She gets a big head once again, and even wears a disguise to go check out the display at an anime shop. Meanwhile, Yae and Koto actually don't seem nearly as enthused. Unlike Chitose, who hadn't been watching the completed episodes on TV, the two had been watching it, and couldn't help but feel conflicted. Next, it was decided that the voice actresses would do a fan event, but...

  • A screening event for the first episode of an anime that Chitose is starring in has arrived. Chitose and the other four girls would be appearing and talking, singing, and showing the first episode. Momoka and Kazuha had done a number of these events, so they seem calm. Meanwhile, the remaining three are filled with anticipation and nervousness... or so they thought. While Yae and Koto seem nervous, Chitose seems pretty relaxed in the green room, as she had no problem falling asleep...

  • The after recording sessions for the anime Chitose starts in finally starts. Yae and Koto seem nervous, but Chitose goes about the recording sessions with the wrong idea. However, her confidence is soon torn down. When she tries to do the part the way she thinks is okay, she can't get an OK, and she can't seem to get the requests from the staff right. Chitose realizes that she doesn't know what she's supposed to do, or what's wanted from her, and goes to the popular voice actress, Momoka, for help.

  • Chitose gets a big head when she finds out she got a huge role, even before she starts the job. However, the project is in some hot water because of some mix ups involving the production and the author, but she has no idea and is on cloud nine and heads to a meeting and sees two other girls there, her colleague, Yae, and her senpai, Katakura Koto. They suddenly find out that they're supposed to form a unit and have a CD debut...

  • Chitose attends an event to promote a show she's in, despite the fact that she only has a (very) minor voice acting role in it. Her attitude rubs a few people the wrong way.

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