Heli-Loggers is a reality TV show about loggers in Canada's British Columbia. The logging crew chops down enormous trees in a rain forest using special helicopters to transport them. Gord Closson runs the biggest log project. The risk-taking job collects million dollars worth of cedar trees. The men on the show take part of dangerous work in order for the world to have natural resources. Gord tries to balance family life while working and meeting his daily goals. He and his team must battle against Canada's rugged weather, climbers being hurt, and training the new crewmembers.

Thursday 10:00 PM et/pt on TLC on TLC
1 Season, 10 Episodes
February 5, 2009
Cast: Wayne Cleaver, Gord Closson, Chris Cowan, Drew Forni

Heli-Loggers Full Episode Guide

  • Season 1 finale finds one climber being injured, and Gord must ask for help in order to complete his deadline.

  • As a new job begins, Gord finds himself having problems in balancing both his work and family life.

  • The economic downturn hits the logging industry hard and Gord tries to find enough work to keep his business going.

  • Expensive delays are caused by bad weather and mechanical failures in the multimillion dollar Brittain River project.

  • In order to complete the Clowhom job on time the crew must work feverishly, yet without disrupting the eco-system.

  • A rookie climber is hired by Gord to help with a steep, rough terrain on an eco-sensitive logging job.

  • The testosterone-fueled crew fly with their first female pilot, as they harvest a block of trees.

  • A fellow worker is nearly killed by a falling branch "Widowmaker," as they are set to climb a grove of Cedar trees. So extra precautions are made to make sure that they stay safe and on schedule.

  • Gord and his crew of tree climbers use a $15,000 per hour Chinook helicopter to work on one of the biggest job in Canadian history looking for a prized grove of prized cedar trees.

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