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The American comedy I Dream of Jeannie follows astronaut Captain Anthony (Tony) Nelson after he frees a two-thousand-year-old genie trapped in a bottle he discovers on the beach. Tony stumbles on this supposedly empty bottle while waiting to be picked up on a deserted island in the South Pacific after his space capsule has landed there. He is shocked upon opening the bottle to discover that not only is there a genie - incidentally named Jeannie - who lives in the bottle, but that he is now her master. After being trapped for so many years, Jeannie is instantly smitten with Tony and does not want to be left alone again. She rolls her bottle into his bag and stows away with him when he is rescued by NASA.

Tony's good friend and fellow astronaut Roger Healey finds out that Tony has become a master to a genie and spends much of his time trying to trick Jeannie into helping him out while at the same time trying to make sure Tony doesn't find out about his schemes. Jeannie's school girl crush on Tony leads her to constantly try to help him out of problems, real or perceived. However, her over-enthusiasm combined with her lack of understanding of much of twentieth-century culture often get Tony into more trouble than actually getting him out of it. For example, one day the newspaper doesn't arrive and Jeannie decides to just blink one in, accidentally giving Tony and Roger tomorrow's paper. In one episode she also accidentally makes Tony's house invisible. In one particularly memorable episode, Jeannie tries to help Tony by making it appear that he is a musical genius in front of his superiors at NASA. The true comedy to most of the situations that Jeannie gets Tony into is that Tony is highly uncomfortable with attention or accolades that he has not earned himself.

Taking place during America's initial forays into outer space, this timeless comedy still entertains people from all ages and walks of life.

I Dream of Jeannie is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (143 episodes). The series first aired on September 18, 1965.

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5 Seasons, 143 Episodes
September 18, 1965
Comedy, Science Fiction
Cast: Barbara Eden, Larry Hagman, Bill Daily, Hayden Rorke, Emmaline Henry
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I Dream of Jeannie Full Episode Guide

  • Luck for Tony and Roger -- Jeannie proves to be one-of-a-kind.

  • Tony has a nightmare when he dreams of Jeannie blinking in a storm.

  • Jeannie tries to knit and pearl - Tony just the latter. The wind up is no presents, but it really doesn't matter.

  • Tony has an unexpected reunion with his childhood sweetheart and his adulthood wife.

  • With a little help from Jeannie, a score is "evened" between Tony and General Schaeffer.

  • Tony has a nightmare when he dreams of Jeannie blinking in a storm.

  • Curiosity captures Jeannie, Tony and Roger bring her back.

  • Jeannie crashes the Isolation Chamber and becomes a creature from outer space.

  • Jeannie 's secret powers are saved and everyone is satisfied with the explanation.

  • One drink of Jeannie's wine and the Bellows fade out.

  • Jeannie's budget saves money, but almost loses Tony's job.

  • Tony, Roger and Commander Wingate spend 3 weeks in quarantine after a successful mission. Jeannie disguises herself as a gold trophy so she can be near her husband but then accidentally takes a sleeping pill forcing Tony to hide his life-sized, passed out, gold statue.

  • Jeannie II masquerades as Tony's wife until Jeannie becomes wise to the disguise.

  • Jeannie is literally out of sight at her own wedding and Tony almost marries a mannequin.

  • Jeannie's zany uncles appear to approve Tony.

  • A mod sculptor redecorates Tony's house.

  • Jeannie blinks Tony's automated plane to Cuba, instead of Puerto Rico.

  • Jeannie's blood test is a problem because she has green corpuscles.

  • A bachelor party for Tony surprises everyone.

  • Jeannie's face cream turns Mrs. Bellows into a beautiful teenager.

  • Tony risks his head for love of Jeannie.

  • Tony is offered a kingdom if he married Jeannie.

  • Djinn Djinn, the genie dog, turns the base into a madhouse.

  • After Jeannie zonks a piano, Tony plays like a virtuoso.

  • A reporter tries blackmail to get a scoop on Tony.

  • Jeannie's model of a spacecraft almost gets Tony court martialled.

  • Jeannie II causes chaos trying to get Tony away from her sister.

  • Jeannie's cold sends the astronauts orbiting in all directions.

  • Jeannie II learns that Tony would turn against anyone who interfered with his trip to the moon. Listing the dangers involved, she persuades Jeannie to try to get Tony to resign. At NASA, Gen. Schaeffer, Dr. Bellows, Roger and Tony are studying a movie of the moon's surface. When Jeannie fails to get Tony to resign Jeannie II takes over. Soon Tony is terrorized as roaring tigers and freight trains, invisible to everyone else, leap from the screen. General Schaeffer asks Dr. Bellows to check Tony's mental condition. Jeannie II steps up the terror and Tony is dropped from the flight. Sure Jeannie is responsible, Tony declares they're through..

  • In Clarkston, a trap for unwary motorists from the city, Tony brushes Edgar Crawford's car. Crawford pretends serious injury and his wife Thelma, begins to scream. Arrested and put in a cell with a drunk, Tony won't allow Roger to call Jeannie for help. She learns What happened when Roger phones Dr. Bellows. The drunk is incredulous when Jeannie blinks up food and finally whisks the cell back home. Tony orders her to change everything back, but to speed up Dr. Bellows. Crawford arrives at the trial in a wheelchair and Cashman, Tony'sattorney, practically joins the DA, Farrow and Judge Miller in convicting him. Tony finally takes over his own defense.

  • After Jeannie reads how to turn things into porcelain in the Genie Journal, Tony finds that his report to Dr. Bellows is now porcelain. He explains he has taken up ceramics as a hobby. At home, Tony finds that Jeannie is taking care of Djinn Djinn, the invisible, uniform-hating dog, for a few days. Mrs. Bellows sees the porcelain report and asks to see more of Tony's work. Learning that the Bellows are coming, Tony asks Jeannie to turn the garage into a workshop. There, Jeannie accidentally turns Djinn Djinn into porcelain and pops off to Baghdad for the antidote. Amanda sees the porcelain dog and insists she wants it. Dr. Ferber, an art expert, declares it's a priceless 15th Century Peking Dog. When Tony tries to smash it, Dr. Bellows puts the dog in the NASA vault.

  • Tony and Dr. Bellows leave for Hollywood on NASA business. Gary Owens and George Schlatter of Laugh In see Jeannie pop in and out of a mirror as she waves goodbye to Tony. Roger overhears them ask Jeannie to appear on their show and immediately takes over as her agent. He convinces Jeannie to go along with his plans so she can impress Tory as a Hollywood celebrity. At the hotel in Hollywood, Roger tries to keep Tony from meeting Jeannie, whom he has billed as "Princess Anitra." However, a news photographer snaps them together in a corridor at midnight.. Tony convinces Bellows he was sleepwalking, but worries when Judy Carne shows him the picture.

  • Dr. Bellows and Gen. Peterson wonder if Tony is ready for a moon trip when be sleepwalks into the office. Roger finds that a whistle puts Tony to sleep and the next whistle wakes him up. Jeannie pops over to her Mama for help and discovers she has put Tony under a spell. She gets Mama to come back with her to remove it. Mama whistles but Dr. Bellows goes to sleep and she falls in love with him. Awakened, Tony says Mama can't have Bellows because he's married. Mama warns Tony to be quiet or she'll put him to sleep for 1000 years. She gives him an exotic necklace against sleeping sickness, which keeps everyone away, because it is garlic. Peterson thinks he's imagining things.

  • Jeannie learns that Tony. doesn't trust any political candidate and decides to run Tony himself for governor. Finding the living room filled with Tony's campaign posters, Dr. Bellows declares he can't be both a politician and an astronaut. Tony tries to explain it as a yoke and rips the posters off the wall, but others keep appearing. To prove to Roger that Tony could be elected, Jeannie blinks up a peep show machine showing crowds of enthusiastic voters. Seeing himself as Tony's assistant, controlling millions, Roger tries to persuade Tony to run. Tony refuses, despite floods of campaign contributions. Dr. Bellows looks into the machine, but sees only a belly dancer.

  • Tony keeps Jeannie away from the secret island. Roger feels that Tony would have more time for Jeannie if he didn't own his own house. While Tony meets with Mr. Winkler, a new administrator, Jeannie blinks up a "For Sale" sign. Merkle, a realtor, brings Mrs. Winkler but she feels the house is too small. Posing as Mrs. Uppington-Smythe, Jeannie blinks up magnificent additions. Mrs. Winkler calls her husband at Tony's office. Stunned that Winkler plans to buy his house, Tony detains him but he phones his wife to put down a deposit. At home, Tony finds a "Sold" sign. Jeannie pops him into as apartment and welcomes him to their new home. Tony expresses delight at the bikini clad girls at the pool. Jeannie pops them back to the old homestead.

  • Jeannie is chosen Queen of the Supermarkets for being the millionth customer at Food City. Meanwhile, Tony brushes off Dr. Bellows' request that he be Honorary Grand Marshall of the Cocoa Beach Rodeo because he's afraid of horses. Alarmed that Jeannie's being Queen might expose their relationship, Tony orders her to stay away from Food City. Charlie Akins, the Rodeo Manager, and Wild Bill Barrows, a rider, followed by Roger and the Food City manager, come to Tony's house to see Jeannie. If Wild Bill comes out top rider, he wins adate with Jeannie, with other prizes. Tony orders her to refrain from magic to stop Wild Bill from winning, to avoid arousing suspicion.

  • Over TV, Roger informs Tony that his double plans to marry Jeannie. Meanwhile, Tony II tells Dr. Bellows of the strange girl who blinks things in and out and promises to introduce her to Bellows. When Rev. Benouli begins the Arabic marriage service, Tony II runs off, saying he's going for the marriage license. Roger tells Jeannie she's being tricked by an imposter. She is convinced when Tony II can't tell her how they met. Dr. Bellows arrives to find Jeannie posing as a surly housemaid. When she is grabbed by Tony II, Jeannie, blinks and he gets a terrible itch. Although Roger wants Tony II to go to the base hospital, Bellows orders him to stay at Tony's house.

  • Tony finds that his new neighbors are Gen. Schaeffer and his hippie daughter, Suzie. Suzie learns Jeannie's secret and holds it as a threat over Tony. She runs a party in Tony's home and a weird assortment of hippies, with musical instruments arrive. The uproar brings the General to Tony's door but Jeannie blinks. up a Good Humor truck blaring the same music. Leaving for a trip, the General puts Suzie into Tony's charge with orders to keep out Harold, a hip poet. The General returns unexpectedly and Jeannie blinks Harold into a closet.. Harold and Suzie hail her as a guru.

  • Jeannie's sister, married 47 times, tells her she's using the wrong methods to get Tony to propose. Wanting Tony for herself, Jeannie II pretends she is after Roger and instructs Jeannie to copy her moves to hook him. Wary of Jeannie II at first, Roger succumbs when she grants his every wish. Although Jeannie tries the same with Tony, everything goes wrong. Tony recounts the unpleasant experiences Roger had with Jeannie II in the past, but he proposes to her anyway. Tony agrees to be best man and the ceremony is planned for Dr. Bellows' garden.

  • To celebrate the anniversary of their first meeting, Jeannie surprises Tony by moving the house to Niagara Falls. He has her blink it back and promises to take her out. Then, Dr. Bellows orders him to deliver a film to the Pentagon, travelling secretly as a civilian. Tony asks Roger to take Jeannie out. Suspicious when Tony dresses up, Jeannie overhears Dr. Bellows mention Sgt. Marion. At the airport, Tony bumps into Valerie, a pretty girl. Aboard the plane, he accidentally trips her and she lands on his lap. Jeannie, posing as a stewardess, almost strangles them with their seat belts. Tony adjusts Valerie's chair and Jeannie plunges it back, flipping over all the passengers and then makes him spill a drink on Valerie. Seeing the film chained to Tony's wrist, Jeannie blinks.

  • To test whether Tony and Roger can stand each other on a trip to the moon, Dr. Bellows orders Roger to move in with Tony. Since must do their own housekeeping, Tony sends Jeannie away for a week. A rift develops when 3 beautiful girls help Roger move in. Forced to leave the house while Roger is entertaining, Tony confides resentment to a soda jerk, who tells Dr. Bellows. Jeannie secretly cleans up the house and arranges to have every wish granted in her absence. Arriving to check, Dr: Bellows sees a cup of coffee in the air. When Tony and Roger quarrel about it, Dr. Bellows decides they can't work together, but defers his final decision.

  • Tony faces extinction in trying to rescue Jeannie from a gang of hoodlums. Jeannie blinks and Gen. Hamilton sees Tony knock out the whole gang. The General decided "One Punch Nelson" will represent the Air Force in the Armed Forces Boxing Tournament. He's sure he'll finally win a bet from Marine General Gutzy Gorman, whose fighters have been beating the Air Force for years. Tony tries to have Dr. Bellows' pronounce him unfit, but Bellows refuses, and even has his wife bet $1 on Tony. To build up his confidence, Jeannie has Tony splitting table and tapping through doors with his bare hands.

  • Mrs. Bellows falls in love with a stray dog at Tony's house. While she is in the garage, the dog suddenly becomes invisible and attacks Tony. He dissuades Mrs. Bellows from taking the dog home while he seeks its owner. After the dog turns on Tony and Roger, Jeannie explains it is her own Djnn Djinn, who tracked her all the way from Baghdad. Tony yields to her please to keep the dog. At NASA as Dr. Bellows inquires about the dog for his wife, Djinn Djinn, invisible, bites Tony again. Jeannie suggests that Tony walk the dog to make friends with it. When Djinn Djinn pops out to chase a cat, the Bellows meet Tony dragging an empty leash. Mrs. Bellows decides to take the dog and Tony worries what will happen if Djinn Djinn vanishes before her eyes.

  • Unable to start his car, Tony calls Jeannie to help. She knocks over a lamp post and a policeman gives Tony a bunch of tickets. Jeannie blinks them to a TV studio where Tony tapes an interview show, "The Hot Seat". They meet Dr. Bellows and his wife and her cousin, Homer. Tony introduces Jeannie as his cousin, and Homer immediately moves in. Unable to fend him off, Jeannie embroils Homer with a coffee machine, leaving him drenched,. She pops over to Tucker's Car Lot to have Tony's car repaired but Tucker persuades her to sell it for $400. At the Bellows' home, everyone watches "The Hot Seat," sponsored by Tucker. Jeannie finds a price tag of $1699 on Tony's car. She ruins Tucker's pitch on TV by exposing him as a chat. When the Bellows and Homer see Jeannie on TV, Tony and Roger wreck the set.

  • Tony gets a shock when he finds Jeannie holding a baby. Then he learns she is minding Abdullah, her infant nephew, while his parents are on a belated honeymoon. Jeannie leaves to take over her brother's duties and Tony is left with the baby. To cover up, Roger tells Dr. Bellows a cold is keeping Tony at home. Hearing Roger's description of the symptoms, Bellows is sure Tony has developed Patagonian flu and rushes to examine him. Tony really feels sick when the doctor orders him into the hospital for observations. Roger takes over the care of Abdullah. Sally, one of Roger's girl friends, thinks the baby is his, and slaps him.

  • Tony's newspaper fails to arrive and Jeannie blinks up a copy, but gets the wrong date from Roger. Roger leaves with the sports section and Tony chokes on reading the headline, "Astronaut Breaks Leg in Accident." To protect Tony, Jeannie blinks up a plastic bubble, and puts him into slow motion. At the base, Dr. Bellows confers with Comdr. Ross about the next day's flight. Tony clutches the newspaper and voices concern for Roger. Dr. bellows scoffs at premonitions as ignorant superstition. To back up Tony, Jeannie causes a series ofminor mishaps. When Tony becomes wedged between two cars, she changes his leg to iron.

  • Jeannie's mother sends some homemade candy called Pipchicks. Tony eats one and has the strength of ten men.Jeannie explains it will soon wear off. Tony takes the Pipchicks to NASA where Dr. Bellows feels marvelous after sampling one and sends it to be analyzed. WAF Col. Finch thinks Tony made the candy and has solved the problem of space food. Although Tony protests he has no recipe, she transfers him to the Dietician's Section to concoct a fresh batch. Jeannie begs her mother for the recipe and gets a ten foot scroll with truckloads of ingredients. When Tony has trouble with the mixture, Jeannie blinks up a burro to stir it.

  • Tony and Roger land an experimental plane resembling a flying saucer in a field and are taken for Martians by a family of hillbillies. Forced to milk a cow, Tony squirts them with milk. He tries to escape with Roger but they trip and are hung up in the smokehouse. Jeannie appears with a picnic lunch and Clem, the teenage son, makes advances, mountain style. He demands a bear hug and finds a bear in his arms. Although inclined to shoot Tony and Roger before they tell revenue agents about their still, the hillbillies agree to phone NASA in the hope of a reward. Maw finds Clem suspended from a moose head and thinks Jeannie is a Martian, too. Paw prepares to shoot but Jeannie turns the gun to taffy.

  • Jeannie gives Roger one birthday wish. Unwittingly Roger wishes he could change with Tony, who is set to fly Trailblazer One. From then on, Tony and Roger inhabit each other's bodies, although each has his own voice. Mrs. Bellows has a confusing meeting with Roger. Unable to phone Roger, Tony and Jeannie go to the Officers Club. On his wife's report of her strange encounter, Dr. Bellows picks up Roger at Tony's house. Tony, as Roger, has difficulties at the Club, first with the Maitre D', and then with one of Roger's girlfriends. Jeannie blinks up a bloodhound to find Roger. Dr. Bellows feels Tony has been working too hard. Roger looks into a mirror and suddenly remembers his wish.

  • Jeannie II offers to make sure Tony doesn't get to the moon with a woman. After describing beautiful modern scientists, Dr. Bellows introduces homely Dr. Murdock. Tony persuades him to pick a married couple, then meets Prof. Swanson, who moonlights as a cocktail waitress. Jeannie II poses as Dr. Rita Walters. A computer matches Tony with Prof. Swanson but the final choice depends on a physical fitness test. Prof. Swanson is agile but eclipsed by Jeannie III, who will train with Tony. She assures Jeannie they won't go to the moon - she wants to go to Venus with Tony. Roger woos Prof. Swanson until her fianc?e, Turk Parker, a professional linebacker, arrives. Jeannie reveals Dr. Waiters is Jeannie II, but declares she'll be terrified when she's locked up in the simulated moon house.

  • Jeannie's wicked sister gives her two flasks of magic lotion a white one for love, a blue one for hate. She directs Jeannie to sprinkle a few drops of the white on Tony for herself. A few drops make Jeannie hate Tony and she pops him into the oven. As the flames roar, Roger stops by and dabs on some of the blue. Jeannie throws herself into Roger's arms declaring her love for her new master. Roger makes her pop Tony out of the oven but she warns she'll put him back if he even speaks her name. She blinks him under a guillotine then relents, but freezes his blood. Tony disrupts a conference by complaining of cold and frostbite, although, its 90 degrees. He explains its Operation Deep Freeze to Dr. Bellows. Roger makes lists of luxuries. Tony speaks to Jeannie again and is encased in ice.

  • Hillbillies catch Tony and Roger as they fall in the farm in their ship.

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