Journeyman is a science fiction television drama created for American viewers. Journeyman stars Kevin McKidd as a newspaper reporter who finds himself traveling through time unexpectedly. Alex Graves and Kevin Falls are credited with being co-producers of the series; though it never went past the first 13 episodes of season one due to poor viewer ratings.

The television series centers the fictional character Dan Vasser (Mckidd). Vasser is a successful reporter, who lived with his young wife and son in San Francisco. His life is going well until one day he mysteriously jumps back in time. He eventually learns that each time he jumps back in time it leads him to a person whose destiny he has the opportunity to change. Unfortunately, while he is meant to help someone else in the past, he is dealing with significant problems in his own life. His constant unexplained absences due to time travel have caused his brother Jack (a police detective) to become suspicious of him. Additionally, his constant absences and emotional distance have severely strained his relationship with his wife and son as well as his boss and co-workers. His problems are even more complicated when he unexpectedly reconnects with a woman who he almost married, and whom he thought had died in a plane crash.

The jumps occur at random, and Dan only receives up to a few seconds notice before each jump happens. The jumps are additionally stressful, as he has no idea as to how far back he will be sent. As Dan becomes more accustomed to each jump through time, the headaches that signaled his jump become less severe and more commonplace. It is later revealed that Dan is not alone and that millions of people who were born around the time of a rare passing comet have the ability to travel through time, and each develop the ability to control their jumps. Having the ability to jump through time is stressful for Dan and other like him but it also teaches how their lives shape others around them.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
September 24, 2007
Science Fiction, Drama
Cast: Kevin McKidd, Gretchen Egolf, Moon Bloodgood, Reed Diamond

Journeyman Full Episode Guide

  • Dan's travels take him into an RV hanging off of a cliff just in time to save a mother and son. Katie's sister comes to visit and suspects Dan is having an affair. And when Dan returns to the present, he realizes how big the consequences can be when he accidentally leaves things in the past.

  • It's Christmas, a time for friends, a time for hope, a time for gifts, and a time for layoffs. Dan has an important mission this Christmas, and that is to save his job. Also Katie is still recovering from the after math of Aeden. Jack gets shocking news.

  • The dangerous kidnapper Aeden Bennett is back and Dan learns a difficult lesson about what happens when he goes off-mission when he travels back to 1983 -- and discovers a young criminal in the making. Meanwhile, Livia continues to uncover secrets about her purpose in life, and Katie gets into a deadly predicament when the kidnapper seeks revenge.

  • Dan travels back to the early 90's where he seems to be tracking a serial kidnapper. Katie wonders what effects Dan's disappearances are having on Zack when she is called into his school. Meanwhile, Jack remains skeptical, but begins to see evidence that Dan might be telling the truth about his travels.

  • Dan journeys back into the past to a "key party" where he meets a young girl who will become involved in a deadly crime. Katie makes an interesting discovery about Livia's past. Dan and Jack get into a fight over an investigation involving Dan.

  • Much to Dan's dislike, Katie considers going back to work as a television journalist. Dan travels back in time to protect a witness from certain death. Livia arrives just in time to save Dan's future. Meanwhile, Jack continues to investigate his brothers mysterious behavior.

  • Dan's latest journey sends him to help two brothers scarred by their father's abuse. Jack begins to suspect that Dan has fallen back into his old gambling habits. During a trip to the past, Dan and Livia overhear an intimate conversation between Jack and Katie. Meanwhile, Dan learns a lesson about brotherly love.

  • During a family outing, Dan finds himself alone with Zack when he feels a strong headache coming on. Dan travels back in time and begins tracking an ex-army ranger who hijacked a huge sum of money for a good cause. On the home front, Katie answers questions from the police after a robbery happens the night of her gala. Meanwhile, Dan entices Hugh with the prospect of getting a big break on a war story.

  • Dan travels back to 1995, just as his wife, Katie was in the process of setting up a charity event. Dan meets up with Livia in 1995, it seems that he was brought back to help a woman on a blind date. Although Livia is suppose to be there to help him on his mission she seems more interested in Dan's relationship with Katie.

  • Dan is taken back to the San Francisco earthquake where he tries to save everyone, but destiny seems to stop him at every turn. Katie is forced to take on Dan's news story in the present, while Livia discovers the truth about Dan's increasingly strained marriage.

  • Dan begins to wonder if he imagined his journeys and decides to get an MRI. Later, Dan and Katie try to have a romantic weekend, but Dan disappears during their flight when he is put back in time to deliver a baby.

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