Kid Nation

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Kid Nation reality television program hosted by Jonathan Karsh and created by Tom Forman production along with Endemol USA. The show features 40 kids who have overachieved in life, ranging from ages eight all the way up to 15. The kids are tasked with building from the ground up, a working and stable society within a small New Mexico town. The kids must create a working government system, with little to no help for adults.

The show teaches the kids how to maintain a stable world but at the same time show the viewers how difficult it is to create a viable and working society. Each kid received up to $5,000 dollars for their participation and children who did an outstanding job where elected to win up to $50,000 dollars. The kids are then split up into four teams, each with their own color coding and team leader.

The gold stars are given out during the town meeting, where they meet and discuss upon important decisions and vote on the participate who deserves the award the most. The show entertainment value relays solely on the charm of the kids as they interact with one another and work together to achieve the best possible outcome, but like adults can come to a disagreement over certain aspects. During one episode two kids get into a shoving small shoving match and another episode some of the kids decide to go hunting for rabbits by throwing rocks at them. Producers promise that no actually rabbits were killed during production.

The show plays out with games and competition and the winning team decides which teams will have to perform the Kid Nation town chores and task. Players can't be voted off, but can return home if they decide a enough is enough, become homesick, or grow tired of the political game.

The show was initially meet with controversy before premiering on CBS and each episode runs about a hour long.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
September 19, 2007
Reality, Action & Adventure
Cast: Laurel McGoff

Kid Nation Full Episode Guide

  • The first season finale arrives with the group facing a challenge to keep the town running after discovering the job board has been destroyed. The kids will all face three more challenges in which a gold star will be rewarded for each, worth $50,000. The series ends with some of the kids in tears as they receive a heart wrenching surprise.

  • While the town council members make a visit with the local Native Americans, the sheriff of Bonanza City takes the opportunity to take control of the town.

  • Taylor is banned from the rewards challenge. An enforcer is elected by the town council to enforce the law over Bonanza City.

  • A suggestion of changing the Green District's name to Gold District after achieving half the gold stars so far. Guylan insults his district by saying that they need more intellectuals around there. A shakeup is at hand at the Town Hall meeting when an announcement is made, sure to upset some of the kids.

  • The pioneers decide to put on a talent show to combat boredom, when one kid shocks the group with a statement. Kennedy and Savannah, both Kentucky natives, are set to cook up a Southern dinner, which creates homesickness for one of them with a yearning to leave Bonanza City.

  • The town-council members search for a treasure chest in a gold mine; money becomes a problem for some pioneers when kids start selling products on the street; and one citizen is accused of bribing others to gain support to get a gold star.

  • Pollution becomes a problem when flies, rats and pigs invade the town; and the town council hands out its first punishment against a pioneer.

  • The pioneers learn they can replace the town-council members if they choose to do so, and the current four leaders try to get reelected.

  • Conflicts arise when the town council recommends having one religious ceremony to accommodate all faiths.

  • The kids face a grim situation in Bonanza City when some want to kill a chicken for food while others are against the act.

  • Forty kids, ages 8-15, attempt to create an operating town in 40 days without the help of adults in a former New Mexico ghost town. In the opener, the kids arrive in Bonanza City and begin their task.