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Kain is a trouble contractor in a futuristic world of spaceships and alien civilizations. His job is to deal with problems that are especially challenging, and he has two partners to help him do it. Canal is a green-haired hologram with loads of energy, and Millie is an ambitious but rather abrasive young woman. Together, they solve some of the most problematic cases in the universe.

TV Tokyo
1 Season, 26 Episodes
July 7, 2003
Science Fiction, Action & Adventure
Cast: Megumi Hayashibara, Souichirou Hoshi, Mifuyu Hiiragi
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Lost Universe (US) Full Episode Guide

  • The final clash between light and dark has begun. With the fate of the galaxy at stake will darkness triumph or is light willing to risk everything for the sake of those they care about?

  • The Swordbreaker moves to confront Nightmare’s ultimate weapon and end its threat to the galaxy, but will this high stakes gambit turn trap when Millie’s greatest secret is revealed?

  • Outmatched the Swordbreaker looks to be on the brink of defeat and an obsessed Kane is prepared to make an unthinkable sacrifice- Will Millie arrive in time to prevent a tragedy?

  • Nightmare’s plan is unfolding and soon the galaxy will be theirs but one obstacle still stands in their way- the Swordbreaker and so an old foe is dispatched in a Lost Ship to finish them.

  • The time for revelations has come as various factions’ plans are laid out with Nightmare’s ultimate goal revealed, Rail’s motivation discovered and Alice’s final fate finally presented.

  • Hunted and driven to ground the Swordbreaker has to shutdown almost all functions to minimize repair time leaving Kane alone to try to fend off a Nightmare assault on a frozen world.

  • Nightmare makes its move it starting by taking out the head of the Universal Guardians and also making a priority of locating a wounded Swordbreaker while Millie tries to also find the ship.

  • Nightmare’s powerful Lost Ship arrives and challenges the Swordbreaker and it overwhelms the smaller ship leading to a dangerous standoff as Kane confronts the ship’s golden haired master.

  • Having been falsely branded traitors the Swordbreaker crew finds themselves on the run and in need of supplies while Nightmare intends to further deplete their dwindling resources.

  • Rumors of the discovery of a Lost Ship draws the Swordbreaker in but when Nightmare is already in place will Kane meet his end- and what happens when an ally looks to have turned traitor?

  • Kane suddenly decides that he wants Millie off the ship, but as Millie finds she has nowhere to go will she return to discover why Kane has had the abrupt change of heart?

  • Swordbreaker’s string of successes has pushed their enemies into a corner and they are responding by unleashing their secret weapon as they divide Kane and Canal in a two prong assault.

  • Reeling from his encounter with a minion of Nightmare Kane looks to lick his wounds and he encounters his old mentor who is also struggling to do the same with the memory of an old failure.

  • A memorial visitation prompts reminiscence of friends long lost and secrets hidden but a specter looms over the events which may lead to trouble for Kane and his friends.

  • Conspiracies are revealed between pirates and a company but the Universal Guardians and the Swordbreaker itself may find themselves outmatched when they discover the pirate’s trump card.

  • A job guarding against pirate attacks reunites Kane with an old friend but has a scheming foe found a way to beat the Swordbreaker by a means which will separate the friends forever?

  • On a colony ship that has been searching for a new home for 40 years schisms are growing in the population as some want to just leave- will this split place the ship’s future at stake?

  • The Swordbreaker answers a distress call and finds itself in an alien trap that rearranges the ship’s internal structure- and time is running short as nature is making an urgent call.

  • Rail’s assistant Nina is dispatched to help the Swordbreaker crew get an ambassador home but when political opponents use the chance to strike will it turn into a major game of chicken?

  • Finding a man’s missing friend gets a twist when Canal gets competitive but when it turns out the man is also pursued by a powerful organization the task becomes more than anyone imagined.

  • Kane goes undercover when the crew is hired to try to prevent a ship full of nurse trainees from letting the pressure to be number one see them take extreme measures to get the honor.

  • Canal finds a job perfectly tailored to her interests- guarding a weapon storage site while its security system is down. But is this the chance of a lifetime or a carefully planned trap?

  • A seeming easy time on a vacation planet turns serious as Millie focuses on winning a contest while a mysterious foe has hired an assassin to make Kane’s chance to lie still permanent.

  • An offer that appears too good to be true proves to be just that which leaves the Swordbreaker crew facing off with a gang of pirates having perhaps bitten off more than they can chew.

  • Fate reunites the trio and sends them on a course to stop an out of control experimental starship- but will this situation prove to be a danger to the secret that the Swordbreaker hides?

  • Desperate times may make for an opportune chance when a trio of adventurers meet by accident and find themselves out manned by a criminal syndicate- but out manned doesn't equal out gunned.

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