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  • 2014
  • 3 Seasons
  • 5.2  (131)

Manzo'd with Children is a reality television series that aired on Bravo from 2014 to 2016. The show chronicles the lives of Caroline Manzo, her husband, Albert Manzo, and their adult children, Albie, Chris, and Lauren, as they navigate their family and personal lives.

Caroline Manzo, a former Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member, is the matriarch of the family and the star of the show. She is a no-nonsense, Italian-American mother who values family above all else. She runs her own real estate business and is constantly juggling her work and family obligations.

Her husband, Albert Manzo, is a successful businessman who owns a catering company and has his own radio show. He is the quintessential patriarch, providing guidance and support for his family through thick and thin.

The three adult Manzo children are all unique in their own way. Albie Manzo, the eldest, is trying to make it as an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry. He is constantly on the go, meeting with potential investors and trying to advance his career. Chris Manzo, the middle child, is a bit of a wild card. He is passionate about his family and their business, but also enjoys partying and having a good time. Finally, Lauren Manzo, the youngest, is the only daughter of the family. She is a successful businesswoman in her own right, running her own boutique and beauty bar.

The show primarily follows the day-to-day lives of the Manzo family as they deal with the typical issues that families face. Caroline is often depicted trying to balance her work responsibilities with her desire to be a good mother and grandmother. Albert is shown providing comfort and guidance to his children as they navigate their own personal and professional journeys. And the adult Manzo children are often shown juggling their work obligations with their desire to have fun and enjoy life.

Throughout the series, the family goes through a number of significant life changes. Lauren gets engaged and begins planning her wedding. Albie launches his own business and tries to make a name for himself in the hospitality industry. And Chris faces some personal struggles, including a health scare.

In addition to these personal stories, the show also delves into the dynamics between the different family members. Caroline often finds herself caught in the middle of her adult children's conflicts, trying to provide support while also maintaining her role as a neutral matriarch. The siblings often bicker and banter, but ultimately come together to support each other when it matters most.

Manzo'd with Children is a lighthearted, entertaining show that offers viewers a glimpse into the lives of a close-knit Italian-American family. It is a relatable portrayal of the joys and struggles that come with balancing work, family, and personal ambition. Fans of Caroline Manzo and the Real Housewives franchise will enjoy getting to know the rest of her family and see how they navigate the ups and downs of daily life.

Manzo'd with Children is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (30 episodes). The series first aired on October 5, 2014.

Manzo'd with Children
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Startling Surprises
10. Startling Surprises
October 30, 2016
Caroline organizes a celebration for Albie's thirtieth birthday. Chris can't wait any longer to tell Albert that he plans to move.
Holy Bologna!
9. Holy Bologna!
October 30, 2016
Albie's consulting company is thriving when he gets Vito a million-dollar meeting with an investor for Vito’s deli idea. But later, Vito displays shocking behavior, leaving Albie to question if the business deal will go up in smoke, as well as their close relationship along with it. Meanwhile, Lauren worries about money, and Chris has an uncomfortable conversation with Caroline concerning his future that developes into tears.
California Dreamin'
8. California Dreamin'
October 23, 2016
Lauren's birthday is celebrated during the family vacation. Vito organizes a zip-lining adventure, which upsets Caroline, who is afraid of heights and is still worried about a health issue. Later, Caroline co-hosts a talk show in Los Angeles.
I'm Ovu-Leaving
7. I'm Ovu-Leaving
October 16, 2016
A family trip finds the crew in San Francisco, where they pair up with buddy Greg Bennett. All are in great moods, except for Lauren, who copes with a notably absent husband. Meanwhile, Chris shares a secret, and Caroline finds out Lauren is keeping a secret.
For Better or Worse
6. For Better or Worse
October 9, 2016
Following success with her first crafts fair, Caroline AKA "the Soap Lady" feels like she could do anything. To move her business to the next level she has to push past her comfort zone and lean on Albie for support.
Newlywed Games
5. Newlywed Games
October 2, 2016
Lauren and Vito argue over whose employment is more difficult, so Caroline makes the newlyweds switch jobs for a day, with Lauren laboring at the deli and Vito fighting to make the cut at Lauren's salon. Meanwhile, Albie has a heart-to-heart discussion with his dad.
Craft Sales & Orgy Tales
4. Craft Sales & Orgy Tales
September 25, 2016
The guys go to Las Vegas while Caroline and Lauren remain in New Jersey to focus on business. Here, Caroline takes her soap-making hobby to the next level; Lauren fumes about Vito leaving town; and the Manzo boys plunge into sexy situations.
Planting A Seed
3. Planting A Seed
September 18, 2016
Caroline decides she must find Albie a girlfriend and recruits Denise Scalia and Chris to scour local bars and grocery stores for suitable bachelorettes.
A Class In Creativity
2. A Class In Creativity
September 11, 2016
Lauren intends to launch a second salon and requests Chris to oversee an ad for her new business, yet mixing business with family could cause friction. Also, Albie tells Vito to go to etiquette class, and Caroline joins Vito's in (mis)adventure.
A Family That Scares Together...
1. A Family That Scares Together...
September 11, 2016
Chris writes a young-adult book and hauls the family on a midnight trip to a haunted prison for research. In other scary occurrences, Lauren confesses she's unhappy in her marriage, and Albie copes with nearing the age of 30. The Season 3 premiere.
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  • Premiere Date
    October 5, 2014
  • IMDB Rating
    5.2  (131)