Martha Stewart's Cooking School

Inspired by the eponymous best-selling book, "Martha Stewart's Cooking School" will give home cooks a culinary master class with Martha herself. Each week, she will demonstrate classic cooking techniques and basics. Using her signature step-by-step, how-to teaching process, Martha illustrates cooking fundamentals that everyone should know: from roasting and poaching to braising and blanching. In addition, Martha shares tips in every 30-minute episode, inspiring and educating home cooks everywhere.

Thursday 3:00 PM et/pt on PBS
5 Seasons, 65 Episodes
September 27, 2012
Documentary & Biography, Food
Cast: Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart's Cooking School

Martha Stewart's Cooking School Full Episode Guide

  • Martha sheds light on the world of grains and recreates a traditional savory porridge while playing with preparations for kamut and roasted vegetables, mixed-grain pilaf with chicken, and herbed barley salad with dates. So, revive your grain game with Martha's inspiration from the Arabian Gulf.

  • Follow Martha on a sweet tour of the Gulf as she whips up sugar creations sure to please with beehive buns, semolina coconut cake, sesame caramels, and brûléed saffron custards.

  • Travel along the coast as Martha showcases the bounty of the Arabian Gulf. Each dish highlights the local catch with shrimp balls, chilled mussel salad, calamari with vermicelli, lemon and herbs, and fish with tamarind sauce. These recipes are sure to bring out the seafood lover in you.

  • Creamed coconut spinach; eggplant with herbs and yogurt; cauliflower salad with roasted chickpeas; and za'atar smashed potatoes.

  • Grill pomegranate skirt steak kebabs; lamb kebabs with yogurt-mint sauce; beef, mushroom and millet kebabs; and saffron-yogurt chicken kebabs.

  • Kebabs are skewered meats cooked on the grill. Martha gets creative as she threads flavor-packed ingredients onto each skewer with pomegranate skirt steak kebabs, lamb kebabs with yogurt-mint sauce, beef, mushroom, and millet kebabs, and saffron-yogurt chicken kebabs. The best part…each inspired kebab is easy and fun to make!

  • Dates are a cornerstone of Gulf cuisine. In this episode, they take center stage in Martha's kitchen. Explore the versatility of this world-famous ingredient through both savory and sweet dishes that include date-stuffed baby eggplant, mackerel with date butter, chocolate-date pudding cake, and date truffles.

  • Martha prepares flavor-packed Arabian Gulf world-class favorites perfectly fit for a crowd. The menu features chicken kabsa, stuffed cabbage and spiced lamb chops, orzo risotto with wild mushrooms, and a sweet cake called kumajj.

  • Martha spices up everyday side dishes with the distinctive ingredients of the Gulf. Creamed coconut spinach, eggplant with herbs and yogurt, cauliflower salad with roasted chickpeas and za’atar smashed potatoes

  • Martha uses her expertise to adjust the old school techniques of rustic bread baking to work in your kitchen so you can enjoy date flatbreads, fatout bread with seeds and raisin, coconut mandazi, and eggplant flatbread any time in your own home.

  • Arabian Gulf potpie; braised lamb shanks with okra; curried swordfish stew; and red lentil vegetable stew.

  • Four grilled recipes: fish in banana leaves; date-glazed lamb chops; sea bass fillets with okra kebabs; and spatchcocked saffron chicken.

  • The Season 5 premiere features Gulf-style breakfast recipes. Included: khameer, a date-sweetened bread; shakshouka, a baked egg dish; jebabs, a distant cousin of pancakes; and balaleet, a delicious way to serve an omelet.

  • Butterflied, rolled and roasted leg of lamb; lamb tagine with spiced butternut squash and prunes; yogurt-marinated lamb kebabs; seared loin lamb chops served with mint jelly and fried fingerling potatoes.

  • Cheese fondue; fettuccine alfredo; melting raclette; grown-up grilled cheese.

  • The most flavorful, tender cuts of meat are often cooked on the bone. In this episode, Martha shares techniques for cooking four different recipes featuring bone-in cuts—Oxtails, slow-roasted Beef Ribs, Cowboy Steak and Korean Short Ribs. Go for the bone!

  • In this episode, Martha introduces her modern American take on four favorites: eight-layer Lasagna, Chicken Parmesan, Raviolo with egg yolk and Linguine with red or white clam sauce.

  • Beef bourguignon; cioppino, a tomato and wine-based fish stew; chicken marsala; poached pears in red or white wine.

  • Mrs. K's Meatloaf; Italian Sausage; Custom-Blended Burgers; Giant Meatballs

  • Lamb navarin; nicoise salad; a melted ham and cheese croque monsieur topped with a bechamel sauce; celery root remoulade.

  • Traditional turkey; roasting turkey in parchment paper; braising turkey legs; roasted rolled turkey breast with herbs.

  • Five classic sandwiches -- roasted chicken club, New Orleans po'boy with oysters, muffuletta, applewood-smoked bacon and fried egg sandwich, and a Reuben.

  • Buckwheat crepes filled with a mushroom mixture; vegetarian mushroom ragu served on rigatoni; French mushroom soup; mushroom risotto made with farro.

  • Martha makes five of her favorite menu items: a Classic Martini, Baked Stuffed Clams, Porterhouse Steak with a compound butter, Creamed Spinach and Baked Potatoes.

  • Stovetop clambake in a stockpot; risotto with shrimp and herbs in a pressure cooker; poached cod with tomatoes in a skillet; arroz con pollo in a Dutch oven.

  • Delicate Sorrel Soup, a Pasta with Grilled Sardines and Bitter Greens and Swiss-chard Frittata

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