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Based on a fantasy novel by Uehashi Naoko & Futatsugi Saki. Once every 100 years, a Water Spirit implants an egg into a person who then becomes the Guardian of the Spirit. This time, the responsibility falls on Chagum, the second prince of the New Yogo Kingdom.

Chagum's father, the Emperor, believes this spirit is the reincarnation of a demon defeated by his ancestor, the first Emperor, and secretly orders his son killed. Chagum's mother, the Second Empress, fearing for her child's safety convinces a female bodyguard for hire, Balsa, to protect Chagum. Balsa accepts fully knowing that this assignment may be her last, but she does so to atone for sins of her past.

Saturday at on TV Tokyo
1 Season, 27 Episodes
April 7, 2007
Action, Adventure, Animation, Fantasy
Cast: Mabuki Andô, Naoto Adachi, Kôji Tsujitani, Hirofumi Nojima
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Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit Full Episode Guide

  • Chagum takes up his throne as the Crown Prince of the New Yogo Empire, and Balsa must say good-bye to him forever.

  • An army of La-Lunga surround Chagum as the Hunters and Balsa fight with the last of their strength to protect him.

  • Chagum has vanished, leaving Shuga, Balsa and the Hunters to find him before the La-Lunga appears to tear him apart.

  • Spring has come, and Balsa and Chagum set out to confront the powerful La-Lunga and hatch the Egg of the Water Spirit.

  • The cold winter rages on as Chagum prepares for his ultimate fate. Balsa even begins teaching him to fight.

  • Balsa reveals her past with Jiguro and the secret of the eight deaths for which she has spent her life atoning.

  • The Hunters and Shuga confront Madame Torogai in a battle of wills. The winner protects Chagum until the Egg hatches.

  • Tensions between Chagum and Balsa explode as Chagum tries to leave, even though he has to fight Balsa herself.

  • Chagum learns of his fate to die at the hands of the La-Lunga, driving a wedge between him and Balsa.

  • The Hunters execute their plan to find Balsa and Chagum. Toya is trapped at Balsa's house as the Hunters lie in wait for her.

  • Shuga finally confronts the Hunters and goes before the Mikado with all he's learned about Chagum, proving that the boy is alive.

  • Balsa and the others prepare for a journey to learn about the Egg. At the palace, a sudden death changes the course of events.

  • Torogai and Suga each embark on their own life-threatening quest to find the truth behind Chagum and the Water Spirit.

  • Chagum challenges a boy to a wrestling match on the Summer Solstice festival. He asks Balsa to train him to fight. He fights the boy and wins the match. After the boy's father insults Chagum, Balsa steps in and defeats the father.

  • Saya falls into a coma after promising to accept an arranged marriage. To return her spirit to her body, Tanda attempts a forbidden ritual.

  • Balsa asks Toya to get Chagum more in tune with life in the city, but she gets more than she gambled for at the end of the day.

  • Balsa, Chagum, and Tanda settle into their new lives together, and Chagum begins to think more independently after learning how the world works.

  • Balsa turns to an honorable swordsmith in hopes of repairing her spear, and her tragic past is revealed during the swordsmith's search for the truth.

  • Balsa, Chagum, and Tanda settle into their new lives together, and Chagum begins to think more independently after learning how the world works.

  • The plan to escape the manhunt is executed successfully, but some wary Hunters may have seen through Balsa's strategy.

  • Torogai reveals that Chagum is carrying the egg of the water spirit, chosen to be its guardian. Balsa knows that the Emperor will never openly search for the prince, so she comes up with a plan to throw the Emperor off her trail.

  • The unknown is brought to light with the arrival of Torogai, while Balsa must come up with a way to throw the Mikado off their trail.

  • As Balsa recovers from her injuries under the care of her childhood friend Tanda, a strange letter is sent to those in the Star Palace.

  • Balsa, mortally wounded during a battle with the Hunters, relies on Chagum to save them both.

  • Hiding in the middle of the city, Balsa and Chagum are given no time to rest as the hidden servants of the Mikado pursue them.

  • A female bodyguard is hired to protect a prince with a mysterious secret, as he seeks to escape certain doom by his father's hand.

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