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  • TV-G
  • 2003
  • 2 Seasons

My Dad The Rock Star is a Canadian animated television series for children, created by musician Gene Simmons and produced by Nelvana. The show originally aired on Nickelodeon in the United States and YTV in Canada from 2003-2005. The series revolves around the life of Willy Zilla, the son of a world-famous rock star, Rock Zilla. Willy is an ordinary teenage boy living in a mansion with his father, his father's butler Quincy, and his father's three band members: Crystal, Buzz, and Shred. While Willy loves his dad, he is also embarrassed by his dad's larger-than-life personality and fame.

Throughout the show, Willy navigates the challenges of growing up in the shadow of a rock star. He attends a regular high school, where he tries to fit in with his peers while hiding the identity of his famous father. He also faces other teen challenges, such as dating, getting into trouble, and finding his own identity.

Meanwhile, Rock Zilla is a larger-than-life character who is constantly trying to stay relevant in the music industry. He often clashes with his band members, who have their own ideas about the band's direction. Despite their disagreements, they manage to create catchy, rockin' tunes that are loved by fans around the world.

The show is animated in a brightly-colored, cartoonish style that is geared towards younger viewers. The humor is silly and lighthearted, with plenty of puns and visual gags. The characters are all exaggerated and larger-than-life, from Rock Zilla's over-the-top personality to Quincy's stuffiness and the band members' wacky antics.

One of the strengths of the show is its music. Gene Simmons was heavily involved in the creation of the show's original songs, which are all rock-infused and catchy. Each episode features a different song that ties into the plot, giving the show a unique musical identity.

Another strength of the show is its portrayal of family dynamics. Despite their differences, Willy and Rock Zilla have a loving father-son relationship. They may fight and bicker, but they always come back together in the end. The show also explores the relationships between Rock Zilla and his band members, who are like a second family to him. This emphasis on family values and loyalty is a welcome departure from many other teen-focused shows.

Overall, My Dad The Rock Star is a fun, family-friendly show that is sure to entertain children and adults alike. Its catchy music, zany characters, and heartwarming family dynamics make it a standout in the world of animated television.

My Dad The Rock Star is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on September 1, 2003.

My Dad The Rock Star
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Blind Date
13. Blind Date
August 18, 2005
When Serenity informs Willy that his plan to hook up with Alissa at the carnival is a date, Willy's a wreck. Panicked about going out with a girl who's not only smart and pretty, but also one of his best friends -- a desperate Willy turns to Serenity for help. Loaded with insane advice from his sister, Willy is pleasantly surprised when his date actually starts off rather well! That is until Quincy shows up. Secretly horrified at the prospect of losing his two best friends and being left alone for all of eternity, Quincy lies, and blurts to Willy in a moment of weakness that he's not on a date at all. Alissa thinks the two of them are just pals! Willy changes into buddy, buddy mode -- only to have an upset Alissa take off with Buzz! Meanwhile, Rock is having girl problems of his own, as he attempts to romance Crystal for their twentieth wedding anniversary with bowling and corn dogs. While chasing after Alissa and Crystal -- father and son cross paths in the Tunnel of Love, learning ho
Chip Off The Old Rock
12. Chip Off The Old Rock
November 25, 2004
When Grandpa and Grandma Zilla show up for a surprise visit, Rock is less than thrilled about spending the next couple of days with his father. The complete opposite of Rock, Grandpa Zilla is all formality and class, he feels Rock should be the same. With the help of Willy, Rock sets out to make his father proud with hilariously disastrous results. Serenity, meanwhile, risking what she thinks will be 'social suicide', agrees to take Grandma Zilla out to the mall for a new shawl. Much to her surprise, Gran proceeds to take Serenity on a wild adventure that includes pink hair, tattoos, motorcycle races, and a bonfire with bikers. Realizing her assumption of what little old ladies are like may not hold true for all of them, Serenity finally must enlist the help of Crystal to subdue her wild granny, and bring them both home. After a terrible evening out on the town embarrassing himself and his father, Rock abandons all hope of ever making his Dad proud. But when Grampa Zilla stumbles into
Kant Buy Me Love
11. Kant Buy Me Love
November 18, 2004
Living next to the Zilla family isn't easy! Just ask poor Mr. Kant, the next-door neighbour who's been through all of Rock's crazy ups and downs. Now Willy is trying to make amends by keeping Rock away from Mr. K. while a garden magazine comes to snap pics of Kant's rosebushes! Of course, Rock slips by Willy's radar and ruins the shoot, and now Mr. Kant has truly had it. He tries to sell his house, but who'd want to live next to the Zillas anyway!? That's when Mr. Kant finds a centuries old loophole in the town charter that might make Silent Springs Zilla-free...forever!
Metamorphic Rock
10. Metamorphic Rock
November 11, 2004
When Willy, Quincy and Alissa are assigned a group project in Science class, Willy's worst subject, Willy knows his mom's the one to help. Her organic lunches alone could be classified a topic of scientific study! Unfortunately, by the time the kids make it home from school, Crystal's on a surprise road trip to Vegas with a friend, and Rock's planning the party of the century. When Skunk falls ill, Willy manages to convince his dad to step up to the dirty plates, helping his father make sense of the mysterious piles of clothes on his floor, and the whereabouts of all the missing food in the fridge! Now if only Willy could stop his dad from accidentally sabotaging every one of his science projects as he attempts to take care of the house. When the new Mr. Mom tries to help out a little too much, landing the kids in hot lava with their science project at school, Rock learns that sometimes less is more. Meanwhile, a homesick Crystal learns that while Vegas is fun, there's no place like ho
Big Willy on Campus
9. Big Willy on Campus
November 4, 2004
Rock is due to receive an honorary doctorate from his old Alma mater, Cerebellum U. Willy, Serenity, Quincy and Alissa come along for the ride to the ultra-exclusive island school that looks like a college students dream come true. But the image is soon tarnished by the school Dean, who seems to have it in for Rock. It's up to Willy and his friends to figure out the Dean's secret, before it's too late. Meanwhile, Rock takes a wrong turn, and finds himself in an underground cavern, where a secret society based on the legend of Rock Zilla is holding an initiation ceremony. Unrecognised, and thinking it's the doctorate ceremony, Rock is quick to join in the festivities.
King of the Desert
8. King of the Desert
November 4, 2004
Rather than cancel the band field trip to a Jazz festival when the school bus falls apart, Willy convinces Rock and Skunk to chaperone the trip on the Zilla tour bus. When the tour bus breaks down in the middle of the desert, the band class separates into two warring factions -- one led by Rock, the other by Coach Fettle. When a mysterious stranger arrives to help rescue our heroes, things quickly turn sour, and Willy and his band mates learn that teamwork may be their only chance. Back at the Zilla mansion, Serenity and Crystal use Rock's absence as an excuse to discard an offensive lucky concert shirt - a feat that turns out to be much harder than expected.
Saving Sawchuck
7. Saving Sawchuck
October 27, 2004
During a family trip to the beach, a quick thinking Willy saves his nemesis, Buzz, from drowning. Buzz insists on repaying the favour by hanging around Willy 24/7, waiting for his chance to rescue Willy from any life-threatening situations that may arise. However, having Buzz around is quickly messing up Willy's home and social life, so he takes matters into his own hands. It's not until he finally ditches Buzz, that he, along with Quincy and Alissa, finds himself in a position where he desperately needs a helping hand. Meanwhile, Serenity decides to get back at a lifeguard who she thinks only dates other lifeguards, by taking a course to become one herself... just so she can dump him when he finally takes an interest.
Rock Bottom
6. Rock Bottom
October 20, 2004
It's Rock's birthday -- and no one needs to know he's another year older but him. Then again, that would mean missing out on Willy's birthday present -- Rock's favourite old pair of leather chaps, restored, refurbished and ready to go! Awoooo! Nothing makes you feel younger than leather chaps! Until (RIPP!) they're sitting in two halves around your backside. Feeling overweight and over the hill, soon Rock's drinking prune juice and playing bingo from his recliner. Feeling responsible for his dad's slump, Willy decides a little Rock(y) style training should do the trick. Meanwhile, with Rock and Skunk busy playing shuffle-board, Serenity finds herself behind the wheel of a car, driving herself to the emergency room of the nail salon after a manicure mishap. Parking her car in the first available spot (the lawn of the police station) with a glove compartment full of unpaid parking tickets, Serenity lands herself in the slammer instead of the salon -- and ends up serving community service
What's The Scoop
5. What's The Scoop
October 13, 2004
After being humiliated by Buzz one too many times, Willy comes up with the fiendish plan of hiring Scoop, the relentless paparazzi who's always spying on Rock, to rake up some dirt on his schoolhouse nemesis. But the only way that Scoop agrees to go through with the plan, is if Willy hands over a very embarrassing video of Rock! Soon Willy becomes Scoop's faithful apprentice, but when Scoop makes up a false story, just to embarrass Buzz, Willy wants nothing to do with the paparazzi lifestyle.
Home for the Holly Daze
4. Home for the Holly Daze
October 6, 2004
When Willy and his Mom decide to get involved with the local Christmas Pageant, Rock is more than happy to embrace the holiday spirit in Silent Springs. Unfortunately, the pageant isn't everything it's cracked up to be. A famous Broadway director, Marty Blum, is hired to spice things up - but ends up turning the small town pageant into a full blown monstrosity, which leads to his eventual firing. Willy successfully takes over the directing reigns, but things take a turn when Marty gets his revenge by purchasing the theatre and cancelling the pageant just hours before the curtain is due to rise. Thanks to a last minute Christmas miracle; in the form of Rock Zilla, a million Christmas lights, and enough electrical power to run a small country; the pageant gets a second chance - and is a rousing success. The Zilla's first Christmas at home is a memorable one to be sure!
The Sound of Zilla
3. The Sound of Zilla
September 29, 2004
With a Swiss exchange student en route to billet with the Zilla's for International Student Week, Willy does his best to make sure she'll feel at home. After all, not many people have lived with a seven-foot tall, fire-snorting, billionaire rock star of a dad! What Willy doesn't expect is that he's soon to feel like the stranger in a strange land! After a day of Maria's home-style cooking and practical lederhosen, Rock, Crystal and Skunk decide it's structure they've been lacking in their lives -- and before long the Zilla household has become one of rules, schedules, and curfews?! Just when the week is almost over, Willy discovers Rock has invited Maria's parents and their goat to move in -- leaving Willy and Serenity wondering if the Zilla family will ever be the same again. Meanwhile, as Maria leads the Zilla's in 'Sound of Music' sing-a-longs, Quincy and Alissa decide they're each much better suited for the other's foreign exchange student. However, after attempting to stage a trad
Rock is From Mars, Willy is From Venus
2. Rock is From Mars, Willy is From Venus
September 22, 2004
Willy realizes that he and Rock hardly spend any quality time together, so father and son plan a day of activities that will hopefully yield at least one thing that the two both enjoy doing. After a false start in the wrestling ring, a little remote control air plane mayhem, and some trouble that Rock would rather not mention at the ol' zoo; Rock and Willy finally crash a company's father-son picnic in desperation. But do Rock and Willy have enough father and son mojo to fit in?
Going for Broke
1. Going for Broke
September 15, 2004
Due to a government accounting error, the Zilla's find themselves flat broke and with no place to live. Quincy convinces his uptight father, Earl Nesrallah, to let the Zilla's stay in the family garage, but Rock soon has the President of the neighbourhood home-owner's association breathing down Mr. Nesrallah's neck. Eventually Rock learns about Mr. Nesrallah's resentment towards him and his extravagant lifestyle - Earl was once an aspiring musician himself, but gave it up to pursue a more stable career in accounting - a choice he has questioned ever since. And to make matters worse, Mr. Nesrallah discovers that the whole accounting error that cost Rock his fortune was his fault in the first place!
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    September 1, 2003