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Dog City is a show that aired in Canada in 2000. It was a cartoon and animated show that was developed by Jim Henson to be shown on Fox in the early 1990's. Dog City was able to have a three season run from 1992 until 1994. Dog City is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (31 episodes). The series first aired on September 26, 1992.

Where do I stream Dog City online? Dog City is available for streaming on Nelvana, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Dog City on demand at Amazon, The Roku Channel Free, Hoopla, Apple TV, Tubi TV online.

3 Seasons, 31 Episodes
September 26, 1992
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: John Stocker, Kevin Clash, Fran Brill, Stuart Stone, Tabitha St. Germain
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Dog City Full Episode Guide

  • Its the summer and everyone is excited, about to disperse on their vacations. Eliot however is stuck behind doing a show. So he sends Ace & Rosie on a vacation, accompanied by Eddie and Dot. Well see all of our regulars in this cameo: Woof Pack, Bugsy Vile and the Vile gang, Mr. Moogie, Rottweiler & Leon, and Yves & Steven.

  • Eliot helps Artie to understand that a hero doesn't have to be a super hero. Sometimes heroes are just ordinary dogs doing ordinary things, like his mom, Terri. Ace and Bugsy battle it out for the "Hero of the Year " award. Mr. Moogie saves the day by shrinking himself small enough to go into the stomach of the Presidog to fight a patch of bad grass.

  • Eliot and Artie help each other overcome their fear of the future. While Ace and Eddie chase Rottweilers most recently commissioned world domination device -- a doggie door time portal machine. Yves la Chance's ancestor carries on the family name as the greatest cat burglar in the cosmos - but Stevens great great grandson hasnt changed a bit. He still dresses in the same uniform and still foils Yves attempts at every comic turn. Rosie and Dot take a trip to a futuristic amusement park where Rosie demonstrates to Dot, with the help of the Vile gang, how crime will be cleaned up in the future. Mr. Moggie takes his turn at exercise in the time-honored tale of "The Tortoise and the Hare. And we are introduced to the Woof Pack superheros - lead by the Watch Dog, and followed by Pectoral Pooch, Plastic Lassie, Wonder Whelp and Hear Boy!

  • Eliot kicks off a crash exercise course with Artie as his trainer so he can run with Terri in the Dog City marathon and learns that you cant get in shape overnight. Ace Hart gets his fair share of exercise at the Fido Olympics, as he tries to solve the mysterious disappearance of the athletes and ends up competing against Bugsy Vile! Mr. Moggie takes his turn at exercise in the time-honored tale of "The Tortoise and the Hare. And we are introduced to the Woof Pack superheros - lead by the Watch Dog, and followed by Pectoral Pooch, Plastic Lassie, Wonder Whelp and Hear Boy!

  • Eliot salutes the horror genre in this chiller thriller, but strange things start happening in his own building as Artie, Bruno and Eliot begin to think that Bruiser has gone mad in a case of mistaken identity. Meanwhile Ace Hart and Eddie have stumbled onto a plot by Rottweiler to take over the world with his Sci - Fido monster and Rosie as it's bride! Mr. Moggie takes us on an adventure under the bed as he confronts and triumphs over "The Thing under the bed." Our Dog City cast also puts a slant on their version of the well known Edgar Allan Poe-em, "The Tell Tale Heart, Liver and Egg."

  • Eliot shows Artie that learning can be fun after Terri voices her concern over Artie's poor math grade. Meanwhile, Ace Hart tries to solve a case involving Bernie, the big pink star of the wildly popular kiddy show and discovers it's the Vile gang. We also meet Bugsy vile in "His Master's Choice Theater" as he reads to us a twisted version of Aesop's fable. We also learn about proper puppy behavior in "Good Doggie, Bad Doggie, " where Ace Hart & Mad Dog demonstrate the fine points of puppy etiquette. And finally Mr. Moogie learns about Math by diving into a blackboard and tackling multiplication

  • Ace Hart adventures in Jurassic Bark complete with the Bugsy Vile gang, while Eliot helps Artie grapple with the trials and tribulations of creativity. We also meet new characters for this season such as Yves'n Steven - Yves, a cat burglar who attempts at stealing the guarded prize possession are always foiled by Steven, the happy go lucky guard dog; Next we get an introduction to Dot, Rosie's niece in the adventures of " Rosie and Dot". And finally we meet Mr. Moogie, Artie's animated squeaky toy

  • Eliot is ill but must meet a story deadline. Much to Ace's annoyance, Eliot's creative neighbors all pitch in to help, injecting their own styles to story and animation as they take turns.

  • When Rosie is missing, Ace is hired to find her. With clever sleuthing and a series of interviews, he discovers things about Rosie he never imagined.

  • Eliot teams up with his animation teacher to write an Ace Hart/ Sam Spayed adventure. Eliot and Ace each have conflicts with their mentors, but eventually realize two things. You can teach old dogs new tricks, and the young can learn from the old.

  • Artie's enthusiasm plus some fun letters, inspire Eliot to do a story with all the favorite characters, featuring Eddie as kidnap victim. The vile Gang get more chatter and advice from Eddie than they can stand.

  • When Ace learns Eliot plans to invite Artie's mom on a date, Ace announces: romance is for saps. Eliot disagrees and sets up a classic film noir to prove his point.

  • Eliot swaps superhero stories with Artie and decides it's time to introduce a superhero to Dog City. However, when the "Watch Dog" quickly rises to star status, Ace gets jealous.

  • Rosie and Ace become blues-singing hoboes when the newly-elected Mayor Vile strips them of their Dog Licenses.

  • A flea powder heist in Dog City has everyone itching for a clue to solve the crime.

  • After meeting Artie's mother, Eliot catches Spring Fever. He creates an array of embarrassing romantic moments for Ace and Rosie while they attempt to rescue the mayor's secretary from the Vile gang.