My Shocking Story

My Shocking Story is a television series that examines obscure and extreme medical conditions in humans. From a man whose face continues growing, to the smallest people in the world, each new episode delves into the personal stories of the afflicted. Several episodes document people that have body parts that continue to grow. Some viewers may find the graphic images of the sufferers to be intense. My Shocking Story may not be suitable for younger viewers. Discover little known disorders, observe the life of those suffering from them, and see how modern medicine attempts to help, in My Shocking Story.

3 Seasons, 15 Episodes
January 2, 2008
Documentary & Biography, Crime, Mystery
Cast: Jose Mestre, Vicki Borken, Enrinah Diah, Esib
My Shocking Story

My Shocking Story Full Episode Guide

Season 3 0 sources
  • Episode 2 - Treeman meets Treeman

    Two men meet for the first time who have a rare medical condition which causes them to have bark-like growths covering their bodies.

  • Episode 1 - Season 3, Episode 1
Season 2 0 sources
  • Episode 5 - Electric Human

    A look at tests conducted on rare humans who seem to be able to conduct electricity with their bodies.

  • Episode 4 - Savaged by a Bear

    A look at controversial transplant procedures as we give insight to one of surgeries most bizarre, face transplants. The most daring surgeons in the world offer hope for people who are disfigured by giving them a new face.

  • Episode 3 - Octopus Man

    A group of medical experts take a close look at Rudy Santos, a man born with a parasitic twin attached to his body.

  • Episode 2 - Real Wolf Kids

    A profile on individuals who suffer from the "werewolf syndrome" known as hypertrichosis, a rare genetic condition which causes the body to be covered in short, thick hair.

  • Episode 1 - Treeman: A Search for the Cure

    Indonesia's Dede Kosawa, known as "the Treeman" because of the bark-like growths on his skin from a rare medical condition, is being treated by researchers to find a cure for him.

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