No Limit

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This TV series is about a double French agent who is very sick-terminally ill. He is hired by a government organization that is mysterious but helps to fight crime. By participating in this mysterious organization, the organization allows him to have experiment treatment for his condition. In addition to this mess, his teen daughter hates him. He has to juggle this secret life with the black ops organization and his sickness with his "normal life" with his daughter and her life.

MBC America
3 Seasons, 32 Episodes
August 31, 2010
Cast: Vincent Elbaz, Anne Girouard, Sarah Brannens, Philippe Hérisson

No Limit Full Episode Guide

  • In order to secure Lola's release from her kidnappers, Vincent and Claude must coordinate a bank robbery, and this time even a reluctant Juliette offers to help them, but their fate is uncertain.

  • Things go from bad to worse for Vincent when he is implicated in Claude's cocaine trafficking case, and then a face from the past kidnaps Lola and orders him to rob a bank in exchange for her release.

  • The Liberati family go on a weekend away for a special birthday celebration, but a team of Colombians are sent to Marseille to recover the missing drugs haul and suspicion increasingly falls on Claude.

  • Vincent pursues a ship carrying a haul of cocaine to Marseille but fails to locate the illegal cargo. It's a race against time to find the missing drugs at sea before Juliette's team beat him to it.

  • Hidden in an air freight container, Vincent, Claude and young agent Zoe are transported to Chechnya. It's a tense game of survival, but can they avoid capture without causing a diplomatic incident?

  • Claude tries to regain his old ground in Marseille but is kidnapped and taken to the Russian consulate. And he's made such an art of evading the police that Juliette and Vincent struggle to find him.

  • Discovering that Koskas is planning a deadly sarin gas attack at an event being held at a European Commission building - an event that both Alexandra and Lola are attending - Vincent must bring down Koskas before the police can catch him.

  • Delighted with how events have unfolded, Vincent decides it's time to take a holiday. However, he is suddenly called back into the line of fire and must now face Koskas' devoted and ruthless lieutenant...

  • Having successfully stolen the drone prototype, Vincent must now find out what Koskas intends to use it for. Meanwhile, his grueling secret battle with his brain tumor turns a corner.

  • Working undercover for Koskas, Vincent is tasked with stealing the prototype of a new drone from the French army. Juliette is beginning to realize that her brother could be the suspect she's after.

  • Now a member of the inner circle of The Black Hand, Vincent must protect his new boss Koskas from multiple threats, including that of his own sister Juliette, who is investigating the bank heist.

  • Having successfully become a member of the network run by Koskas, Vincent is given his first tests of loyalty: an armed robbery and an execution. Meanwhile, Lola falls for a young environmental activist named Virgile.

  • While Vincent worms his way into Franck Koskas' illegal diamond smuggling operation, Alexandra enters the lion's den when she investigates the real estate company she holds responsible for the fire at her daughter's school.

  • Vincent is sent on a mission to infiltrate an illegal diamond smuggling ring known as The Black Hand. The head of the organisation, Franck Koskas, is also responsible for an arson attack at Lola's school.

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