Rags to Riches

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This comedy is an American musical and drama show that was broadcast on NBC for two seasons. The show is a story about millionaire Nick Foley, who adopts 5 orphan daughters in the 1960s. Each episode contains hit songs and videos of the age sung by the cast incorporated into the plot typically with the lyrics altered so that they supplied opinion on the storyline.

Nick Foley, who is owner of the company Foley's Frozen Foods, is a streetwise New Jersey-born businessman with a playboy lifestyle. Foley tries to create a family man picture by taking in 6 orphaned girls who were in a newspaper report to live in the mansion in Bel Air where he resides with his butler, John Clapper. He will not mean to keep them there forever and does this to help secure a business deal.

The change is enormous on for both the dad and the girls. With a few years of experience in a neglected children

2 Seasons, 19 Episodes
March 15, 1987
Comedy, Drama
Cast: Tisha Campbell-Martin, Joseph Bologna, Heidi Zeigler, Douglas Seale, Kimiko Gelman
Rags to Riches

Rags to Riches Full Episode Guide

  • Diane's pleasant thoughts about a gala 16th birthday party are replaced by concern when the Cuban missile crisis occurs.

  • Marva runs for class president and stoops to her competitors levels by making false promises. Meanwhile Patty steals a dying racehorse.

  • Christmas approaches and the girls find out a new social worker has been assigned to them.Nicks scheduled meeting with the worker gets delayed because he has car trouble.The girls entertain her while waiting for Nick.They find out she wants to remove them from Nicks care,so they try to convince her of changing her mind by telling her of there many adventures and how Nick has helped them,in the end the girls are allowed to stay.

  • The Russian diplomat and his son visit.Rose decides hes to stiff and needs to be shown a good time,so she sneaks him out of the embassy without anyones knowledge or consent.He becomes very infatuated with her and decides he no longer wishes to return to Russia.

  • Marva discovers that Roses new piano teacher has a secret identity,she was a famous singer.Finding out that they have alot of the same likes they become friends.Marva decides she wants to help Cece restart her career,so without her permission she volunteers her to perform at their high school dance.She then proceeds to call up radio stations and the 6 o'clock news team,and even someone from her old record label and invite them to the dance as well.Marva oversteps her bounds and the 2 stop speaking to each other.Nick has to save the day.

  • Nicks godson comes to visit,hes having family problems and Nick promised the kids father he'd try to help him.Diane is immediately infatuated with him and goes to Rose for help.Rose likes him to and hides her feelings to help Diane.the guy ends up falling for rose and a whole love triangle develops.Nick finds out the kids problem and helps.

  • The girls fight to save there favorite teacher.Meanwhile Patty is having trouble with a writing assignment,so miss Newman gives her a diary to compose a story in.Nick finds it and believes that the diary is real and approaches Patty about it,she gets angry and runs away.The other girls publish a bulletin to help save miss Newman and they get suspended.Nick fights for their cause and miss Newman is allowed to resume teaching.

  • The episode starts with the girls arguing and Nick gets fed up and decides they need quality family time, so he takes them on a disastrous camping trip.The problem is solved however and harmony returns.

  • Mickey wants to win the yellow beanie sooooo bad she pledges to sell over 500 boxes of girl scout cookies.Rose cheats on her chemistry test,and Nick is vying for the hospitals "Man of the Year" award against his arch enemy Al Swichertze.In the end important lessons are learned and goals achieved.

  • Patti experiences growing pains when she develops a crush on a lifeguard twice her age. Rose tries to become a lifeguard.

  • This is the second season opener.Diane stupidly donates Elvis's guitar to a celebrity auction to save face with Amy Hillerman,when she doesn't have it to begin with.In the meantime Nick has received a threat toward his family from a local mob boss.The FBI has him go undercover in Vegas to catch this mob guy.Diane knows Nicks out of town so she tricks Clapper into taking them to Vegas, her idea is to ask Elvis himself to donate his guitar.The girls do a little gambling and even perform in a stage show (accidentally). Nick runs into them and all heck breaks loose.The mob guy ends up behind Bars.Rose falls for one of the Mafia getaway drivers.

  • Diane goes for her permit.Nick and the girls star in a Foley Foods commercial.2 swindlers try to fake an injury lawsuit against Diane when she gets into an accident with their vehicle.

  • Patty thinks shes found her mom.She makes a deal with Nick that she will relent off her search for a while,if Nick stays on the street corner where she saw the woman,for a whole week!!!!. Now Nick is stuck on a street corner looking for a woman with purple boots and a stuffed giraffe wearing tennis shoes.He does find her, and against his better judgment he reunites Patty with her mom.The results are disastrous.In the end Patty stays with Nick.

  • the girls favorite hangout is going to be closed because of a greedy developer.Nick encourages them to fight for what they believe in,until he finds out the greedy developer is his new partner "Miles Parnell" and the building to be built is the new "Foley Center".Nick and the girls are on opposite sides of the issue and the girls have to convince him Spiro's is already a landmark,and should be saved.

  • Nick forces Rose to become a debutante. He feels that she is spending too much time with her new found religion "spatzkism". At a party, she meets a guy named Matthew Taylor who tries to use her. She resists his advances and tries to run away. Nick and the girls get in on the fun of getting even with Matthew which causes everyone to go "ape".A secret comes out about Rose's mother, and Nick has to help Rose deal with the emotions she's facing and the loss. Rose makes a splash at the debutante ball.