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Sisters was a popular drama series that aired on NBC from 2006 to 2011. The show followed the lives of the four Reed sisters, Alex (Swoosie Kurtz), Teddy (Sela Ward), Georgie (Patricia Kalember), and Frankie (Julianne Phillips), who come from a dysfunctional but close-knit family. Each sister faced her own challenges and struggles, but they always had each other to rely on.

Alex was the oldest sister and the matriarch of the family. She was a successful journalist, but her personal life was in shambles after her husband's betrayal. Teddy was the second oldest sister and a successful attorney. However, her family life was not going as smoothly as her professional life. She was struggling with her own marital problems and a rebellious teenage daughter. Georgie was the third sister and a talented artist. She was also struggling with her personal relationships, and her husband had just left her. Frankie was the youngest sister, and she was the wild child of the family. She was an aspiring actress and dancer, but her partying and drug use often got in the way of her dreams.

The show followed the sisters as they faced various challenges in their personal and professional lives. They shared a deep bond that kept them united through thick and thin. They fought, made up, laughed, and cried together. They were each other's biggest cheerleaders and fiercest critics.

The show tackled several important issues such as divorce, infidelity, addiction, sexuality, and mental health. The sisters were not perfect, and they made mistakes, but they always learned from them. The show portrayed realistic and relatable characters that viewers could easily relate to.

Apart from the four main sisters, the show also had several supporting characters that added depth and complexity to the storyline. There was Brian (Stephen Collins), Teddy's husband, who struggled with alcoholism and betrayal. There was also Mitch (Ed Marinaro), Alex's ex-husband, who was determined to win her back. Then there was Beatrice (Elizabeth Hoffman), the sisters' mother, who had a difficult relationship with them but ultimately loved them unconditionally.

Overall, Sisters was a compelling drama that showcased the power of sisterhood and the resilience of family. It was a show that made viewers laugh, cry, and feel deeply connected to the characters. The talented cast brought the characters to life with their nuanced performances, and the writing was top-notch, always keeping the viewers engaged and invested.

Sadly, Sisters was cancelled after five seasons, much to the disappointment of its loyal fans. However, the show remains a timeless classic that continues to be loved and cherished by many.

Sisters is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (130 episodes). The series first aired on May 11, 1991.

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War & Peace (2)
28. War & Peace (2)
May 4, 1996
The sisters decide to go there separate ways after Bea's death, believing it was her that held the family together - until she visits each of them.
War & Peace (1)
27. War & Peace (1)
May 4, 1996
Alex and Charley become furious over Georgie's thesis; Bea's illness worsens as the sisters become closer.
Taking a Gamble
26. Taking a Gamble
April 27, 1996
Teddy and Gabe resort to drastic measures to produce a baby; Charley and Wes realize that being married will make it easier for them to adopt Jesse.
25. Housecleaning
April 20, 1996
Alex finds that she has an abundance of free time after her show is canceled; Georgie and Brian are at odds over advice they give to a troubled married couple.
Nothing Personal
24. Nothing Personal
April 13, 1996
When Alex's show is canceled and Norma is offered a new job as a producer immediately, jealousy threatens their relationship.
Guess Who's Coming to Seder
23. Guess Who's Coming to Seder
April 6, 1996
Big Al is inspired to delve into his own ethnic heritage after meeting a prospective business partner who is an overt bigot; Wes' parents visit. Georgie thinks that she might be pregnant.
The Price
22. The Price
March 30, 1996
Alex is delighted to learn that her show might be broadcast nationally, but is hesitant about the sacrifices involved.
21. Dreamcatcher
March 23, 1996
Alex persuades Reed to fight for joint custody of her daughter; Gabe mourns the death of a patient who was also one of his students.
Leap Before You Look
20. Leap Before You Look
March 16, 1996
Trevor is reported missing in action while serving in Korea; Bea and Billy's father consider buying the 'Sweet Sixteen' from Georgie.
Where There's Smoke...
19. Where There's Smoke...
March 9, 1996
Alex and Norma try to gain admittance to Pug's 'men only' cigar club; Trevor comes home from the Army on a weekend pass.
Don't Go to Springfield
18. Don't Go to Springfield
March 2, 1996
Mom and the sisters reminisce when a sudden snowstorm strands all five women in a limousine on a deserted road.
A Little Snag
17. A Little Snag
February 10, 1996
Immediately after the wedding, the family members gather at the hospital to await the arrival of the heart for Big Al's transplant.
The Best Man
16. The Best Man
February 3, 1996
The family fears that Teddy will suffer the 'wedding curse'; Alex tries to ensure a speedy heart donor for Big Al.
15. Impersonators
January 27, 1996
Alex vies with her new co-host Pug Finnigan, to win an interview with a local hero; Reed is able to help fulfill the wishes of a dying AIDS patient.
Double, Double, Toil and Trouble
14. Double, Double, Toil and Trouble
January 20, 1996
Teddy considers becoming the fourth Mrs. Sorenson; Alex challenges a critical journalist to a debate; Wes announces plans to move to Detroit.
The Man That Got Away
13. The Man That Got Away
January 13, 1996
Cat investigates Teddy's carjacking, hoping to find the man who almost killed her mother; Big Al plans for his own demise.
A Sudden Change of Heart
12. A Sudden Change of Heart
January 6, 1996
Reed is sentenced to community service in an AIDS hospice; Big Al learns he needs a heart transplant; Gabe fades in the shadow of Teddy's spotlight.
A Tough Act to Follow
11. A Tough Act to Follow
December 9, 1995
Alex begs Reed to close the escort service; Cat is asked to gather evidence about Reed's business; Georgie becomes obsessed with John's hit song.
Sleeping Beauty
10. Sleeping Beauty
December 2, 1995
Teddy confronts Gabe about another woman; Alex inspires a rich man's contribution to the ballet; Wes worries about Jesse.
A Perfectly Reasonable Explanation
9. A Perfectly Reasonable Explanation
November 25, 1995
Billy's ex-convict father saves Alex's Thanksgiving dinner, but then her diamond ring disappears; Gabe's troubled daughter drops in.
Renaissance Woman
8. Renaissance Woman
November 18, 1995
Almost everyone approves of Georgie's new beau; Teddy and Kiri clash over a fashion fair; Charley learns the ropes of parenting.
Change of Life
7. Change of Life
November 11, 1995
Alex's denial of menopause leads to strange behavior; Evan's decision to live with his father devastates Georgie.
A Perfect Circle
6. A Perfect Circle
November 4, 1995
Alex makes a sad discovery; Teddy learns her company's board may replace her; Charley mulls becoming a foster parent to Jesse .
5. Deceit
October 28, 1995
Norma finally gives birth and gets an unexpected visit from her mother; Teddy is put of by Sorenson, who ends up asking her out and Georgie is forced to find new living accommodations after John kicks her out.
One Fine Day
4. One Fine Day
October 21, 1995
After her release from the hospital, the family tries to trigger amnesiac Teddy's memory by relating stories of her past. Deciding she has caused her sisters enough pain, she hits the road.
The Passion of Our Youth
3. The Passion of Our Youth
October 7, 1995
Roommate Reed saves Cat's life from a gas leak; Trevor visits Georgie and meets Brian; a former college beau, now a fugitive, seeks Alex's aid.
Out of the Woods
2. Out of the Woods
September 30, 1995
Wounded Teddy falls into a coma; Georgie seeks solace from Brian; after spending time with Billy, Cat decides to be a cop.
1. 100
September 23, 1995
Georgie tries to put her life back together; Reed returns to Winnetka without Halsey and Kirby; Teddy and Cat are car-jacked when they take a spin in Cat's graduation present, so Teddy decides to buy mother-daughter pistols.
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  • Premiere Date
    May 11, 1991
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    7.5  (25,284)